Friday, September 30, 2011

new loves and old friends: albert

does it make me a bad person that i wanted to steal something out of someone's cart when i was thrifting last night? i didn't, but i so wanted to. i was in the changing room, trying on a myriad of wonderful clothing (thrifting tip: go thrifting a lot right before halloween...most of the "costume" items are really beautiful vintage dresses), and as i left the room, i noticed a cart with this beautiful blue cardigan with (wait for it) elbow patches. now, i have been on the hunt for an old vintage sweater with elbow patches. and to find one that is a cardigan, and an old man vintage cardigan to boot, and the most perfect shade of blue (ok now i am just romanticizing)...i really, really wanted it. so i asked the changing room attendant if it belonged to someone, and lo and behold, it did. sad face. i then continued to follow the sweater's new owner around the store, hoping that she would decided against it and put it back. i even considered telling her that elbow patches make her look fat (ok, i would never say that)...but that's how much i wanted it.

in the end, i left the store having only spent $6. that was both a good and a bad thing. good because i got a new shirt, a new pair of sunglasses and a perfect miami vice polo shirt for chris (all for $6). bad because i didn't come home with albert, the vintage elbow patch sweater. yes, i named him...he should have been mine. alas, poor albert, I hardly knew ye.

i'm so cold without albert
new loves
shirt ~ hand-me-down from nora bird
sandals ~ Target
bangles/earrings ~ F21

old friends
skirt ~ vintage, thrifted
one bracelet ~ vintage, thrifted

have you ever missed out on a wonderful thrifting opportunity? feel free to lament in the comments!

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megan bird


  1. Oh Albert. He would have been a good friend to you. I still think pirate mom was overestimating her ability to pull off Albert. "This is the best pirate costume ever! Look at these boots, they are totally pirate boots!"

  2. I have missed out on thrifting... sometimes I pass over an item that I'm wishy-washy about and then return to find it already gone. I regret those!
    I love your skirt, the pockets and stripes are fantastic!

  3. Ah, swooning over that skirt! The pockets, the stripes, the fit. I'm in love. And yes, definitley have missed out on a few thrifting treasures. One polka dot dress in particular. I've learned my lesson! Happy Friday. ♥ veronika

  4. Haha, this post is amazing! I literally laughed out loud - thanks! :) You also look great!!

    I'm sure Albert would have been much happier to go home with you. Hopefully you can find a replacement soon enough - Alberta, perhaps?

    P.S. I've seriously contemplated stealing things from other people's Goodwill carts before too. I've gotten dangerously close...

  5. This made me laugh because my husband and I once went to the animal shelter and got a cat but also liked a cat we did not bring home and named Albert . We would say "I'm sure Albert is in a good home" and "wonder how Albert is!"

  6. I don't think it makes you a bad person, I think it makes you a normal person. I've wanted to pull something out of someone else's thrifting cart many time.

  7. How sad about the sweater! I once missed out on a ton of cute vintage by about five minutes at an estate sale, which was heartbreaking. One time an old lady stole a skirt out of my cart at the by-the-pound Goodwill Outlet when I was turned away but I saw her, yelled at her, and snatched it back. It was the mustard wool pencil skirt and it was like sixty cents, I wasn't gonna let it go!

  8. That's too bad that you had to miss out on such a great sweater! I have seen things in other people's carts, too, that I wanted.

    Your outfit today is so cute! Love your pose in the first pic. I love getting pose ideas from other bloggers.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog to say hello!


  9. Oh Albert- little do you know of how wonderfully Megan could have styled you for all of to see (Albert you could have been a celebrity!) I hate when that happens- I often stalk the rack outside the changing room to hastily grab rejects!

  10. Great story only because I can totally identify with it. I went to Goodwill on my weekly hunt for tan boots. I entered the store behind someone that grabbed the two pairs there and I just know they were my size. I was so upset, really she needed 2 pairs? Oh well, it just wasn't meant to be. I adore this outfit on you and the cute shoes to boot.

  11. Oh no! Sorry you didn't get the sweater. May many more awesome (and available) finds come your way soon.
    I love your shoes!

  12. HAHAHA this story and your comments cracked me up, girl! Albert sounds like he would've been perfect :( But I do love the vintage skirt you are sporting :)
    To be honest, I rarely miss out since I work at a consignment shop - I'm one of the managers with 5 days a week, most of what I see and want I get right then and there!

  13. Love your skirt...I bet Albert wishes he could've come home with you. He could've been famous...on the web and everything! Debbie

  14. I love the name Albert..I used to have a cat named Albert who was with me for 16 years. He passed 3 years ago and Timothy Winter is his EXACT TWIN. I swear I got the same cat back. God is good to me. I had lived on Albertson Ave. while I had Albert but have since moved. When I turn into the driveway at work...Albert ave. is the street I turn from. What a great name for a cardigan that you should have asked the woman if you could have. You could have offered her 10 bucks for it. Next time ask!!! I have had people check out stuff in my cart and I just offer it to them. They usually look shocked but hey why not. You look so good in this type of outfit...I just love it!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  15. love the striped skirt! looks fantastic with the chambray.