Thursday, November 3, 2011

new loves and old friends: it's a definite possibility

i was just thinking that as gross as it sounds, i think i have had the same nail polish on my toes for longer than kim kardashian was married. just sayin'.

a few other things that have lasted longer:
1. my nephew's goldfish (not even kidding, it started off super small and now looks like something you'd catch and release)
2. my boxed hair color
3. the block of processed cheese chris bought at sam's club

i'm sure there are more, and i will kick myself when i come up with something super clever. feel free to leave your ideas in the comments section!

i found this dress in my closet last night. i think it's actually a shirt because there are super high slits on it. but i threw on a slip, so i figured that was acceptable. i have been looking for a reason to wear my new socks and my leg warmers at the same time, and i figured that a crisp fall day was as good a reason as any!

i'm still trying to think of things...
new loves
boots ~ Nordstrom Rack
leg warmers ~ Kohls
socks ~ F21
earrings ~ F21
belt ~ Dots

old friends
dress/tunic ~ vintage, thrifted (or given to me by nora bird??)
slip ~ vintage, thrifted

ok, what have you got? things that have lasted more than 72 days...survey says...

xoxo, megan bird


  1. That dress/shirt is gorgeous! I think it's definitely acceptable with a slip. Too pretty!

  2. Love. That. Outfit. Seriously.

    Let's be honest - there's not much that doesn't last longer than Kim's marriage. The smell of cooked bacon lingers in my house for longer than her marriage lasted.;)

  3. I freakin' love this look, and I can't think of anything that lasted more than the K&K union! It's killing me! Cheap pantyhose? That's all I got.

  4. I love closet surprises, they mostly come from my husband's closet though, idk how my shtuff ends up there! Love the look :)

  5. This is one of those outfits that I would put on and love but be too sheepish to wear out. Also my best friend would tell me you can't do the leg warmers trend twice in one life and I would stick my tongue out at her. Sometimes it just isn't fair. Maybe they never went out of style so it doesn't count? You look adorable.

  6. that dress (or shirt) is great!

    i think you must have more luck with giant blocks of sams cheese than i do, because the last two i bought started smelling rancid after about 2 weeks. so now i've downsized my cheese blocks, but not my cheese appetite.

    let's see, last year i had a spot of poison ivy that lasted longer than kim's marriage.

  7. Love the leg warmers and fuzzy boots

  8. I like your layers socks. Also, I suddenly have realized that I really need to redo my toe nail polish.

  9. this is such a gorgeous outfit! I love all the layers and textures! those socks! those socks!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  10. no, i don't get tired of giveaways. yes, it's too late for my fried brain to think of 72 day old creative things. today's outfit is my absolute favorite outfit, i've seen on this blog, at least for my 72 second attention span to remember. muy bueno!!!

  11. Hahah this cracked me up! And you look great of course.

    It's still too early to think of creative things that have last more than 72 days... after more coffee I will think of some! :)

  12. MEGAN!! Super sexy and perfect color coordination. I absolutely love this on you!! The socks and leg warmers are fun and inspiring. of course, just enough leg peeking out is a gorgeous look. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  13. I would have never thought of doing socks & leg warmers together. Too cute!!

  14. Um, that was totally a tunic and it was totally mine! It looks really cute on you! Glad you found it... :)

  15. You completely inspired me to give leg warmers another chance and I ordered some online last night.
    Hopefully I can pull them off as well as you can.

  16. you crack me up!!! and i think i might be with you on the nail polish. yuck. ;)