Friday, October 14, 2011

it's a date! *hunt & gather*: sneak peek part 3

howdy, everyone! i hope your fridays are going well and that you have wonderful plans for the weekend! i hope you don't mind these posts we are doing about our sales. to be honest, it's just really fun to try on all of these clothes! i wish i could keep them all, but alas, i can't. so, as a consolation, i get to act like a four-year old and play dress up with our inventory.

first things first, i would like to tell you how i really, really impressed my son yesterday. the after school program that he was in did a remake of the thriller video and he got to get all dressed up like a zombie.

when i picked him up, i asked him if he did the remember it, right? i'm assuming that you all watched the thriller vhs tape over and over like i did as a child. no? maybe it was just me. anyways, the dance where they all have their hands in the air, clawing like wild animals...yeah? well, i acted it out for him and he looked at me with pure amazement, as if thriller were a new concept, and how ever did an old woman like me know that dance? i knew my knowledge of old 17-minute music videos would come in handy some day.

here's what he looked like when i picked him up from school.
 and he refused to take off the makeup (and the "bloody" shirt) before bed.

this morning, we wiped the makeup off, but i let him keep the hair for school. why not, right?

ok, enough about zombies (brains!!!!), and on to some more items that we will be selling next week.

haapy friday, all! have a wonderful weekend!!! i think i may have convinced chris to do a little photo shoot of some of the menswear we've got. it's such great stuff, and i couldn't ask for a better stay tuned!

megan bird


  1. Heehee, he makes such a cute zombie, what a fun thing for them to do. I am also pretty sure that I own that first white cardigan's sunshine yellow sibling.

  2. Oooh that jumpsuit is sex-ay! That's awesome about the zombie make-up! I totally learned the dance and did "Thrill the World" a few years ago - it was super fun!

  3. ok, that black jumpsuit should be yours. Fantastic!!! Love the pink sweater with the tights, and the red dress with the great shoulders. I wish I could be there, so bad. huumph. Dawn xo :(

  4. I forgot about your son's make-up and costume...great job mom and the dance moves I will have to see in will happen is right. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  5. Love the ski sweater and tall brown boots -- great look!

  6. wow, I am loving that last photo with the red dress!!!! hot!!!

  7. aw man, the thriller dance! my work is putting together the routine for halloween and i really want to do it, but not in front of my coworkers!!

    so . . . that orange dress . . . do you do online sales? if you don't sell it at the pop-up shop, can i buy it?


  8. JUMPSUIT! Enough said.

  9. your son's hair and make-up are WAY impressive. yikes! love that he went to bed with it all still in full force! ;)

    super cute outfits. think you're going to have huge success this weekend. xo