Thursday, November 3, 2011

curious birds: livin' in a movie

i get style inspiration from all over. people i see on the streets, all of you, magazines, tv and movies. i got to thinking last night about some of my favorite movies. when i was in my pre-teens, i wanted to be molly ringwald in every movie she was in. i also wanted to be madonna in desparately seeking susan, audrey hepburn in just about anything, and of course i wanted to pull off the leg warmers and off-the-shoulder sweatshirt look of jennifer beals in flashdance. i could go on forever. to this day, i still want to dress like so many movie characters. (i also want to wake up and have perfect hair and makeup like they do.) i actually used to practice "pretty sleeping" when i was a kid...i would spread my hair across the pillow in an oh-so-pretty way and gracefully close my eyes. i thought i looked like a princess. but we all know that real sleeping beauties probably have their mouths wide open, a little drool on their cheek, and let out a few startled snorts every once in a while. no? is that just me?

anyways, i couldn't quite decide which movie closet i would choose if i had to pick just one. most likely one of the sex and the city movies. i mean, who doesn't want patricia field designing their outfits? but it changes as time goes by. here are a few of my favorites.
grease 2
desperately seeking susan
sixteen candles
while i loved samantha's style, i think i loved jake ryan even more. and my favorite style (aside from ducky's shoes) would have to be iona.
rear window
breakfast at tiffany
there are so many possibilities, i could go on and on. but like i said, if i had to pick one, i would have to go with the easy and the city.
i go back and forth between miranda and carrie's wardrobe. since this isn't real, and i don't really get either, i will choose both!

so how about you? if you could choose any movie to live your fashionable life in, what movie would you choose?

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happy thursday!
megan bird


  1. If I went with Sex & the City, I would go with Charlotte! Picking my own movie, I would go with Pretty Woman AFTER she goes Carte Blanche with his credit card! I STILL love all of those outfits!

  2. so hard to choose! i do love clueless though... thanks so much for the comment on my blog! hope you will stop by again soon!

  3. I always fall in love with Marilyn Monroe's outfits in every movie I see her in. They are always terribly impractical but I would wear them if I thought I could pull them off like she did.

  4. If I'm choosing between SATC characters, it's a tie between Charlotte and Carrie. But I'd take shoe castoffs from any of them!

  5. When I was growing up, it was all the TV show characters that I wanted to dress like. Punky Brewster, Clarissa Explains It All, Blossom. As an adult, it's Carrie Bradshaw all the way. :)

    The Suburb Experiment

  6. I'm a SATC Carrie girl all the way. In my head, at least. I'm not daring in real life. But I'm still inspired by her.


  7. for sure sex and the city!!! however I have used the flashdance outfit many times as a halloween costume back in the day!!

  8. Oh definitely Sex and the City! Agree, agree, agree:-)
    Megan, have you seen the show Fashion Hunters on Bravo? It's a show about an upscale thrift shop in NYC. Anywho, the manager, Tara, reminds me of you so much! Just thought I'd share:-)

  9. I always liked Charlotte's clothes, I really wouldn't turn down any of these movie wardrobes.

  10. Any movie where I'd get to be Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe would be fine by me!!

  11. Don't you think that Jake Ryan will always be the hottest hottie ever? He is kind of a classic. I don't think the levis and sweater vest thing with an oxford is ever going to not be sexy. And there was a certain point when I dreamed of Samantha's kind of ripped up looking pink outfit she wore to the dance.

  12. i loved molly ringwald's character andie's clothes in pretty in pink. i liked how she combined secondhand finds, sewed her own stuff, & created her own looks. also breakfast at tiffany's, valley of the dolls, funny girl, almost famous, sex in the city, marie antoinette, the devil wears prada, & confessions of a shopaholic...