Wednesday, October 26, 2011

love*birds: 10.26.11

things i am loving this week:
~ my parents have agreed to babysit on saturday night! that means megan, chris, jim and i can carry on our tradition of getting all costumed up and going out for halloween! i love halloween!
~ the bar we are going to on saturday has karaoke. karaoke, people!
~ the sweet potato nachos that i made for dinner last night. i am still full.
~ jim took the day off of work today! mimi and i love when he does that.
~ i will soon have a new baby nephew to snuggle. we (my sister especially) are hoping he makes his grand entrance this week!
~ did i mention halloween?

and keeping with the halloween spirit, here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird's picks

this silver bat necklace is just so adorable. if only real, live bats were this cute!

i totally love this idea for turning a bottle of wine into a jack-o-lantern. such a great halloween party gift idea!

such a gorgeous scarf! it would add just the right amount of drama to any outfit.

since cutting all of my hair off, i kind of feel like hats are out. but this adorable bow head band is definitely very in. love it!

vintage halloween decorations. enough said.

megan bird's picks
vintage black and orange drawstring bag
can you think of a more stylish way to collect your candy? i mean...adults can still trick or treat, right? no? no? fine, i'll just make sure that i "test" my kids candy to make sure it's safe!

jeffrey campbell tardy in orange
they're orange and black, so that counts as halloween style, right? but jeffrey campbell lace-up boots? yes please!

vintage cat figurines
how cute are these little guys? i spooky are they! ooooh spooky!

suitcase vignettes blog
ok, so dawn doesn't only talk about halloween on her blog, but she does love the holiday. she has some great diy ideas (like this amazing haunted house) and you should just check her out anyways because she is gorgeous, thrifty, uber sweet and probably has the best head of hair that you will ever see!

woodland creatures necklace
ok, so maybe it's not super halloweeney, but there's a raven in there, so i'm calling it ok! plus, i just really love this necklace!

what about you, what are your favorite halloween picks?

we will be drawing our winner for the awesome $40 giveaway later this's not too late to enter!

two spooky birds


  1. Ahh I always love your picks, ladies! All the vintage Halloween goodies are amaze. That wine bottle idea is brilliant!
    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  2. LOOOOVING the bat necklace! Ah the bow headband is so cute!
    if i had more time to order and it get it before halloween i think just that would be my costume
    :) Bobbi

  3. I looove Halloween. That may have something to do with it being my birthday, ahem. That woodland necklace is so cool! And I agree, orange JC boots are awesome. Those sweet potato nachos sound interesting and tasty.

  4. what a cute HAlloween inspiration, I love them anytime, I don't like the horror, bloody, spooky, gory halloween. The necklace is my favorite! And of course DAwn's little house of curios!


  5. I'm not a huge halloween fan but I love that scarf! That is fun for fall! Have fun at Karaoke!

    xoxo Denise

  6. I love Halloween too. It's getting even more fun now that my oldest kind of has an idea of what's going to happen!

    That bat necklace is ADORABLE.


  7. I am at a loss for words. This has made my day, week and month. I can't thank you enough for giving me a shout out!!! I was just dropping in for a boost of inspiration, not only did I get inspired but I got a fantastic suprise..thank you so much my lovely birds. I so wish that I could be there for your Karaoke night. This is what I would sing... "how am I supposed to live without you" by Laura Brannigan, Pat Benetar's "shadows in the night or "What's up" by 4 non Blondes" and "killing me softly by the Fugees. What songs will you be singing. Will one of you sing one of them for me?? please.... Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  8. Your weekend plans sound fun :) and the sweet potato nachos sound good, I'm curious what do you put on them? Traditional toppings or something else?

  9. Don't forget about me! I'm super excited to party it up with you guys on Saturday!

  10. I like the shoes and the bat necklace, and just about anything else. Halloween karaoke sounds like fun!

  11. These things are so funny! I wish we were celebrating Halloween in the Netherlands... Have fun!

    xoxo, Femke On the Button

  12. Oh, that vintage bag is my favorite on the list. Have fun singing ladies!:)

  13. Holy. Smokes. I am obsessed with that mini haunted house and that woodland creatures necklace! Pure awesomeness! :D

  14. i LOVE halloween! can't wait to see your costume pics.

  15. Gorgeous picks! I love those JC shoes, but I just can't quite swallow the price tag....maybe I will get an early Christmas present? Sigh.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    I'm having a giveaway...

  16. Oooooh sweet potato nachos - nom, nom!! I love Dawn's creepy house - I want to make one too now:)). Thank you so much for your kind wedding wishes, I'm so glad you liked the dress:) xo

  17. My in-laws are in town this weekend, so YAY for parents babysitting and going out!!!

  18. Fun post! I love the vintage Halloween kitsch and the vignette -- I want!