Thursday, October 13, 2011

inspiration picture for october 17: vanessa hudgens

you would think that since nora and i get to pick what inspirations we choose each week for this challenge, that we would at least pick something that even remotely resembles something in our closets. not this week, though, this one will truly be a challenge (at least for me). i have one pair of cords, and they are pink, and i'm pretty sure i don't have a leopard shirt. although i definitely need one. hello thrift store, i'll be seeing you soon. i also don't have a tropical tan, but i never what can i do? i'm pretty sure there are no tropical tans at goodwill.

so, even if you have nothing that resembles this outfit, play anyways. come on, it'll be fun! here's the rules if you've never joined us before!

vanessa hudgens
pretty cute, huh? i can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
two birds


  1. she is so cute! i love her!

  2. Great, my legs look like uncut bologna hanging in the local butchers shop when I wear cords. you can laugh it was meant to be funny. BOL bust out laughing. I will do my best. Dawn suitcase Vignettes xo Great choice, she is hot. the guy behind her is lucky...he he

  3. what a great look! can't wait to do some animal print and cords! good choice.

  4. LOL to Dawn's comment:-)) Yes, cords aren't my biggest fan either..hahaha. This is cute look though and I saw a shirt today that I just may have to go buy for IM! Yay!!