Monday, November 21, 2011

inspiration monday: that's my girl

this is how i know eva is my daughter (aside from some very obvious reasons)...she said to me the other day, "mama, these are the things i like about being a kid. i like going to the park, i like toys, and i love going to sales." 

this is how i know she is chris' daughter. we had girls' night on friday and went out to dinner. one of the items she ordered was a side of italian sausage. daddy's little girl! meat with some more meat and a side of meat.

i mentioned previously, that i wanted to find the exact replica of olivia munn's shirt for inspiration monday this week. part of our girls' night included shopping, and while i didn't find an exact replica, i did find an amazing sweater that i'm sure will be worn numerous times throughout the winter. i love it, and pretty much wore it all weekend!

the inspiration

megan bird

sweater ~ american eagle, tj maxx
pants ~ so old...i think they are from macys when it was daytons
shoes ~ kohls
earrings ~ F21

nora bird

shirt/pants ~ F21
boots ~ alloy
necklace ~ the lovely erin (won from a giveaway)

notice the difference in my pictures versus nora's? yep, we finally (finally?) got our first snowfall.

how did you interpret today's outfit? link up below! and make sure to check everyone's posts...each week i am amazed by all of the fabulous inspirations! thanks to everyone who plays with us each week!

two birds


  1. Megan, that sweater is gorgeous on you. What a great fit and compliment to you. Love it!! Nora, I love the snow and can't wait unitl it snows here so I can go to the woods. Hope your birthday was wonderful. I am in love with your necklace, I want one just like it. Great great daybird wear on both. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. Megan Bird, i love that sweater...looks great on you and it's right up my alley too.

    Having a great giveaway this week so head on over and enter!!!! xo

  3. Exciting that you got snow!

    Love both the looks, and that sweater was a GREAT find! Very close replica, and it looks super comfy. Happy Monday, ladies! :)

  4. snow! How nice! I love big stripes, they just look cuter. Megan's striped sweater has a nice color and fall friendly. It's a beautiful outfit shot against the autumn backdrop. Nora's outfit looks summery, but you made it so appropriate for fall with the boots. Happy belated birthday to nora by the way!


  5. Love the stripes, ladies! Happy Monday:)

  6. Megan-I'm pretty sure I'd live in that sweater, too! I love it :)

    Nora-I love the spark of pink in that top. So fun!

    Happy Monday, ladies :)

  7. Megan that sweater looks so comfy!! You look awesome!

    Nora I really like the color combination in your sweater and it looks great with the necklace you won!

  8. Very cute outfits! Stripe tops are so adorable! You both look very chic!
    Good luck!

  9. Both the looks are great! You got your first snow? Here is colorado we have had snow 3 times already. Hope it warms up for your Thanksgiving holiday weekend!

  10. This post makes me want to wear my baggy striped sweater. Eva sounds like a funny kid!

  11. I love the relaxed vibe of both outfits... it's pretty awesome you were able to find such a similar shirt over the weekend!

  12. So close to the real deal. I actually like megan's color combo better than the inspiration. Nora, your kicky bra strap color coordination is so Flashdance. LOVE IT.

  13. Oh I really wanted to do this one this week as I love blue and white stripes and had lots of suitable items! But I have been off sick and wearing the same comfy cashmere and cotton items since Saturday so I'll have to try and do it on Wednesday! Megan you've achieved a real match! Very impressive! Nora, I love your jumper! Brrr, aren't you cold in the snow?

  14. Wow, I love them both! I really need to get a top with a bold stripe like that...

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  15. loving the comfy stripes! they look great!!!

  16. Wow we still haven't gotten snow yet and I live in one of the coldest cities in Canada! I love Megan's army green top and the hot pink in Nora's shirt! Here's to hoping my future daughter will love sales as well! ;)

  17. Great find on the sweater Megan! It's almost exactly like Olivia's and I love the fit on you.
    Nora-I love the color blocking on your version and think those skinnies and boots are so perfect!
    I was picking out some shoes to put on my 19 month-old the other day and she came out of the closet with some boots saying, "boots, boots" and she refused to wear any other shoes because she wanted to wear the boots. I said, she is so my daugther! LOL

  18. Megan, You found the PERFECT sweater! I love your literal interpretation of the look. Nora, I LOVE the colors and the stripes on your top. I would be over to borrow this if I lived closer (and was skinnier). Debbie

  19. love this idea for styling outfits! i'll need to join in on the fun sometime!

  20. I love both of those cute striped tops--they're the perfect balance of laid-back comfy and stylish. Who says you can't have both?