Wednesday, November 23, 2011

love*birds: 11.23.11

things i am loving this week...
~ short work weeks
~ our growing etsy shop. we are having so much fun coming up with stories for each of our lovely items!
~ the fact that when my daughter asked me if everyone was perfect, and i said no, she still said, "you are. and papa is."
~ did i mention short work weeks?
~ mashed potatoes
~ vegetarian stuffing
~ green bean casserole
~ pumpkin pie
~ all of the above, twice in one day
~ the fact that both my mom and my mother-in-law are excellent cooks
~ karaoke twice in one week
~ new friends
~ old friends
~well, the list goes on and are a few other beauties that nora and i are admiring this week:

megan bird's picks
wool trim booties
 i have been looking for an affordable pair of wool-trimmed booties. these might be the ones!

60s cocktail dress
how perfect would this dress be for a holiday party? i love it with the double strand pearls, too!

black and white breast plate necklace
i think this is such a unique and beautiful necklace. it really makes a statement all on it's own!

vintage polka dot dress
i know it's fall, but that doesn't mean i have to stop loving summery dresses. this one is so cute and whimsical and i love it!

vintage amethyst ring
this is my birthstone, so i am especially partial to it. it's gorgeous, though and would work so well with so many different outfits!

nora bird's picks

i have been admiring this cocktail ring for far too long now. i may have to get myself an early christmas present. or a belated birthday present!

not only is this an awesome faux fur hat, but it is also a scarf. with pockets. and bear ears. that's right. bear ears, people. you're never too old.

this top is so unique and unlike anything else i own. i love the asymmetrical hem, the sheer fabric, and the cool cutouts on the back. must have!

um, seriously? how cute is this sweater? i absolutely love the "belt"! this would look so cute with some black tights and great orange wedges...

like these! am i right? cutest holiday party outfit ever!

and because we love you so much, we wanted to share a sweet little link with you! LuLu*s is having a seriously amazing black friday sale. like, seriously, everything is such a great deal! and you don't even have to leave your house (or wait until friday!) to shop! check it out here!!!

have a fabulous day!!!

xoxo, two birds


  1. that cocktail dress is amazing.

    have a happy thanksgiving, you two. xo

  2. that 60s cocktail dress is simply fabulous.

  3. Oh, this is a really good list! Love it. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!
    cate @

  4. Where are those orange wedges from? Did it say and I am just high and can't see it? Great things to be thankful for and great list of things to drool over too.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Oh the shoes! orange is my color!

    mashed potatoes and corn -
    let the festivities begin!

  6. oh your daughter. that will be a fun thing to remember when she becomes a teenager.

  7. Mashed potatoes are the best. I need gravy though.

  8. Oh Birds, you have such wonderful taste in all things fashion, I am loving the Mod 60's sweater and the wool trim booties. I went on to look at the sweater but the size is too small. bummer. Happy Thanksgiblets lovely birds. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  9. Those wedges are my fav!