Thursday, September 29, 2011

style me: the big odd vest

for some reason, in my head, i am singing "the big odd vest just ain't what she used to be..." to the tune of "the old gray mare". weird? maybe. are you singing it now? possibly.

so i'm going to tell you a very embarrassing story. please don't judge. ok, you can cause it was really dumb. the other day, i went for a run in the morning. normally after a run, i take off my sweaty clothes and throw on an old flannel. just an old flannel (it's important to the story). and then i make coffee and have a few minutes to myself. by the time i get home from running, it's still dark and quiet, and the whole family is still sleeping, so i kind of enjoy these moments to myself. anyhow, i decided that i was going to take a few pictures of items i had thrifted while i had this quiet time. the stuff was still in the car, and i was so anxious to get it all done (i'm weird like that), that i decided it was ok to just walk out to the car in my flannel. just my flannel. after all, it was still dark outside and it was 5:45 am...everyone in the neighborhood was still asleep. so i run outside, open the trunk of the car and try to grab it all. it was too much, i couldn't get it all in my arms. so i wildly try to fit it all in my arms. i finally grab it all, and as i try to shut the trunk, three things happen. one: it starts to rain; two: i drop the pillowcases; and three: i hear voices of women taking their dog for a walk. i quickly bend over to try to grab the pillowcases before they get wet and dirty, forgetting completely that i am only wearing a flannel. the women are across the street, and there are no lights, so hopefully they didn't get a free show. i am still mortified, though, so i try to do this all as quickly as possible. i grab the pillowcases all willy nilly and hold them tightly to my chest and run like mad for the house. it wasn't until i got into the house that i realized that in the process of pulling the pillowcases up to my chest, i also pulled the flannel up. (only.a.flannel.)

nora bird and i realized we haven't done a style me post for a while. we love taking ugly items and trying to make them wearable. we believe in equal opportunity for all clothing. even a big odd vest. you can't tell from the pictures quite how ugly this vest is. it's too big for chris, and he's 6' and 180 pounds. however, it is handmade and has the most lovely lining in it, so i kind of have a love/hate relationship with it. you be the it possible to make it cute?
i tried it on abut 239 ways before i finally realized that what i loved most was the lining. and since it's handmade, no i turned it inside out and backwards and made it into a shirt. what do you think?

sorry, we were also experimenting with iso settings on the camera as we took these pictures at some are way better than others as far as quality. some day we will get it down!
vest ~ vintage, thrifted (and ugly)
pants ~ swapped, Target
belt ~ Salvaged Strawberry
shoes ~ Target
necklace ~ vinatge, thrifted
earrings ~ F21

have a great day, everyone!

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megan bird


  1. WOW, I would never guess that's the same vest! This the most creative styling I've seen in a long time!! It looks so pretty and sexy as a top!

    LOL about the flannel incident! hey, at least it was women out and no men!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  2. BRILLIANT!!!! I would never in a million years have thought of that. You girls need your own show on the Style network, for reals.

  3. That is officially the most awesome way to remix a vest ever. You'd never be able to tell! Awesome!

  4. Ooh I LOVE this! Gorgeous, lady!

  5. Hahah, that awesomeness of that vest ALMOST made me forget of your flannel story!! (or lack there of!)

  6. Omg, I wouldn't have known those pictures were taken at night if you hadn't have told us! =o What camera settings did you use?

  7. Awesome idea! You look amazing in this outfit. Love the pearls with it. Hysterical story...BOL(busted out laughing)!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  8. This is such an awesome idea, I would never have thought of wearing it that way xo

  9. I think you totally made that vest work! Looks awesome.
    Love your early morning shenanigans! I can't stop laughing! I, too, have a similar tale, but I was in my house bending over vacuuming under the sofa in a short nightie (and nothing else) when I realized there was a man standing on the lawn of our apartment building (right in front of our sliding glass doors)! Oh, the mortification!!

  10. Lmao at treating all clothes equal. Also the flannel story, doesn't it always seem to be that the one time you decide to run outside in your house coat/sans pants people see you?????!

    I like the vest turned inside out. It makes a funky top :)

  11. This is fantastic! I would have never thought to do that, and it looks great.

  12. The pearls are such a beautiful touch!

  13. Megan this is amazing! I never would have known that this beautiful shirt you are wearing is actually that ugly vest turned inside out - brilliant!!! I love this "style me" segment, can't wait to see more and also inspired to go see what I can style differently in my own closet!