Thursday, October 6, 2011

curious birds: meet carl

first things first...i wanted to show you the most beautiful tree that i saw this morning as i was driving my daughter to preschool...
pretty, huh?
ok, now onto the post. i wanted to ask you all today about how you shop. i have come to realize that i am quite like my mother when it comes to shopping. if it's cheap and i like it, but don't love it, i usually buy it. lately, i have also come to realize that i need to change my ways. i can no longer fit things in my closet. literally. i have to use all of my strength to move stuff around. granted, my closet is teeny, but you get the idea. i am in the process of buying two six-foot bookshelves just to store all of my shoes in one place. and i just went to a swap that a friend had and got rid of two huge bags of clothes, and i am still considering having my own swap because i have way more that i can get rid of. maybe i should have a little sale right here on the blog....hmmm, maybe?

anyways, i have a lot of clothes and i have a lot because i love buying clothes and i love buying shoes. i also love buying housewares, but that's the topic of another post. i am very good about getting rid of things, too, so i never feel too bad about buying new things. i also rarely spend more than $10 (ok, $5) on any one item, so i'm not breaking the bank either. however, i need to realize that if i don't love something, i shouldn't buy it just because it's cheap or on sale. ya know?

so i want to hear from you how you shop. do you save up for that one item that you love? do you only buy staples that will last forever? or are you like me and you thrift and end up with way more than you need? or somewhere in between...i realize not everyone is crazy like me!

to prove my point, let me introduce you to carl. remember my lost love, albert? well, i finally met his not as cute step brother, carl. i was at a thrift store, looking for halloween costumes for the kiddos (see, sometimes i have valid reasons to thrift). i decided to peruse the men's sweaters in hopes of finding albert's twin. i was in a bit of a rush, and i came across carl. i eyed the elbow patches, saw that he was half off and *boom* i bought him. granted, i was only out $2.99...but when i got him home and tried him on, i didn't love him. no one can quite compare to albert (i'm romanticizing again). carl was huge (i know, some women might find that a good thing). the elbow patches actually were at my wrists, and there is some weird velcro patch on the left chest area. just the soft part of the velcro...clearly something used to be attached. but what was it...i will never know. anyways, i tried carl on, snapped some pictures and hated every one. and to punish myself for this bad shopping experience, i am posting the pictures here, for all of you to see. so meet carl...we have a love/hate relationship.
 shorts ~ Target
carl ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ Marshalls
earrings ~ F21

don't get me wrong, carl has some good traits. he has these cool epaulets on the shoulders, a cute v-neck, and of course the aforementioned elbow wrist patches. and did i mention that he has a great personality? really, he does. i'm just not that into him. but i bought him anyways. and now i'm stuck with least until the next swap.

so, tell me, how do you shop?

megan bird


  1. This post really makes me miss my favorite thrifted, holey men's cardigan from high school, Kurt, and its constant companion, a vintage, thrifted polyester men's shirt named Eddie.

    If you haven't already guessed, they were named after Monsieurs Cobain and Vedder.

  2. LMAO, you are too funny! Oh poor Carl, he'll just never be Albert! I have to say Carl isn't so bad though, I love him paired with the shorts and heels.

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

    P.S. Your hair is perfect in these pictures! I think it's the longer bangs?? Not sure but I love it!

  3. Carl is fabulous paired with those shorts and heels! I love this look on you.

    Anyway, I used to shop and buy if it was cheap, then I moved to focusing on staples, now I only buy if I LOVE it. I actually ask myself if I walked out today and never saw this item again would I be sad? It works. Sometimes I have to ignore my inner convo and put the item back. I have burned myself a couple of times but all in all it works. Especially with thrifting because, as you know, when you are patient you can find another in time.


  4. my hubby always makes fun of my for buying thing "jess cause" they are on sale .... so now I try to only really buy items if I really love them. and if the pricey items then I always leave then and if in two days I am still thinking about them then it is meant to be and I go back, but then again if it is gone then I am sad and I guess it really wasn't meant to be! haha!

  5. I've recently stopped buying things that I only like a little just because they're on sale. Seriously, if I put that stuff down just a few times, I'd be able to afford something I absolutely love that's a little more expensive.

    Also, I've had an issue with clothing racks collapsing lately. So there's that.

  6. I used to be more of a "buy more than I need because its cheap" type of girl, but I'm trying to convert myself into a "buy something that you love that is also quality" girl. Its a hard battle sometimes, the goodwill near me has some awesome things! I will say that my feet have not ever been so happy as now, when I'm realizing that I should just spend the money on shoes that are comfortable as well as cute.

    I'll say that I rather like Carl, you make him look great!

  7. Carl may not be Albert, but he still has style. I am on the lookout for an elbow patch sweater now.

  8. Carl is charming in his own way! I'm rather fond of him!

    I'm trying to SIMPLIFY in a big way. I haven't always loved what I've bought, but am trying to turn over a new, brightly colored Fall leaf. We'll see if I can hold to it.

  9. I'm 100% like you when I shop. My closet is getting ridiculous. Lately I've been buying stuff that I'm not even sure I like but I'm stocking up for post baby. I missed the clothing swap last weekend but had a whole bag of clothes all ready to bring so let me know if you decide to do a swap- I'd love to be a part of it!

  10. Only within the last year have I gotten to the point where I buy things I love, not things that are okay but cheap... same thing with when I opened my etsy... just cause it's vintage, doesn't mean it's cute, so now I only buy things that I myself would wear and leave the ugly vintage still on the racks. It's hard though, especially because I can sew, so I think I can buy things that are okay, fix them, and THEN I'll love them... but the sewing pile is too big and I need to not buy things with the intention of changing them. So difficult.

  11. When I first got into thrifting, I went a little crazy. I'd fall in lust with things in the store, but then bring them home and not actually wear them. They were either really hard to style, or something I'd been convinced into buying (freaky 80's shirt dress and my mom, I'm lookin' at you) by someone else who liked it, or something I like but just isn't practical with the rest of my wardrobe. So now I REALLY think hard on each item, try to think up at least two outfits I can make with it and the existing clothes in my wardrobe. Helps keep things to a minimum.

  12. LOL--very cute post! I'm with you. I buy things that I don't necessarily love if it's the right price. Therefore, my closet is about to burst at the seams and I probably don't wear half of it.
    I have been reading and trying to absorb Nina Garcia's "Little Black Book of Style" for some time now and much of the second chapter is about editing your closet. I love this quote I read in the book: "I love America, and I love American women, but there is one thing that deeply shocks me...American closets. I cannot believe one can dress well when you have so much." Andree Putman

    Here's to dressing well and learning to edit and shop as smart as possible!

  13. Carl is cute. Keep Carl.

    I am somewhere in between. I can't fathom spending more than $50 on an item, no matter how high-quality, so I just don't. I am a bit of minimalist (and also quite cheap), though, so I don't buy things unless I really, really love them. The result is that I could probably name every single item in my closet right now.

  14. I shop the same way you do but I am getting better at buying things that are better. I say this to myself when I am contemplating an item, "would I wear this right now" The answer comes very easily and I move on. If I can't move on from the item then I shop with it in my cart until I find something better and then I can let it go and I hang it back up. crazy I know, but it works for me. You look gorgeous and right on trend. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes