Thursday, October 27, 2011

curious birds: cure my dry skin

as much as i hate to admit it, winter is almost here. winter, otherwise known as the season of dry skin. i seriously get the driest skin during the cold months of the year. sadly, where i live the cold months of the year are the majority of the months. therefore, i have the driest skin for most of the months. especially on my hands, mostly right around my knuckles, as well as these horrible little dry patches right on my cheeks (the cheeks on my face, in case that needed clarification). and chapped lips! ugh. i am constantly (literally, constantly) applying and reapplying lotion and chapstick all day long during the winter. i have yet to discover an amazing product that i only have to apply once or twice and be done and dry skin free for the rest of the day. does anyone else suffer from horrible, itchy, scaly dry skin during the winter? and if so, do you have any amazing remedies or products you can recommend? spendy or cheap, i don't care. i'll try anything! please, share your secrets!

okay, enough complaining. here's an outfit i wore sometime last week. this is a pretty typical daily ensemble for me during the fall. sweater, tank, skinny jeans and flats. easy and comfy, but still presentable. at least i hope! let me know...

sweater~ Old Navy, thrifted
tank~ Marshalls
jeans~ Charlotte Russe, thrifted
flats~ Target

happy happy thursday to you all! it's almost the weekend!!! so excited!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. OMG story of my life. My hands become disgusting in the winter. Seriously, sometimes I worry if I hit my hand on something it will just crack and fall to the floor - they get so dry and brittle and rough... ugh.

    I found a product last year that is fantastic on dry hands - Burts Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Grapeseed Oil Hand Creme. It works really well and you don't need a ton. Hope that helps!!

  2. I have had the same problem for years- mostly on my face though. The only lotion I have ever found that works is L'oreal futur-e. It's not in every store, so far I have only been able to find it at Wal-Mart. The stuff is amazing! It's only about $10 for a bottle, so worth a try! Hope you find something that works. =)

  3. Oh MN winters...I seriously almost never had dry skin problems until I moved here! My go to products include (yes I use a longggg list):
    -Josie Maran Argon Oil stick- I have a full size for home and a travel/mini size for my purse-it's great on dry hands!
    -EOS sphere lip balms- I love the sweet mint
    -Maybeline Baby Lips (just got this-it's going to be my winter staple-it lasts forever!)
    -LUSH massage bars (I use it as a leg lotion)
    -LUSH lip scrubs-while a scrub might be the opposite of what you'd think you'd need it's got tons of oil in it so it gets the dry/dead stuff off and moisturizes your lips
    -The Body Shop Body Butter is probably the best lotion lotion I've ever used
    -Yes to Cucumbers Face Lotion is phenominal
    -Tisserand Skin soothing Rollerball with Lavender and Chamomile

    That's all I can think of for now :) Hope it helps!

  4. I'm not very excited about winter either, it is a beautiful time of year but I always feel like my outfit options become so limited when it's so cold outside! I feel like it kinda forces you to become more creative which can be good. I love your sweater and the little elbow patch details make the outfit!

  5. I am with you on the dry skin concerns. I keep the humidifier going with a bit of tea tree oil added to the water. This seems to help, though when I am outside my home and in very dry environments I carry a tube of Gold Bond Medicated lotion with me -- thick, rich, keeps me comfortable for a few hours anyway.

    I love your photos in this post -- very sweet!

  6. Oh, I get the really awful dry skin too, mostly on my hands and face. My dermatologist recommended Eucerin for my hands, and I love it. I use it for my whole body in the winter. I get really dry around my nose during the winter, and then it gets red and starts to peel - not pretty. When it's really bad I put Vaseline on it before I go to bed, and it helps a lot.

  7. I have some dry skin problems too. A couple tips, try to find a less harsh hand soap, the really cheap ones tend to strip all the oils off your hands.
    I also swear by Shea Butter (I get mine here keep it in the bathroom and after you wash your hands or get out of the shower put some on. Also wear a nice pair of gloves when it's really cold. Helps keep your hands from the really harsh weather. Good luck though, I hate it when my knuckles crack it's the worst.

  8. I wish I had recommendations for you, I'm sorry :( I do love your outfit though! It's casual but still so fun with that little top peaking out from under the sweater!

  9. i know you still don't believe me, but i wash my face every night with grape seed oil, and my skin has never felt better.

  10. Blah, yes, winter is the time for dry hands and static for me as well. I do really like Burt's Bees almond honey hand cream, though I have to reapply it every time I wash my hands...though that may be the case for every lotion. Their face lotion is pretty good too, but it doesn't have any sun protection in it as far as I know, so I'm looking for other options... I love your outfit, I'll have to try and recreate it!

  11. I hear ya on the dry skin. All I can say is make sure what you use is free of petrolatum and mineral oil because they just block the pores of your skin and impede the production of your skin by creating a barrier because it just sits on the skin. Try something from Worth it plus I am a representative of them. I use all of their anti aging line. Anyway, your outfit is adorable and sexy. I like the one shoulder look. And yes you can both enter separately. Dawn xo

  12. I definitely have the same problem! My hands especially get super dry. I've found just putting on some good rich lotion before bed every night really helps. And again in the morning. I guess I'm constantly re-applying, but I don't mind, I love lotions.

  13. Norwex Shea butter! Fantastic; worth the money. I've got a contact if you're interested.

  14. my hands already look terrible and winter isnt even here yet :( i wish it was spring again. lol

  15. Awesome sweater! I love the textural contrast with the delicate floral print. Thanks for the comments. Want to follow each other?

  16. You look so cosy in that lovely sweater! I adore it :)

  17. I've had good luck using this Lush skin cleanser during the winter.

  18. love your outfit.. for dry skin i use aveeno dry skin in the shower then i use Bio Oil on my drier patches of skin

  19. Outfit: cute!

    I use straight coconut oil from the co-op. It comes in a big tub and its so awesome. You can use it to cook with too but it is best as a moisturizer. Goes on oily but drys clean. Oh and it smells like the beach!

  20. I don't have a problem with dry cracked skin but mine is SO dry on my arms and legs. I think I've complained to you about this before :) Plus, my forehead and scalp get so dry, it looks like dandruff. Gross. I'm going to re-read all these comments and see if any of these products work for me.

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  22. this is one of my fave outfits norly- so purdy with your short hair!