Sunday, October 9, 2011

weekend thrifts

this perfect fall weather gave me and my mom (and zee kiddos)  a chance to go garage saling this weekend. normally in october in minnesota, fall has kicked in full force and garage sales are a thing of the past. but not this year. so i put on my favorite summer dress and packed the kids up and headed out to some fantastic sales. here are a few of the goodies i found.
mid century end table $5. globe previously seen here. pink suitcase previously seen here.
vintage wool tribal backpack $2.50
black cut-out dress $2.50
vintage quilt for our daybed $4.
pillow for my pillow collection the daybed $.50

black granny squares afghan $2.
and this wasn't thrifted, but i cleaned out our storage room this weekend (finally! hurray!) and i found this gem hidden in the back corner. i had completely forgotten about it!!
old purse, new to me. free!
what have you been up to this weekend? we still have a full day left, so we are going to use it wisely...i am loving the warm weather and plan on taking full advantage!

happy sunday!
megan bird


  1. That tribal backpack is so perfect! :-)

  2. oh, I'm loving all your finds. seriously, the stand, the backpack, the quilts, the pillow! all so cute ^^ x

  3. GREAT finds and at such fabulous prices! My favorites are that awesome tribal bag and the vintage embroidered pillow - love!

  4. These are such great finds! I love that tribal print bag, so on style for this season (and at such a great price!) xo

  5. I went thrift shopping too! And, my girl friend almost bought that same black and white dress, but it was too small for her and too big for me, and since it had a 9.98 price tag we were fine with leaving it for some one else:)

    I found so many cute things that I'm grounded from shopping till after the first of the year unless it's for gifts!

  6. LOVING the quilt and pillow! They're so "shabby chic"! ~Serene

  7. I love it all, seriously. Your day bed is so adorable and cozy. Is that where I will be sleeping when I fly in for a visit? ha! How about that granny so cute...great taste. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  8. I am a little jealous of your pillow collection!

  9. Sounds like you guys had a nice laid back weekend. I love the tribal backpack -score!!!

  10. I have that black cutout dress from Target!

  11. I don't know if anyone has picked up on my weakness for tribal patterns but....that backpack is thrifting genius!!

  12. I like your daybed! It looks like a cozy place to sit. I didn't do much this weekend, laundry and some baking.