Monday, October 10, 2011

inspiration monday: ten puppies

anyone who has children, or even those who don't ~ and have been to a target store and witnessed absolute meltdowns of other people's children ~ knows that kids sometimes have their own set of rules. chris and i have been having trouble with eva lately. she is so strong willed and stubborn, and to top it off, she's four (going on 16) and it's nearly impossible to reason with her. we have had many a talks about how to deal with her tantrums and we still don't know if we're doing it right.

while i would never judge another parent's tactic on how they parent their children, i overheard a conversation last weekend that made me almost want to judge. we were up north on our scamp vacation, and this was the incredulous conversation i overheard. i don't know the full context, except that the daughter (probably about 10-years old) must have been at a friend's house and when her parents came to pick her up, she wasn't fully packed and ready to go. so, at breakfast, they were still mad at her for this. really mad.

mom: you know, if you had been ready and had your clothes packed, we could have gone to the pet store and bought you a puppy today. but you weren't ready, so i guess you don't get a puppy.

girl: but....

mom: no, you know what? we could have bought you ten puppies. not just one, but ten. right now, you could be at home, cuddling up with the softest, cutest, sweetest puppies. ten puppies. but instead, you were late packing up your clothes, so you don't get any puppies. and that's all on you. on. you.

girl: silence

it was horrible. i looked at chris in total shock! did they really just lie to her like that? and did she believe them? the sad thing is, i think she did. later on, when she tried to talk to give them her excuse, the dad said, " know what happens to brats? they end up doing dishes at the restaurant. do you want to do dishes here?" again, silence. that poor girl.

so while there are times that i feel like saying things like this to eva, i try to at least make my punishments real and truthful. but like i said, to each his own. with my daughter who had her very first outside-the-house tantrum (yep, i had to leave work early to pick her up from school), i am in no place to judge.

and on a side note, i will give you what i believe is eva's excuse for her behavior (aside from inherited stubbornness from both parents)...she has asthma and it's gotten a bit worse as the weather changes. she has been on steroids now for about a week, so we contribute it to 'roid rage...cause if not that, then it might just be our fault...and i'm not ready to accept blame for that just yet.

today's inspiration comes from yet another olsen sister, elizabeth. her high-waisted floral skirt is on my thrifting list.

megan bird

tank ~ Target
pants ~ vintage, thrifted
belt ~ thrifted
shoes ~ Charlotte Russe, thrifted
earrings ~ Heartbreaker
ring ~ F21

nora bird

shirt ~ Old Navy
shorts ~ two birds
shoes ~ F21, $9.88 store
necklace ~ gift from bestie kate
rings ~ H&M

happy monday, all! i hope wherever you are, you are snuggling with ten soft and fuzzy puppies!

two birds


  1. i love both outfits, i was going to do a color on top and black pencil skirt with black pumps on the bottom, but i don't have my skirt here with me in australia! love nora's skirts. this week's challenge showed both me and my husband that i've overdone short and pant shopping because i only own 2 skirts and 5 summer dresses. shame for shame!

  2. love both outfits too, well done again ladies. That story is sad. Shocking that there are people out there that really talk to their children like that, poor girl! I wanted to participate in todays Inspiration Monday but the heavens opened and it rained allll daaaay! FAIL for photo taking.

  3. Oh my God, what for a story... I really feel sad for the girl and for many others, girls and boys, who have to grow up with the idea that they are useless - this will cause a huge impact on their personalities. Very very sad, indeed. I used to be a teacher, for many years, and I heard and saw so many stories like those, simply unbelievable.
    Well, I'm ready to post my "inspiration", but there's no "link your blog" and it says "it opens on Oct 17..." is that right? Well, then I'll link on Oct 17!
    Great outfits, both of them, you two look really gorgeous!


  4. I do not believe that parents should "taunt" their children like that women did BUT at the same time if the little girl was told to have her clothes packed up and ready to go by a certain time and she didn't then I do believe that consequences happen. My daughter if four too - and we are having some issues with her being stubborn and willful as well but she has never had a public meltdown, but then again I believe in spanking and a lot of people don't.....

  5. love the bright top and shorts. My parents always used real threats and then enforced them if I did not heed the warning. I turned out ok (some would argue)

  6. Both your interpretations are lovely :)

    I'm glad my parents didn't ever lie when they punished me, but there were definitely consequences for being too stubborn of for throwing tantrums.

  7. What a mean thing to say to a child-especially when it comes to pets! I try not to judge parenting skills (since I'm not a Mom) but if I had heard that it would have made me squirm. I love Megan's high waisted trousers and Nora's colourful skirts- just beautiful!

