Wednesday, October 12, 2011

love*birds: 10.12.11

things i am loving this week:
~ unseasonably warm weather
~the full moon (that mixed with the warm weather makes me think it is almost late summer when i am running at 5am)
~the fact that my daughter tucked a shirt into her leggings today because she has absolutely no idea how to wear pants (we took away her dresses for the week because of her tantrum...the horror!)
~oversized sweaters (i will have a mini sneak peak of some of the items we are selling at our next sale later today...and my basement is full over oversized sweaters. i want them all!)
~chris (i love him every week, but he is being especially thoughtful this week)
~the fact that i can actually make book group tonight. i have missed so many that i'm sure they think i quit (or forgot how to read)
~the fact that the reason my kids are excited for christmas is not because of the presents they will get, but because it means auntie kristin will be home
~the fact that in a few short weeks (or days if my sister had it her way), i will have a new nephew. can't wait to meet you, sammy!

and a few other things...

megan bird's picks
chiffon party dress
i am loving this dress. i want to throw a party just to wear it. the color, the ruffle and the cut are so perfect!

elbow patch sweater
you guys, i think i just found carl's purple brother. in. love. want. now. need. buying.

batwing sweater dress
i am envisioning this sweater dress with leggings, vintage cowboy boots and a long necklace. perfect fall weekend outfit. love it!

vintage cowboy boots
if these were an 8, i'd be all on them to pair with that perfect blue sweater dress!

vintage frog pendant necklace
and maybe i'd even pair this necklace with the whole ensemble. it's so cute and whimsical!

nora bird's picks

it was almost impossible for me to pick a favorite from this shop (i immediately emailed jim with the link for future gift ideas. hint hint!). but this shirt dress won my top spot. i love it's uniqueness and versatility. it is just awesome. (this simple, grey cotton dress was a close second)!

how cute would mimi look is this mod, vintage-inspired mini dress? so cute, that's how! love love love.

another item that can be worn many ways. this is the best idea ever! i love the tailored look, the navy color and, of course, the multiple ways you can wear this jacket!

i have been on the lookout for fabulous vintage toys for mimi. they are just so much cooler than toys now. and this set of tea cups and saucers is so cute! we would have the best tea parties ever.

i love this colorful little necklace! it would brighten up any outfit!

what are you loving today???

xoxo, two birds


  1. Megan, I am loving all of your picks (and Nora, that triangle necklace is AMAZING). So glad you found Carl's little brother (Carlos?)! It is so cute and such a great color... I think I want it too.

    Tea is making me happy right now... I'm getting over a cold :)

    And yay for a nephew on the way!! How exciting :)

  2. I think it's hilarious that taking dresses away is a consequence for your daughter. And I can't wait to see the oversized sweaters! I'm thinking that's going to be my go-to fall & winter look.

  3. That frog necklace is AMAZING!

  4. I can't wait to see the "sneak peek"! :)

  5. that frog pendant necklace is too cute! & the Ingrid dress is adorable!

  6. oh yes, comfy big sweaters! it's like wearing your security blanket from childhood out and about~

  7. I am loving that blue dress, and that little girl's dress is adorable. That print is the best!

  8. thank you so much for the feature! you have an eye for pretty things. (and, it looks like someone already snatched up those boots!) you have such a fun blog, and we love making new friends! R&S

  9. I adore the fact that your kids look forward to seeing their aunt at xmas more than the gifts, that says great things about your parenting.
    Thank you for including my tea cups on your delightful blog!
    hugs, Allie

  10. As I have said before I think your daughter and my daughter would get along fantastically! We just took Ava's dresses away for the same problem. Got to love it when the only thing that gets her to behave is taking away her clothes. I just can't wait to see what is in store for us when they are teenagers!

    Love the picks this week. Such cozy things.


  11. amazing collection loved the light blue dress thanks for the post.!!
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