Wednesday, September 21, 2011

what i thrifted

it's been a while since i've done a post on what i've thrifted. and trust me, it's not cause i haven't been thrifting. most of what i wear can be titled, "what i thrifted", but this weekend i got some great housewares and other fun stuff that i want to show you all!

my mom and i went to this neighborhood garage sale in northeast minneapolis. it's a cute little neighborhood full of old people and young hipsters. so basically, that means there were a bunch of great sales! grannies and hipsters have the best stuff! i bet hipster grannies have the best stuff!

anyhow, here are a few things i got. please note that this isn't even everything!!

vintage boots ~ $1, basket ~ $1, vintage necklaces ~ $1 each, tea cart ~ $3, vintage welcome sign ~ $1
vintage snappy shirt for chris ~ $3

11 vintage hand-embroidered pillow cases ~$.25 each

zuper zexy vintage slip ~ $.25

not one, but two vintage globes ~ $3 and $4

the world's softest banana republic hoodie sweater ~ $2
woven belt ~ $.25
vintage cloth clutch ~ $.25
quilt ~ $.25
ps. here are some quotes i found when i googled "hipster grandma"
  • i wore glasses before it was cool
  • you have vinyl? i have a phonograph
  • 80s clothes, try 1880s
  • been wearing leggings since '85. nice try urban outfitters
and my personal fave:
  • shop at a thrift store? please, i own it
have you been garage saling lately? the season's almost over here, which makes me sad! i'm sure my pocketbook and my closets won't be quite as sad! after all, how many globes do i need? (answer, a lot!)
megan bird


  1. great finds! i almost went to those sales but decided to hit up target thrift (aka the downtown salvation army) instead. wish i would have gone northeast for some vintage goodies...

  2. I haven't been thrifting in ages. boo. I am obsessed with the vintage globes xoxo

  3. Damn, I wish I would have gone to those sales. I didn't even know about this. Thanks for the heads up :/

  4. I have those exact same boots and I thrifted them for $8 and thought I was getting a great deal! $1 is CRAZY!!! The belt is gorgeous! You got some amazing deals! ~Serene

  5. I LOVE your vintage globes! I collect those. It is a riot to give them to my students and have them try to locate a country that used to be called by a different name. It is an awesome conversation starter in class:)

    Also, those boots and pillow cases are so amazing. I am jealous!


  6. That globe looks a lot like the one that we had in my elementary school classroom, complete with the USSR and the bumpy mountains.

  7. Those sound like my dream yard sales!

  8. Scores! Those boots are killer, and I love the Welcome sign.

  9. great score on the boots and the quilt!

  10. Nice haul! Love the sweater and vintage clutch!

  11. You got some bargains, lady!! Love those globes!

  12. "grannies and hipsters have the best stuff"



    Glad you had thrifting success :)

  13. :) Good scores, M! I saw that "welcome" hanging beaded block thingamajig and I almost got it for you! I am surprised we didn't run in to each other. I had to keep myself from buying your mom a bunch more bunny stuff. Um, we need a globe if you ever need to downsize your ever-growing collection! ;) xo

  14. I recently found the Goodwill of my dreams. I don't usually go Goodwill because they are expensive for thrift, but this store never lets me down. It is like some kind of golden palace of happiness.

  15. Loving those globes and the zuper zexy slip! (or zlip!) :) Great finds.