Friday, October 7, 2011

new loves and old friends: the thunder down under

my friend called me yesterday and left me a message asking me if i was interested in seeing the thunder down under live. we must have been listening to the same radio station, because at the time of her message, i was listening to these glistening aussie hunks being interviewed. who are the men of thunder down under, you ask? well, feel free to google them (although it may not be work appropriate...unless you work at a male strip club), but basically, they are chippendale dancers from australia. they would probably be offended by me calling them chippendale dancers. sorry boys!

I was delighted listening to them with their sexy australian accents, saying things like, "wee rub ah-selves wit' bah-dy buttah befahr ev'ry show. that's how wee sta-aiy so shoiny.*" yes, that is me trying to type in australian. did it work?

so of course i told her that i would be delighted to go. i then proceeded to call a few other friends to get a group started. i texted a friend and said, "are you in for half-naked aussie fun" to which she responded, "i don't know what that means, but i am in!" this is why i love my friends.

so now i have to think carefully about what i'll wear. i don't want to look like one of those desperate moms who gets drunk and harasses half-naked men wearing only a thong and bah-dy buttah. but i fear i will. i also don't want to look like one of  those desperate moms who gets all fancy in the hopes of picking up one of these half-naked men and taking him home for the night. i definitely don't want to look like that. so what do i wear? i decided to try on a mix of sparkly and plain. i like this's definitely a contender.

what do you think? what would you wear to an aussie hunk fest?

new loves
leggings ~ F21
boots ~ Urban Original
earrings ~ F21 (i think)

old friends
sweater/dress ~ vintage, thrifted

*we rub ourselves with body butter before every show. that's how we stay so shiny.

happy friday, all! i hope your weekend is filled with great things like pumpkin lattes, cozy beds, flannel shirts and bah-dy buttah!


  1. For some reason, reading your attempt at Australian just comes out sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger in my head haha... I like this outfit! Fun top.

  2. Hahaha, Celynne's comment made me laugh (as well as this whole post).

    I love this look so much, I think it's the perfect amount of funky and sophisticated. You won't look like you're trying too hard in this.

    I have a huge weakness for Australian accents!! Swoon

  3. Beautiful!!! I would pick you out of a crowd of women and bump n grind...(sorry sounds pervy,if I were a guy that is). I am so serious about going thrifting someday. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  4. Oh I can't wait to hear how this one turns out! ;)

    Cute and a nice mix for your Australian adventure.

  5. you are too funny, love the Aussie accent! and love the dress!! I think for sure wear it, you look great!!

  6. I told my mother in law to the Chippendale's here in Vegas, and it was HILARIOUS! But please be warned, I sat in an aisle seat, and one of them sat on my lap and grinded on me, and he was very greasy and sweaty. Also, did I mention I was with my mother in law? SO FUN! I'll take you guys when you come to town, and we can get good and drunk, and no one will know you're a mom rubbing on greazzzy Aussies!

  7. The sparkles are so fun! I totally saw the Thunder from Down Under like 9? years ago with a bunch of girls in college at a casino. It was HILARIOUS. Like, my abs hurt for a week hilarious.

  8. Sounds like fun! I definitely think this outfit works...the sparkly sweater dress is so cool!

  9. Megan, you made me laugh so hard with your Aussie accent!! Love it! I really like your ootfit, very sparkly. I want to hear all about the Thunder when you go!

  10. Perfect and fun outfit! Love the sparkle with the boots. Have a fabulous time!


  11. I have no clue, but I don't think you can go wrong with wearing something shiny.

  12. i would definitely wear that if i were you, nothing is more australia than boots leggings and a tunic

    and you trying to type in australia cracked me up!
    don't be afraid to chant "aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi!" to cheer them on

    and they're oily muscular bodies may be nice, but not anywhere as attractive as the type of aussie men that stay in the country and just do their thing... like the tradies: plumbers, electricians, construction men... goodness i can go on and on, i keep telling my single friends to come here and find a husband, i've never seen so many attractive men with perfect smiles in my life-don't tell my husband!

  13. Love the sparkle and colors! Tops like this are on my list for thrifting. I'd like to pair with more casual pants/jeans for a fun look. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Shiny = good! :D and you look amazing in this sweater!

  15. Get it, girl!

    My friend wants us all to go to a male strip club for her 23rd birthday. It is a true testament of my love for her that I am going, haha.