Friday, November 25, 2011

black (sick) friday

sorry for the lack of a post today. nora bird is out of town visiting her in-laws, and me...well i've been kind of sick all day. i'm not quite sure what it is, but i have a fever and even started crying this morning because my neck and shoulders hurt so bad. not that i was planning on being one of the zillions of people waking up at 3am to shop, but instead of enjoying this beautiful day, here is what i did.

the majority of my day was spent here

wearing my new fuzzy robe

drinking this

and then when i couldn't take lying around anymore, i decided to paint my son's bedroom

painting is a pretty sure-fire way to sweat out the fever.

so now i am back in my robe, snuggling with the kids. hopefully i will be back at 100% tomorrow.

how about you, did you shop today? did you get any good deals?

i hope you are all having a fantastic friday!
megan bird


  1. That is a really pretty shade of blue! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I work retail and it was crazy. People were punch fighting over Xboxs at Walmart, I heard.


  3. Feel better soon!


  4. You poor thing - you must be delirious! Painting a wholle room while fighting a bug? You've gone mad! But i do love the color! Feel better doll!

  5. I worked in retail for 10 years, so I avoid the stores like the plague now that I'm not working on Black Friday! Hope you feel better soon!!
    cate @

  6. wow, you painted while you were sick? amazing!

  7. I worked! I hope you're feeling better now. I wish I got that ambitious when I feel like crap. :)


  8. oh dear sorry to hear you are sick. Take care! How did you manage to paint while you are sick? Probably made you a little better. Have a good rest don't paint any more rooms !


  9. Oh poor you Megan! I hope you get better soon!

  10. You painted your son's room while sick? You are Superwoman.

    As to Black Friday, girrrrl, you just wait. I crushed that Anthropologie sale. CRUSHED it.

    I may have no money left, but dang, I'm gonna look good.

  11. Lady you better take it easy!!!
    Hope you are feeling much better very soon.

  12. Feel better - I had that intense shoulder pain thing with my recent epic sickness (which I am still fighting!) and got super paranoid because I thought I had meningitis....yeah, I can be pretty ridiculous when I get sick. I wound up spending a day with a heating pad on my neck and shoulders and felt so much better the next day.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  13. painting a room while sick?? wow, lady. you are really showing us other ladies up! i'm not even sick and i can't seem to muster the energy to get out of my jammies on a stay home day.

    hope you are feeling better! fevers are no fun at all.

  14. I hope you feel better Megan bird. Sometimes posts like this are just what the doctor ordered...I love your little tea pot. I know you found it at the thrift. I am going to look for one. Enjoy the snuggles with the kiddos darling. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo p.s. I broke my shopping ban and went to the thrift after 2 weeks. I will dish about it later this week. xoxo

  15. Hope you feel better soon! I'll be back checking on you! :)
    Good luck!

  16. Oh my gosh, I cant believe you painted, especially when you weren't feeling well! Weren't we just talking about how you hate painting? Hahaha! This sounds like something would totally do.

    If you still arent feeling well, feel better soon!

  17. aw, just catching up. i sure hope you're feeling all better by now! can't believe you painted a room while being so sick!