Tuesday, October 18, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

it's no secret that i like to shop, especially thrift shop. i love to buy vintage clothing and try to style the items so they feel modern and updated and not like i am playing dress up. this is sometimes easier than others. i find it most difficult with vintage blouses. i always buy them thinking they will be great staple pieces in my wardrobe. and what happens? they hang there for a super long time, collecting dust. every once it a while i will grab one and try to "make it work", a la tim gunn, but i can never seem to do so (this may have something to do with the blouses not only being vintage, but also because i tend to buy them in the brightest, most vibrant colors, making the shirts even more conspicuous). does this stop me from buying them? apparently not, because i have quite a few hanging in my closet as we speak, many of them unworn. why am i telling you this? because it is remix time, of course! and the item i chose this week? one of my many vintage blouses! (in hot pink, of course).

let us know what you think of the remix! and let me know if i am alone in this vintage shirt dilemma. i can't be the only one with this silly little problem, right? yes, i know, i probably could...

outfit one: layered

jacket- F21
tank- H&M
jeans- Charlotte Russe, thrifted
shoes- Michael Antonio, Cutesy Shoes
necklaces- thrfited (long silver) and made by Erin (pink)

outfit two: vested

vest- star jeans, thrifted
pants- sinequanone, Macys
shoes- Urban Original
scarf- H&M
earrings- F21
bracelet- vintage thrifted

happy tuesday, all!

xoxo, two birds


  1. I think you styled it great in both outfits!!! I especially like it paired with that vest/scarf. I have the same problem, so you're not alone. I am drawn to vintage pieces and then they just end up looking old and scary in my closet. It can be hard to style vintage pieces, but when done right, it looks soooo good.

  2. You are not alone. If I buy one more blouse that looks ill fitted or won't close in the front I will just spit. This remix is fantastic, the blouse color is perfect for Fall and you are both gorgeous in it. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  3. Ohmigod, YES. At this moment I have six vintage blouses hanging, mostly unworn, in my closet. Wait, scratch that. I just bought another one last weekend at an antique store in the U.P. This one is so hideously ugly I may have to challenge myself to make it into a cute outfit. For some reason I am drawn to ugly prints. Wtf.

    You gals look great as usual. Your Tuesday remix is one of my favorite Birds feature.

    I'm stoked to visit your shop on Friday! Save a glass (or two) of wine for me!

  4. I love both outfits! :) I especially like the vested version :D

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  6. You know, I bet this would be really cute tucked into a slim-fitting skirt and kinda poofed out over a wide belt. Such a bright fun shirt though. I force myself to resist many vintage blouses and shirts just because they are hard to style. (and I deleted my previous comment due to accidental swearing lol)

  7. so true about vintage clothes. I have the same problems too, that's why I sometimes I try to do some minimal refashioning so that I would wear them. But you did a great job with the vintage top, you made it look current, that's what you two are always good at - resurrecting a vintage item.


  8. YES, I LOVE this top!!! It looks great and not out-dated at all! You just need to force yourself to wear those blouses, you both are so good at layering, remixing and re-styling things in so many creative ways - both these outfits are amazing! You should mini challenge yourself to style a blouse a day and get the wear these amazing vintage pieces really deserve :)

  9. It looks fab in both outfits. Great colour to add a colour injection to any outfit. Would love to see what other gems you have hanging in the closet!

    X x

  10. I just love when the two of you do the sister remix!! I love this blouse, you both paired it up so nicely ... I actually think I just may be on the hunt for one just like it now!

  11. I don't have a problem wearing vintage blouses but SCARVES are my vintage achilles heel. I love the colors or patterns and I buy them - and then have NO idea how to wear them. Or I try and think they look to fussy on me.


  12. oh i love the colour of the blouse it looks cute in both outfits :)

  13. i have a terrible problem of buying super bright, loud, obnoxious blouses! i love them and filling my closet with them makes me very happy. i just try to tone them down a bit by layering or pairing with neutral bottoms. both of you pull it off so nicely!

  14. That is a gorgeous shirt. I love both remix styles. Especially because it shows the versatility of the shirt.


  15. Such a great look and I just love the layering! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

    Liesl :)

  16. Oh, there are so many things in my closet that are I simply cannot resist in-store, and then they hang in the closet unworn because once I'm home I can't figure out what to do with them. But I love that hot pink blouse on both of you!!
    Cate @wildruffle

  17. I have a couple of vintage shirts. Sometimes I have a hard time finding vintage pieces that are good quality AND fit with my regular style. I'm working on it, though!

  18. You girls got it goin' ON!! I love your sister's red blouse(I need one) and your jeans and pumps, are so chic. Your little one sets it all off.;)

  19. Wonderful!

    I don't have a lot of vintage shirts, but that's because my wardrobe is small. Remixing is a lot of fun--from what I see, your remixing will be filled with great combinations.

  20. I LOVE this blouse and I love both ways it was styled. My fave was with the skinny jeans and and heels though--so chic!

  21. that top is so versatile! especially love the plaid jacket in the first pic!


  22. I love the pink and wide leg pants! I can't do skinny jeans--stupid hips!

  23. Love the first outfit!!! Those heels are so cute!!


  24. I don't own too many vintage blouses and the ones I have are mostly pretty tame oxfords, so I wear them. This one is so cool though! I love how bright it is but can totally see why it would be too much on it's own without a jacket or blazer or vest over it to contain the hot pink explosion!

  25. I LOVE the vested look. It is so chic. I have the same problem as you. I have an eye for the unique and sometimes I don't know what to do with the fashion I have created. Sometimes I hobble through one of those days where I am like, "What the hell am I wearing?" But at some point- sometimes YEARS later, it pays off. :)


  26. I have the opposite problem--I don't have enough brightly colored blouses. Seeing these two gorgeous looks makes me want to hit the thrift store to find a blouse like that!

  27. I think the pink blouse is gorgeous - i would love to fill my closet with bright vintage blouses - especially since lately i've been in a button down phase. Hope you start wearing them more!

    Chic on the Cheap