Wednesday, November 16, 2011

love*birds: 11.16.11

things i am loving this week:
~etsy! since we opened our shop, i have seriously been exploring the site almost non-stop! there are so many beautiful and unique and fun things to look at. so many amazing shops and talented artists! and i have decided i am going to do all of my christmas shopping on etsy! i am obsessed.
~chocolate croissants. one of which i am currently eating. yum.
~so many exciting things are happening with two birds. i can hardly wait to tell you guys all the fun stuff we have a-brewing!
~the show Parenthood. have you seen this show? so good. whether you are a parent or not, you will love it. i cry every single episode. so good.
~my birthday is this weekend! party time!
~did i mention chocolate croissants? i think i need another.

and speaking of etsy (i know. see above. obsessed!), here are some of the lovely items we have found while scouring all the wonderful shops:

nora bird's picks

sigh. so gorgeous. a vintage cape is definitely on my wishlist. and i think this one is pretty much perfect!

i really love this flirty little dress. i can see myself wearing it constantly. sexy and sweet all at the same time!

seriously? how cute is this little guy? i adore his little mustache. i want one in every color!

this dress seriously gives me butterflies. i love it that much. perhaps a little birthday gift to myself is in order!

vintage? check. chevron? check. pockets? check. this just looks so warm and cozy. and i can picture wearing it around the house over my pj's as well as throwing it over a chic little outfit and heading out for a night on the town. so in love.

megan bird's picks
white deer head wall mount
this little guy comes in a variety of different colors. i love humane animal heads for some reason, and this would be perfect to display your best pieces of jewelry! adore!

1950s wiggle dress
being a gal with child-bearing hips, i absolutely adore wiggle dresses. they show off the curves, but somehow hide the (child-bearing) belly that i also have! this dress is the right mix of naughty and nice!

the pink and white cotton dress
i need this dress. seriously, i love it! and this whole shop is pretty amazing! check it out because there are some great summer dresses on sale for just $10! wha?

coro rhinestone necklace
oddly enough, i have an obsession with rhinestone necklaces and i own none. at $18, this one just might be my first!

vintage black tribal boots
if i were a size seven, these would be mine. i am a sucker for rhinestones unique shoes and boots, and these definitely fit the bill. love!

what are you loving today?

last call for the Shabby Apple giveaway! we will be drawing a winner this afternoon!

two birds


  1. oh my, these picks are so gorgeous. I love the pink dress, the boots, and the chevron wrap and the mini dress. I want it all now!!! I need to thrift. So excited for your shop. I must visit. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. parenthood is my fave show on tv. i did a blog most about it, last year, & i don't have kids. i like lauren graham in gilmore girls too, which was another fave. oh, the blue sold out dress, & the pink dress with polka dots.

  3. i love the show parenthood so much!! i feel the exact same way about it and end up crying a little during every show!! oh ya, and big congrats on the etsy shop!!


  5. Ha! Every since I started listing stuff on Etsy I've started buying a lot more there too. And now I'm sad I'm several miles from a chocolate croissant. Yum!

    The Suburb Experiment

  6. Um, that vintage cape is AH-MAZING!!

  7. I watch Parenthood - oh man, that show. It's so good.

    I love Etsy too! Check out jerseymaids for some unique jewelry - she uses polaroids to make different things. She's awesome!

  8. So in love with that vintage chevron shawl, what a find!!
    xo Cara

  9. Okay I think that chevron shawl is a must, so amazing! Love all the other picks too :)

    Alexandra xo

  10. That 80s mini dress is to die for. Here is a very very helpful scarf tying tutorial that you would love! c/o Wendyslookbook:

  11. I know, selling on etsy is dangerous! All of a sudden I have $ in my paypal account and a million shops at my disposal! I have to quick transfer the $ to my bank account so I don't blow it all on more vintage for myself!

  12. Ia dore all of your pics, particularly these amazing fantabulous tribal boots and the cape (swoon!).

    Hope you girls have a great week!

    Virginie ♥

  13. I want the lace dress and the pink polka dot dress. Birthdays are always a good excuse to have fun.

  14. Yes, I can spend hours and hour and hours on etsy! I too have decided to buy handmade for all of my christmas shopping- actually I wrote my first post about it today! =)

    star-crossed smile

  15. Wow, I love all your Etsy picks! I always have such a hard time on Etsy because I'm so overwhelmed! Thanks for sharing some really great stuff!! Now off to Etsy I go :)

  16. Great picks. I especially love the chevron shawl and those boots (damn my giant feet!).

  17. Swooning for the tribal boots! Thanks so much for featuring our chevron shawl!