Monday, October 31, 2011

inspiration monday: the birds and the bees

chris and i have always tried to be as open and honest with our kids as possible. when they ask a question, i will answer is the best way i can. so far, i have never had any issue. however, i started a conversation the other day that left me at a loss for words.
here's how it went:
h: mama, i know what nuts are, they're your privates.
me: well, actually, that is another word for your testicles, not your penis.
h: oh really?
e: mama, do i have nuts?
me: nope.
e: well what do i have then?
me: a vagina.
e: that's all? (these days, eva thinks everything between she and henry needs to be equal.)
me: well, inside you, you also have ovaries. when you get older, they will help you make babies.
h: do i have anything that will help make babies?
me: actually, yes. that is why you have testicles. they carry what you need to make babies.
h: well how do i get it out of my testicles?

and that's when the conversation ended. that will be a conversation for a later date...with papa.

and onto today's inspiration. jaime king in her beautiful red pants and floral shirt. if i had red pants, i'd be wearing them today, but alas i don't. so i took my inspiration instead from the silhouette. some day soon (hopefully), i will find my perfect pair of red pants!

megan bird

jeans ~ thrifted
shirt ~ Banana Republic, thrifted
shoes ~ F21
earrings ~ F21

nora bird

since you can't see the shoes, i had to include a close-up (because i love them so).

pants- Rock Steady, Saint Sabrina's (years and years ago)
shirt/tank/shoes- F21 (that's slightly embarrassing)
belt- thrifted


xoxo, two birds

Sunday, October 30, 2011

take a chance on me: a two birds' halloween

last night, megan, jim, chris and i celebrated halloween by dressing up as ABBA.  we met some friends (including erin, who looked a-mazing as lucille ball! hopefully she will share some pictures!) at a neighborhood bar for a costume contest and karaoke night. pretty much my idea of the best time ever! we came in second place in the contest and won a whopping $50! and megan and i were pretty much on the karaoke mic all night long. it was so much fun! here are a few photos of our costumes. and no, those are not dresses that megan and i are wearing. nope. those are shirts. just shirts. in public. yep. enjoy!

this was our inspiration:

seriously so much fun.

did you dress up for halloween?

xoxo, two birds

Friday, October 28, 2011

outfit of the day(bird)

i woke up this morning with a little tickle in my throat, an annoying cough and a stuffy nose. the telltale signs of an oncoming cold. no! being sick is, of course, never fun. but getting a cold today is especially crappy because tomorrow night is the big halloween extravaganza and i just can't be sick! especially since yesterday, after making three trips around the thrift store in search of the elements for jim's costume and coming up with nothing, i decided to do one last lap, just in case i missed something (who am i kidding? doing four laps around the thrift store is actually par for the course for me). and there it was! hanging on a rack i swear i had looked at three times already! jim's costume! yay! i was beyond ecstatic. i may have done a little happy dance. i thought about doing a victory lap around the store, but that may have been a bit excessive, no? so, as you can plainly see, halloween was meant to be. and i cannot be getting sick. so if you need me today you can find me chugging Emergen-C, orange juice, herbal tea and any other beverage i can think of that will ward off this cold. at least until sunday. i'd prefer not to, but i could manage a cold on sunday.

anyway, enough about me. let's talk about you. actually no, let's talk more about me. i wore this outfit all day yesterday and then to work last night. for those of you that don't know, i am not only a stay at home mom, i am also a waitress! (and i am not only the hair club president, i am also a client. i know! it looks real, doesn't it?). i got this "dress" on sale at H&M the other day. i am assuming it was on sale because it is not a dress and is, in fact, a beach cover up. but i went with it. let me know what you think? the ultimate summer to fall clothing transition? or just one crazy bird? it think i may already know the answer...

dress~ H&M
sweater~ Express, thrifted
tank top/leggings/socks~ Target
boots- gift from my mom (i don't recall where from)

i hope you all have a fantastic friday and a super fun weekend!

