Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a halloween full of tricks and treats

we had quite the eventful halloween yesterday. henry woke up, came into the bathroom while i was getting ready for work, looked at me and promptly threw up. so, i stopped getting ready for work, called his school and put him back to bed. chris and i had arranged to each take a half day off so we could stay home with him. by about 11:00, henry seemed fine, but told me that he wanted a nap. that's how i knew he wasn't fine. he hates naps. at noon, chris got home and offered to drive me into work. so i scooped henry out of bed and we went for a ride. five minutes into the ride, henry threw up three times in a row. sorry chris...gotta work, sorry you had to clean that up!

needless to say, by the time i got home from work, eva was revved up to go out and henry was sleeping. he wanted no part in the trick-or-treating process. yet somehow, when eva and i were about to walk out the door, he popped up, got dressed and managed to be completely happy and vomit free while we walked from house to house. and luckily, this morning, he was still feeling good. sadly his outfit wasn't top notch because he got dressed in about two minutes. but he loved it, and that's all that matters.

sweet little mimi was going to come with us, but because henry was sick, we canceled. i would hate to see her catch something. luckily, there are plenty of pictures!

by the way, my neighbor counted, and we got 160 visitors to our door last night. now that's what i call halloween!

mimi/ladybug girl
and halloween wouldn't be complete without...

we hope you all had a safe and happy halloween!
two birds bats


  1. So much fun! Glad he is feeling better. There is nothing worse than missing Halloween trick or treating.


  2. They all look great. I didn't know kids still liked He Man!

  3. don't they look absolutely perfect? i say yes. sick halloween gag poor thing. my friend was at the doctor's office with her child yesterday. it must just be that time of year.

  4. What bunch of little CUTIES!!! So sorry Henry was feeling so lousy on Halloween, but glad he perked up for the fun part:-)

  5. Great post!! Henry(whose name I love by the way) is too funny with not wanting to miss Halloween. Eva looks just like you with the hat on and mimi is a doll and a ladybug. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes. by the way, I was Norman bates' mom for our haunted walk through. Not my best costume but still fun.

  6. The kids look so cute. And you're killing me with that last picture. Now I'm going to have to go and buy more of that darn stuff.;)

  7. aw, they look adorable!!! so sorry henry had a rough day.
    160 trick-or-treaters! wow!!! we can't get anyone to come up our scary driveway. :) i'm a little envious that you get to see that many fun costumes.

  8. How cute!! You got so many trick or treaters, I'm jealous! We had NONE. I was pissed.

  9. Sorry Henry wasn't feeling well- he still looked so cute in his costume! I can't wait to live in a house for trick-or-treaters, kids don't come to high rises! ;( Your kids all look adorable and mmm to candy pumpkins- my favourite!

  10. This is too adorable! Such a cute kitty...reminds me of the Halloween Town movie's cat.

  11. Oh man, car puking, a true test of love! I love the costumes! I only got about 25 trick-or-treaters and most of them were too little to even eat candy (though, they are extra cute at that age!)

  12. um, I kind of want to stick my face in that peanut and candy corn bowl. mmmmm......


  13. Oh my god, that last picture of Eva looks just like you- A blonde, spitting image!