Friday, October 14, 2011

frugal feathers: apple pickin'

now, for the obligatory apple orchard post. seriously, it seems the whole blogosphere has been apple picking this week. oh well, however unoriginal it may seem, i was too. so there. mimi and i met one of my bestest friends ever, kate (hi, kate!!!), and her two little darlings at Deardorff Orchards for some fun in the sun (it was super cloudy, but still an amazing fall day)! we saw some goats, llamas and horses, climbed on some hay bales, "drove" a tractor and most importantly, picked apples and pumpkins to bring home! i also realized i was wearing a completely thrifted outfit, so kate took some outfit shots for me! (thanks, kate!!!). this is a photo heavy've been warned.

smelling the flowers...


so sweet.

kate's older daughter reached into her pocket and handed this to me. she said she had found it and wanted to give it to me "so that i could pay the bills". seriously. hysterical and adorable. i took it though. that's a cool $1.20.

toddler/goat face off

the gorgeous view!

"i think i can, i think i can"!

i know you wanted to see that sweet smile once more!

oh! and the outfit!

jacket- Banana Republic, rummage sale, $3
sweater- Jones New York Signature, thrifted (Savers), $12.99 (i know! that is a lot for me, but i love it).
tee- Gap, swap (free)
leggings- Timing, thrifted (Savers), $2.99
boots- vintage, Up Six (don't recall the price)

such a fun fall outing! has anyone else been apple picking this season? 

i hear an apple crisp recipe calling my name! have a great weekend!!!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. Nora your sweater is awesome and you look super cute in your totally thrifted outfit. The kids are all so stinkin cute. Mimi is such a happy baby all dressed in pink...too cute. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. That sweater looks so cosy! :) and I love the green jacket!

  3. I laughed when I read "to pay the bills with" that is so adorable and funny.

    THIS OUTFIT is amazing - seriously, so cute and perfect for fall.

    I haven't done the obligatory pumpkin/apple post yet... but you better believe it's coming! :D

  4. Great outfit, perfect for pumpkin picking and running after the wee ones.

  5. YAY fun! I love apple/pumpkin picking. I did go to the apple orchard at the end of September but we didn't physically pick apples cause they were so crazy expensive (and we're big cheap skates) I'm going pumpkin picking at the end of the month with family in Chicago and I can't wait-even if I can't bring them home with me! Also...who finds leggings in that good of condition?! You're a rockstar!

  6. I love your fall outfit, and the kiddos and pumpkins are very cute!

  7. I'm very jealous, I've never been apple or pumpkin picking! One day, one day. Great pictures!

  8. Thank you so much for you lovely comment on my latest post. these photos are so adorable! I really wish they had pumpkin patches in Ireland! I think they are few and far between here! Such gorgeous colours for autumn!

    Emma x

  9. fabulous pictures! you look great and oh my word...those smiles on the littles...slaying me over here!

  10. Mimi looks so hip in her little chucks! looks like you guys had a good time!