Monday, November 28, 2011

inspiration monday: this bud's for you

help me settle an argument. it all starts with karaoke. we talk an awful lot about karaoke on our blog, i realize. talk about what you love, they say. so, you will hear a lot about our kids and karaoke (in that order). anyways, back to the argument. i went out to a fabulous night of karaoke with allison, becky, erin and kimi on wednesday night. being the night before thanksgiving, i decided to take it easy on the nut brown ales. after three, i was done...that is until kimi and i sang our rockin' rendition of 'you're the one that i want' by danny and sandy. ok, it wasn't rockin' at all, it probably sucked (i mean, except kimi was awesome). we came back to our table and the waitress appeared with two beers and told us that some gentlemen at the bar enjoyed our song so much that they wanted to buy us a beer. and here is where the argument started...

you see, when i told chris about the funny incident, he assured me that these kind men did not, in fact, send us the beers because they truly enjoyed our singing. he told me that they wanted us to come over, say thank you, and see where the night took us. he said it's an easy way for men to get women to talk to them.

i see his point, except...when the waitress brought us our beers, she gave us no indication which men bought us the beers and, as such, we were not even given an opportunity to walk over and say thank you.

so there you have it, the argument. i am the trusting person who thinks that men can buy women a drink with no expectations. chris however, is the sceptic who believes that men think nothing comes for free. what do you think?

and on to the inspiration (aside from our glorious singing, that is) for the day. nora found this fab texas (or canadian depending on where you are from) tuxedo outfit that jessica alba is rocking. i love her easy boho style, and she is one of the celebrities whom i would dress like on an almost daily basis.

the inspiration

megan bird

jeans ~ Target
boots ~ Nordstrom Rack
tank ~ Gap, thrifted
sweater ~ Alloy
scarf ~ swap
hat ~ vintage, thrifted

nora bird

shirt ~ vintage, thrifted
tank ~ Marshalls
jeans ~ William Rast, thrifted
scarf ~ thrifted
boots ~ birthday gift from sister (thanks, izzy!)

link up below to show us your denim tux look. (do you call it texas, canada, neither, or something else?)

happy monday!!
two birds


  1. I love the boots!!! And by the way... it may sound cynical... but I' afraid I agree with Chris!!! At least this is what I saw up to now... men buying drinks to talk to women. But in this case... you said no one said "it was me who bought!" I don't know anymore!

  2. I agree that men generally buy women drinks in order to talk to them but, I think it's possible they had no ulterior motive in this case. My friend's husband does an awesome rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Men, women and groups of people, have sent him drinks after he sings. Seems to me the guys just really enjoyed your song!

  3. Love the outfits! Nora, your jeans are fantastic!

    As for the argument... I think that if she didn't tell you who sent over the drinks, then there were no expectations. However, I'm sure the guys that did were turned around smirking and made themselves known haha. I think men typically only buy women drinks because they want to see "where the night takes them", but in this case I think they may have just really liked the song and thought you ladies were fun and deserved another round :) It's a toss up!!

  4. Megan's interpretation is very parisian chic, I love the color contrasts. The hat is adorable. The boots are gorgeous too. Nora's interpretation is lovely too, I love the soft feminine accents of the floral shirt and fluffy scarf. Very sweet. Thank you for inspiration Monday. Well, so far no men has ever buy drinks for me because I can't sing Karaoke to save my life. I think we should give men a break, they don't always have hidden agenda.


  5. btw sorry I submitted the link twice because the first one was faulty


  6. PLEEEEEEASE let's do her daughter next week!? So fun!

  7. LOVE that Nora's scarf has pockets - how fun!!
    cate @

  8. Does it really matter why they bought you a drink? What if they sent over a pizza? The point here is, they liked something about you. The important thing is, how you react. I just wave and say thank you...I don't owe them anything, not even a courtesy return drink. Can't blame a guy for tryin. Both of you look so real life fashion inspired today just like Alba and I love it. You could both take the kids to the park in these outfits. Megan your boots capture the entire look, smart choice and Nora I love the layering of the 2 tops. Relaxed, simple and chic my lovely birds. I so have to go to karaoke real soon. Have a great day, need to get movin...dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  9. Such beautiful looks ladies -as always!! I'm smitten with both pairs of jeans and I would happily wear either of these cute, cute outfits! As for the scenario?! I think that... yes, someone definitley can buy drinks out of fun & just plain good intention. Happy Monday. xo veronika

  10. Karaoke is so much fun! And as for the drinks, I agree with those who said they must have liked something about you. Free drinks are free drinks!