xoxo, nora bird

Thursday, October 27, 2011

outfit of the day(bird): our newest feature

it's funny how much nora and i think alike. last night i realized that i hadn't done any outfit posts lately, aside from inspiration monday and tuesday remix posts. i'm not quite sure why. the fact that it's practically dark by the time i get home from work doesn't help (although you'll see it didn't stop me in this post). and also i've just been feeling less than cute lately. i'm not looking for sympathy here...but you all know that feeling, right? just a hormonal, stuffy-nosed kind of feeling where you don't want to document how you look at that moment. anywho, i'm off subject here. i was talking about how nora's and my bird brains think alike! last night i went out to take pics and got them all uploaded and then realized that nothing in my outfit was vintage or thrifted! and we only have features that are about vintage and thrifted items. so i let them sit on flickr and forgot about them.

until....nora emailed me today and said, "we need a new blog spotlight that isn't for vintage or thrifted stuff. i have a cute outfit on today, but only one item is thrifted, so it is not really a frugal feathers. and none of it is vintage. what do you think?" very odd, don't you think? birds of a feather, i guess!! so, please welcome our newest feature...outfit of the day(bird)! this is just a plain ol' this is what we wore today post. because not everything in our wardrobes is thrifted or vintage. almost everything is, but every once in a while, we hit up actual retail stores for a full outfit!

other names we considered for the post title include:
  • birds in clothes
  • birdy laundry
  • put a bird in it
  • egg-cellent outfit
ok, we never were going to use any of those titles, but we like to email back and forth trying to make each other laugh. it usually works.

so, onto my outfit of the day(bird)...nothing special, but it was perfect for my thrifting trip with erin last night!
sweatshirt ~ F21
leggings ~ Kohls
boots ~ Urban Original
socks ~ Target
earrings ~ F21

we hope you like our newest (baby bird) feature!

megan bird

curious birds: cure my dry skin

as much as i hate to admit it, winter is almost here. winter, otherwise known as the season of dry skin. i seriously get the driest skin during the cold months of the year. sadly, where i live the cold months of the year are the majority of the months. therefore, i have the driest skin for most of the months. especially on my hands, mostly right around my knuckles, as well as these horrible little dry patches right on my cheeks (the cheeks on my face, in case that needed clarification). and chapped lips! ugh. i am constantly (literally, constantly) applying and reapplying lotion and chapstick all day long during the winter. i have yet to discover an amazing product that i only have to apply once or twice and be done and dry skin free for the rest of the day. does anyone else suffer from horrible, itchy, scaly dry skin during the winter? and if so, do you have any amazing remedies or products you can recommend? spendy or cheap, i don't care. i'll try anything! please, share your secrets!

okay, enough complaining. here's an outfit i wore sometime last week. this is a pretty typical daily ensemble for me during the fall. sweater, tank, skinny jeans and flats. easy and comfy, but still presentable. at least i hope! let me know...

sweater~ Old Navy, thrifted
tank~ Marshalls
jeans~ Charlotte Russe, thrifted
flats~ Target

happy happy thursday to you all! it's almost the weekend!!! so excited!

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

inspiration picture for october 31: jaime king (and the $40 giveaway winner!!!)

we're kicking it up a notch for inspiration monday this week. it's halloween, so why not throw in a mix of florals, bright pants, and all around cuteness? so let us introduce to you the beautiful jaime king!

for rules of the game (it's fun!) click here!

speaking of beautiful ladies...the winner of our $40 giveaway is kathryn d. kathryn, please email us at and we will tell you how to claim your gift certificate!! congrats!

two birds

love*birds: 10.26.11

things i am loving this week:
~ my parents have agreed to babysit on saturday night! that means megan, chris, jim and i can carry on our tradition of getting all costumed up and going out for halloween! i love halloween!
~ the bar we are going to on saturday has karaoke. karaoke, people!
~ the sweet potato nachos that i made for dinner last night. i am still full.
~ jim took the day off of work today! mimi and i love when he does that.
~ i will soon have a new baby nephew to snuggle. we (my sister especially) are hoping he makes his grand entrance this week!
~ did i mention halloween?

and keeping with the halloween spirit, here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird's picks

this silver bat necklace is just so adorable. if only real, live bats were this cute!

i totally love this idea for turning a bottle of wine into a jack-o-lantern. such a great halloween party gift idea!

such a gorgeous scarf! it would add just the right amount of drama to any outfit.

since cutting all of my hair off, i kind of feel like hats are out. but this adorable bow head band is definitely very in. love it!

