Tuesday, September 20, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

last night my family all met up at my oldest sister, carrie's house, to celebrate her son, my nephew, wyatt's, birthday. that was a lot of commas, and it doesn't look correct at all. so, i apologize for that sentence. anyway, back to the birthday party. my sister made the most delicious stew for dinner, full of tomatoes and eggplant and potatoes, and mushrooms and spicy curry  yummy deliciousness. and i, of course, came unprepared to feed my kid anything but what was being served. so, stew it was. and she was not having it. she ate maybe a couple of mushrooms, some black olives she picked out of the side salad and a few bites of bread, and she was done. no more stew for her. but then came time for cake, and of course she was all in. she had a few bites of mine, a few bites of jim's and then megan, who hates cake but loves frosting, had all of hers left (minus the frosting, of course). and guess who ate her cake? yep. my kid. i was feeling like the worst mom ever, basically feeding my kid cake for dinner. then megan chimes in with, "well, cake has eggs. and flour. and dairy. it's basically just as good as dinner, right"? she always knows how to make me feel better...

for this week's remix we decided to style a basic white tee. everyone has a white t-shirt, right? both of our t-shirt's are from target, and i actually thought they were the same tee, but they are not. i say, close enough though. it's always fun to take such a basic item and try and style a fun outfit around it. let us know what you think!

outfit one: proud as a peacock

outfit two: to the max

we hope you are having an amazing tuesday! go ahead and have some cake for breakfast (or lunch. or dinner). megan bird says it's okay...

xoxo, two birds



  1. Uh, amazing that you both styled a tee and look so hip. I love how beautifully and effortlessly you both wear clothing!! Is it really that easy? I love the color palette that you both have chosen. So pretty my lovely birds. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. You two birds are both gorgeous in your colorful looks. I love them both of course (how could we ever choose between you?) : >

  3. I'm loving the short hair more & more. Thinking about doing mine even shorter now :)

  4. Oh my goodness, Nora!! I absolutely adore your hair! It's so perfect for your cute little face!

    And I love what you've both done with a white tee. All I ever think to do with a white tee is pair it with jeans. Bor-ing! But y'all always do something so creative and clever. Love it!!

  5. especially love the second look! I thought that was a maxi skirt but upon (reading) closer look saw that it was a dress - it looks great layered under a tee and you totally showed that you CAN layer over a halter neckline (something I recently posted about) thanks for the inspiration!!!

  6. I actually do not own a single white t-shirt. Weird eh? Love it styled with the maxi.

  7. That dress from marshall's is fantastic!

  8. My favorite dessert to have for breakfast is fruit pie. Fruit makes anything healthy.

  9. Great remixes ladies, these looks certainly make a plain white tee look anything but plain. You both have fantastic earrings and color/pattern choices. Love those F21 booties, are they recent?

  10. Kudos, Megan, for saying just the right thing! :)

    Kudos, to both of you, for the great outfits! :)

  11. This is a great reminder of how versatile a white tee can be. I worry sometimes that a simple white t-shirt is too "boring," but I forget how many different ways it can be remixed. This is proof that it really is a staple in any woman's wardrobe. Loving the slouchy white tee paired with the bold maxi dress. It was also a cute idea to pull a strapless dress over the top of it as seen in the first look. Wonderful!

    Callie @ unladylikeblog.blogspot.com