    You both look so warm and cozy in your outfits! Perfect for the chilly damp weather we had here this weekend!

  11. Clearly Chris just didn't get to hear how awesome your and Kimi were at karaoke. I have always called it a Texas tux, though I see a lot of folks here in MN wearing denim on denim.

  12. I think the texas tuxedo is awesome, provided (like you two smartly did) it is light denim and dark denim, not the same shade. So which one of you sang the boy parts of the song?

  13. Loving your hat Megan!!! And Nora that scarf looks so warm! Great outfits!
    And I am inclined to be mistrustful of the male of the species so I'd probably feel a little suspicious but there are some nice people around, so enjoy the drink!

  14. haha I just blogged about Grease today. Hmm...I guess it would depend on the guy(s). If they're funny guys they could have just did it to really make you two happy that they enjoyed the song. But, I see what he means because some guys think they are just that smooth. Either way, karaoke rules.


  15. Mmmmmm kinda agree with chris on this one!!! Bar guys can be kinda sketch with their ulterior motives !!!

    I'm liking the scarves in this remix, very fun :)

  16. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad I found your site! I'm a new mom and a new fashion blogger and I'm always looking for hot mommas for style inspiration. Needless to say, I'm your newest fan and follower. Hope you can stop by and follow back if you feel compelled:) XO

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

    p.s. Guys can buy a girl a drink without expectation if he's #1. Jesus or #2. Blind.

  17. i call it your husband's right.

  18. megan i love the hat and boots! and nora, those jeans have such a fabulous flare and that scarf is fantastic!

  19. Yay for this cozy Inspiration Monday! And I'm with you--I would have told the waitress to say thank you, then I would have enjoyed the beer :) Anyway, you both look adorable in your cute, layered looks!

  20. First of all, we always called the denim on denim look a Canadian tuxedo...I'd never heard of a Texas tuxedo before! Second, I'd almost always say Chris is right about the drink thing. Guys usually seem to have an ulterior motive for doing anything like that. With that said, though, there are always exceptions to everything, and maybe they did just really like the song. Either way, free is free, so nicely done :)

    And Nora's scarf with pockets might be my favorite thing, ever!

  21. I am linking up........But more importantly I have to share what my husband told me about 10 years ago. At that time I was just in my early 40's and had lost 70 lbs. I was probably in the best physical shape in my life. I'm a talker, and trusting. My sweet man told me that he was breaking the "boy code" but all men are pigs! Plain and simple. I started paying more attention after that and I'll be damned if he isn't right. Again, breaking the boy code, but sharing with my favorite girls.
    Buy your own drinks and there are no worries.
    I don't want to sound like an old lady. So just think about it and you get back to me.
    Hope your holiday was good and stay warm!

  22. Hmmm. This is a tough one. I want to agree with you. Almost the same thing happened to my four friends and I when we were at a piano bar this past summer. Some guys bought us drinks. They did turn to wave and smile, but that was it. There was no indication they wanted us to come over. Also, just thinking about the way we (old married women) looked, I'm pretty sure they knew we were there to just hang with each other.
    That said, Chris is a guy, so I have to defer to him simply because he knows more of the hole(?) that is the male brain:-)
    That sounds like tons of fun either way!! I want to do karaoke soon!
    You both look great--gotta give props to Nora for the flare jeans and chambray shirt. Love the look on you just as much as Jessica!

  23. Love these looks! It would be nice to believe the men really loved your singing...and I can't give my honest opinion b/c I wasn't there to hear how fabulous you guys sang :)...but chances are, Chris is right. Men!

    The Other Side of Gray

  24. Loving both outfits!
    And Nora - your hair is amazing! Loving the cut. As a short haired girl I always love seeing other short haired girls.