vintage halloween decorations. enough said.

megan bird's picks
vintage black and orange drawstring bag
can you think of a more stylish way to collect your candy? i mean...adults can still trick or treat, right? no? no? fine, i'll just make sure that i "test" my kids candy to make sure it's safe!

jeffrey campbell tardy in orange
they're orange and black, so that counts as halloween style, right? but jeffrey campbell lace-up boots? yes please!

vintage cat figurines
how cute are these little guys? i spooky are they! ooooh spooky!

suitcase vignettes blog
ok, so dawn doesn't only talk about halloween on her blog, but she does love the holiday. she has some great diy ideas (like this amazing haunted house) and you should just check her out anyways because she is gorgeous, thrifty, uber sweet and probably has the best head of hair that you will ever see!

woodland creatures necklace
ok, so maybe it's not super halloweeney, but there's a raven in there, so i'm calling it ok! plus, i just really love this necklace!

what about you, what are your favorite halloween picks?

we will be drawing our winner for the awesome $40 giveaway later this's not too late to enter!

two spooky birds

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

jim and i watched sunday's episodes of The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire last night. while we watched, i sat with my laptop open in front of me, trying to think of something to write here. i came up blank. just one of those days, i suppose. it was a long weekend and a busy monday and my brain wasn't in the mood to think anymore. i got nothin'. sorry. but do any of you watch those shows? i love them both. very different, but they are both quite entertaining. check them out if you haven't already!

and now for the remix. megan chose a super cute faux-fur vest from kohls for us to style. i have always kind of wanted a vest like this, but i have never found one that i really love. perhaps because i wasn't looking in megan's closet! hers is super cute and it is such a fun layering piece. i don't know what it is about the remix, but every time it is megan's turn to choose the item, i end up wanting to steal it! she has the cutest clothes. i am lucky to have access to her wardrobe! she's a pretty awesome sister, too. even if she didn't have all the amazing clothes, i'd probably still hang out with her...probably!

let us know what you think of the remix!

outfit one: horizontal stripes

cardigan- Banana Republic, swap
tunic- H&M
leggings- Simply Vera by Vera Wang, Kohls
boots- Alloy
necklace- vintage, gift

outfit two: sheer sleeves

shirt- swap
leggings and boots- Urban Original
earrings- F21
belt- vintage, thrifted

i hope you are all having a happy tuesday!

xoxo, two birds

Monday, October 24, 2011

inspiration monday: evil navigator

a few weeks ago, we went on a scamp vacation to northern minnesota and wisconsin. it's about a three-hour drive from our house and we didn't get out the door until about 6:00 pm. of course, we needed to stop for gas and food, so we didn't get to our destination until about 10:00. being that our camp site was in the middle of a state park, it was pitch dark with barely a single street light on. this is perfect when you're camping, but not when you are driving to your site. so chris was forced to use his phone's navigation system. the polite female phone voice kept telling us when we needed to take a left or a right, and we were scooting along our merry way. however, when she finally said, "take a right and you are at your destination", we were a little wary. luckily chris was being more vigilant than i because when we took that final right, immediately in front of us was a deep (deep, deep, deep) rock quarry - no fence, no sign, no nothing. chris slammed on the brakes and we looked at each other, as the kids slept in the back seat, and quietly whispered thank you that chris was driving very cautiously. evil, evil navigation system. i expected that polite female voice to belt out a "mwa-ha-ha-ha!"

the inspiration for this week is sarah jessica parker. i don't believe we have used her before, which is a little surprising to me. not only does she always look flawless on screen, she also rocks it in real life!

i have been craving oversized sweaters and was secretly hoping this one wouldn't sell at our sale this weekend, because i wanted it and i knew it would be perfect for today's inspiration!

megan bird

jeans ~ old...from macy's back when it used to be dayton's
sweater ~ vintage, two birds
booties ~ vintage, thrifted
earrings ~ F21

nora bird

sweater ~ Mossimo, thrifted
shirt ~ Old Navy
jeans ~ Citizens of Humanity, thrifted
shoes ~ F21
necklace ~ i like you

happy monday, all! please make sure to click here for a chance to enter our $40 vintage giveaway! it's a really great one!!
two birds