Monday, October 31, 2011

inspiration monday: the birds and the bees

chris and i have always tried to be as open and honest with our kids as possible. when they ask a question, i will answer is the best way i can. so far, i have never had any issue. however, i started a conversation the other day that left me at a loss for words.
here's how it went:
h: mama, i know what nuts are, they're your privates.
me: well, actually, that is another word for your testicles, not your penis.
h: oh really?
e: mama, do i have nuts?
me: nope.
e: well what do i have then?
me: a vagina.
e: that's all? (these days, eva thinks everything between she and henry needs to be equal.)
me: well, inside you, you also have ovaries. when you get older, they will help you make babies.
h: do i have anything that will help make babies?
me: actually, yes. that is why you have testicles. they carry what you need to make babies.
h: well how do i get it out of my testicles?

and that's when the conversation ended. that will be a conversation for a later date...with papa.

and onto today's inspiration. jaime king in her beautiful red pants and floral shirt. if i had red pants, i'd be wearing them today, but alas i don't. so i took my inspiration instead from the silhouette. some day soon (hopefully), i will find my perfect pair of red pants!

megan bird

jeans ~ thrifted
shirt ~ Banana Republic, thrifted
shoes ~ F21
earrings ~ F21

nora bird

since you can't see the shoes, i had to include a close-up (because i love them so).

pants- Rock Steady, Saint Sabrina's (years and years ago)
shirt/tank/shoes- F21 (that's slightly embarrassing)
belt- thrifted


xoxo, two birds


  1. I like nora's sassy, lacy top and red hot pants, I need to get my hands on one pair of red pants. Megan's outfit is really feminine and sweet. I like the wrap front top. it's adorable. You kids question and answer session is hilarious. Kids say the darndest things.


  2. ahaha, kids get right to the heart of the matter, don't they!

    cute outfits. loving those red pants!!!

  3. Nora - I love love love those shoes! You both look great - love the inspiration.

    Ok, that conversation had me cracking up. That is so cute and hilarious. I can't wait to have kids so they can entertain me all day long! :D

  4. Oh those akward questions! I have a 13 year old who doesn't hold back one bit in the question asking department. I'm glad she's so upfront & honest with me but geeze sometimes she makes my face turn red LOL!

  5. Hahahha that story is just too funny! Kids are unintentionally funny! Megan the short u have on looks almost exactly the same as Jaimie Kings! Loving Noras shiny red pants too!!

  6. Love them both! I really need to find a pair of awesome red pants!

  7. Love that you shared the shoe closeup, because they are so fantastic! Love.

  8. Gorgeous looks ladies!! I NEED to get some red pants, it's such a beautiful look, especially when mixed with the florals. Ah, love!! xo veronika

  9. Great look. I love my red jeans soo much!

    X x

  10. Megan, i love your blue and white version of this. so cute! And Nora, that top with those red pants is stunning!

    please come enter my $50 giveaway from Zoe Clothing Co if you get a chance too :)

  11. I am on the lookout for some cute red pants right now.

    Kids are hilarious!

  12. ladies, love both of the looks so much and the story with the kids is awesome ... they things they say ... right?!?!

  13. i like the looks of both birds. that conversation may have given me nightmares. yes, i'm joking.

  14. I really struggled this week, Nora, I love your shoes!

  15. Hahahah!!! Love this conversation- it's like opening a can of worms!!! Love your outfits! I'll try to give thsi one a go later or tomorrow!

  16. Oh my goodness, that conversation cracked me up!! Both looks are great--I love the silhouette of the look but couldn't achieve it with mine. You both did it beautifully!

  17. Well how do I get it out of me? Oh boy good thing you left that for Dad to answer! Beautiful outfits- I love the red pants and those lace up shoes are fabulous! I'll be linking up tomorrow- Happy Halloween! :)

  18. Megan, your silhouette is right on for sure. Love those blue shoes with it too, and the white pants are not red, but they're just as great!
    Nora, love the boot-cut red pants...I would love to have a more classic version like this soon.

    I'm a registered nurse and I always had a very open/educational relationship with my mom about the birds and the bees, so I thought it would be easy. Then came the day my son started asking questions, and it wasn't half as easy as I thought it would be. In fact, those conversations make me sweat! LOL
    Such a funny story:-))

  19. the jamie king outfit is way cute! i dont ahve red pants but was curious if anyone knew who jamie king's original outfit is by?

  20. I love red pants! Such a great outfit. But I also love the sharpness of the hire pants with blue shoes. Great outfits!

  21. Hello lovely birds, I am late in leaving you a comment and linking up but I am so glad I got a chance to catch up this morning. I want to thank both of you for hosting IM. It really motivates me to start my week with good energy and clean hair. Go Megan breaking all of the Labor Day fashion rules...those white pants look stunning on you. Love the fit and length. You look beautiful and so tailored. Nora, your hair looks awesome and what a beautiful outfit! You look gorgeous in these colors. Great red pants!!! Story is a riot!

  22. WOW, the red pants really rock! I need a pair so much. Anyway, love the white pants and floral top as well with the blue shoes to match. Both looks are fantastic.