Thursday, November 17, 2011

outfit of the day(bird)

i am a person who pretty much never gets offended. ok, i should qualify that statement. i get offended by mean people, people who hate or people who spew venom at the expense of others. i do not, however, get offended by vulgarity, scatological humor or raunchy comedy. it might make me uncomfortable, if let's say, i am watching sex and the city with my dad and there is a weird nude scene or something (i believe this actually happened to my little sister - i would never watch sex and the city with my dad), but tell me a fart joke, and chances are, i will laugh. my family is very loud and (according to our husbands) very inappropriate. i think that's a good trait, others may not. but we do have fun, so that has to count for something!
i realize though, that i do need to watch what i say and how i act around my kids. they are sponges. and while i would never say anything age inappropriate around them (i do have a filter around kids after all), they have learned weird things from me. sometimes they do or say certain things, and i look at chris and say, "where did they learn that?" and he laughs and says, "megan, you say that every day." examples would be:
  • every night when eva gets in bed, i say to her, "under the cover, lover". i had no idea i did that until she repeated it.
  • my kids constantly dance and say, "shake your bootie". while chris blames this on me, i think madagascar is to blame.
  • eva told me the other day that i was sexy. i am pretty sure she has no idea what that means. she did giggle when she said it, though, so she knew it was a grown-up word.
  • henry patted my butt the other day and told me it was flappy. and by flappy, he meant that "it shakes when you slap it". 
i think we are doing a pretty great job of raising our kids. they have learned that you can laugh at a lot of things in life, that you shouldn't take everything too seriously,  that it's ok to tell a good joke every once in a while, but to make sure you know your audience...and most importantly, the benefits of a good flappy butt.

this is the outfit i wore to work today. nothing special, but i wanted to wear these shoes. do you ever do that? plan an outfit around your shoes? i'm pretty sure you have!

pants ~ Express (gifted from my l'il sis)
shirt ~ Kohls
shoes ~ Nine West, Marshalls
earrings ~ F21

are you easily offended? do you love a good/bad joke? i'd love to hear your thoughts!
megan bird


  1. Those shoes are definitely worth planning around!

  2. I am hysterical laughing about Henry slapping your butt...Bol. You are so darn funny and I would fit right in with the fam. You should hear my family, oh the vulgarity and humor. Anyway, you do look sexy and you are sexy. You can't get that from the thrift store or Marshalls, it is something you either have or don't. Great outfit...and those shoes...oh oh. 400 followers, glad to be one of them. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo.

  3. spectacular shoes, i like them paired with the all black ensemble! great under the cover lover line. i love jokes, but not mean spirited ones. i have filters depending on who's around me, child or whomever.

  4. hi! thanks for the comment you left at my blog..i got those boots at Kohls from Lauren Conrad's line...its $99.00 plus its only so i only got it for 70 bucks..not a bad deal at all and its very comfy for a platform boots :)

    i really like your blog :) your outfit here is so cute..i love the cute little slit on the pants very unique and u piar it perfectly with lovely colorful design shoes..i wanna have one of those too!! chic look

    love lots.

  5. Love it! I too come from a (husband deemed) "offensive family"...the rate at which fart jokes fly around my family is out of control. I love it and always have, even as a kid, we laughed a ton, all the time! I love that you wore all black to highlight your shoes! I used to be very intimated by wearing all black but I'm trying to break into doing it more often because it looks so polished! Awesome work outfit!

  6. I love the details on the blouse and the shoes are awesome! When my brother was like 4? he gave my mom a kiss on the lips and then held it while he rubbed her hair... aaaaaand that was the end of my mom watching "All My Children" every day.

  7. You're not alone. I often plan outfit around a necklace or earrings.
    I am wearing my super comfy, two birds, read cardigan today :)

  8. First, I am sure your butt is flappy in a great way. And yes, I plan around shoes! I thought we all did that at least once a week or so.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    I'm having a giveaway...

  9. I love our inappropriate family! I've found myself talking at work about my bowels, and thought in my head, not appropriate to talk to everyone about this, but did it stop me? Nope, and now we have daily conversations about it! And I do believe you are supposed to be giving me those shoes!

  10. I'm only ever offended when my boss talks crudely about women. And it only offends because he's creepy and I don't like to entertain the thought that he might talk crudely about me when I'm not around. ICH!! But other than that, nope! Not easily offended. =)

    Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous!! They are definitely worth planning an outfit around!

    And last, but not least, I LOL-ed at your kids! Ha!! Sometimes my Little Guy will say something and I honestly have no clue where he got it! Yesterday he said, "If you see a booty crack, don't smell it!" LOL

  11. This really brought a smile to my face.
    'Under the cover, lover' has to be the sweetest and cutest phrase.

  12. nice snakeskin heels, great workmanship. Looks great with your all black ensemble! Very classy and elegant. I get offended too by mean people who says mean words. It's hard not to. But now that I'm older, I've learnt to move on with life, no point dwelling on the mean remarks and feeling miserable. Your kids are cute, they say the darndest things


  13. YES!! I often get dressed around my shoes, and yours are absolutely gorgeous! Plus I love this black ensemble, the top is such a lovely shape. xo V

  14. your snake print shoes are beautiful!!
    I'm glad i found your blog, im loving all your photos! congrats, im your new follower ;) come visit my little place too, and if you like it you can follow me back :)

  15. Absolutely loving those shoes!! They look so cool, especially paired with all black.

  16. I love this post. You guys are the best. This outfit is beautiful, and I love the pop of color with those amazing shoes.

    My family is the SAME way - we are loud, we are constantly laughing, and we are always joking (99% inappropriate jokes). A while back I taught my family "that's what she said" and they love it. My mom has made some amazing/disgusting "that's what she said" references. It makes me laugh every time. I love that we don't take much too seriously (unless it's really time to, then we know how to buckle down). I hope my kids are as amusing and cute/funny as yours are! :)

  17. I love a good risque joke! And I have learned a lot of them from my dad. My husband was stressed when he first met my family. We are loud and talk over each other! He needed secret cigarette breaks to handle that first family party he came to! I have had to learn to curb my mouth. My kids are finally repeating everything I say. Cuss words and all!

  18. What a lovely black outfit! I do tend to notice the children in my class pick up things I sawy! I remember talking about it 'bucketing down' referring to the rain one day and lo and behold, in loads of their stories which involved rain, there I saw it again and again- 'bucketing down! Oops!

  19. Oh yes, those shoes are DEFINITELY worth planning an outfit around!! I also do this on occasion. Shoes can be the cake AND the icing it seems! Enjoyed your post about the kids and laughed so much. I'm going to have to pay attention to what my son has picked up from me....don't know if I want to! LOL

  20. love the stories about your kids. how can anyone ever be easily offended with kids in the picture? haha

  21. love your shoes! they're gorgeous!!! i've been looking for a nice pair of snakeskin shoes!