  8. love your weekly inspiration outfit link-ups!!! We are obsessed with the Olsens! Loving Lizzie and her practical styles! Always love your girls' take on the outfit!

  9. If your daughter is 4 and just had her first out of the house are doing something very right. I would also have to agree the steroids have something to do with it....they are nasty. The 10 puppies comment is almost funny if it wasn't so sad. That poor little girl.

  10. poor girl, well I guess her parents must have been so angry.

    Nice vintage cute top Megan, it's perfect with the high waisted pants. I love the nice design at the back, very unexpected.

    Nora's skirt has a really interesting print. Very colorful and cheery. I'm lovin your pixie cut too. Thank you for hosting! One of the best link ups I know


  11. lovely outfit! i so love the trend of patterns paired with solids, looks great. thanks for stopping by my blog! ;-)

  12. Love the florals! I especially love a skirt with side pockets. Don't worry about the tantrums...I've been through many stages and it all usually comes out all right on the other side. You're a good mom! Debbie

  13. I do like these outfits! I can't believe I've never come to look at your blog before, I've been looking at Sophie's take on the outfits for ages! It's very nice to visit! Am now following so I'll be back!
    I can't believe that conversation! 10 puppies indeed! Really not nice! Doesn't set a good example about telling the truth!

  14. super cute shorts!

  15. lobe both looks... but this time i prefer the outfit with this great pants and fun top.

  16. I had to scroll up about 3 times to figure out why people keep saying cute shorts. Are they on crack? No, Erin, Nora is wearing shorts as clearly stated in the outfit details. Jeez. I can't believe they took it over the line and said she could have been snuggling with 10 puppies. That is so horrible.

  17. Really nice post, I got so much to learn from you!
    Followin each other right? :)

  18. Holy crap, that's an awful story! I'd say I was surprised, except I often run into parents that I'm really tempted to judge (let's be honest - I'm flat out judging some of them). There are some seriously bad parents out there.

    But on a positive note, you both look lovely:)
    Cate @wildruffle

  19. That is quite a thing to witness. Sometimes parents just react without thinking. Straight out lying is not acceptable though. I have been a bit to blunt on occasion but I never have created some ridiculous story to shame my children. That is what those parents did...create shame in their child. That is the ugliest emotion to pass along. I would have had a difficult time keeping my mouth shut being next to them all weekend.

    On a positive note: Both of you have created terrific outfits off of this inspiration. I love both of them.


  20. You both always look awesome, and I like seeing different takes on the inspiration look.

  21. Those high waisted trousers are perfect.

  22. Yikes! I am already experiencing some mild tantrums with my 18 month old. Unfortunately stuff like that doesn't have to be taught...still it is our responsibility to reign them in...not easy!
    That story really is sad...poor girl. To be encouraged to lie by your own parents is never good. She will soon lose all trust when it comes to her parents.
    You both look fab as usual! I has to miss out this week for traveling reasons. See you next week:-)

  23. what a fun one! Megan, love that top with those great pants and Nora, those shorts are fabulous!

  24. LOVE both of these outfits. Those high waisted pants are amazing.

    And that story was sad - that poor little girl! What awful parenting... and seriously? 10 puppies? What a load of crap.

  25. Hi, missed you yesterday. sorry. The thrift store got the better of me because I worked all weekend and needed a fix. Had fun but not as much fun as I would have if you 2 were with me. I got back and made another pot of pasta fagoila and then off to work. Anyway, got some good stuff for Thursday. Nora can't wait to see what you've scored. Megan I envy how great you look in those pants and how well you wear a high waist. My waist gets lost because I can't get my boobs up high enough without shoulder pain. stop complaining I know, it bums me out sometimes because it shortens my torso. Nora, the print on your shorts is adorable and you also wear this style really well. Love the peekaboo bra strap...subtle and sexy. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo thanks for hosting.

  26. My mother always loves to say that I had ONE tantrum as a child, and that they nipped it in the bud so good I never had another.

    It was winter, I was 4, they'd bundled me all up to go play in the snow, and then we headed over to the neighbours. My mother has JUST gotten me all undressed when I had my tantrum. She promptly dressed me back up and brought me home and took away my books. And after that they just had to threaten taking away my books and that we'd go home and I was a gooood girl hah. Hope you have some better luck with Eva!

  27. oh man, that's brutal. what kid wants to leave a friend's house in a hurry?
    i can attest to the 'roid rage. it's very real. sorry that's happening. hope it's getting better.
    you both look fabulous. xo

  28. That story breaks my heart--I would have a hard time keeping my mouth shut listening to that! Anyway, I love both of your looks so much! I love how they're so different, yet they both relate so well to the inspiration photo (which I loved by the way)!

  29. "Children should neither be seen or heard from - ever again."

    W. C. Fields