Wednesday, September 21, 2011

love*birds: 9.21.11

does anyone else think it's odd that the dress code for my daughter's dance class is a leotard, a tutu and pink ballet slippers? normally that wouldn't sound odd for a four-year old girl...but the thing is, this class isn't just for girls. just sayin'...

i don't love this stereotypical dress code, but here are a few things that nora and i do love this week.

megan bird's picks
vintage party dress
i would throw a party just to wear this dress...and then i'd wear it at non-party events the rest of the year. i love it that much!

mixx abby shootie
sorry jeffrey campbell, i picked another designer today. nothing against you, but these shoes are amazing! i couldn't not feature them! extra bonus, they're vegan!

joseph wiesner rhinestone necklace
my birthday isn't coming up, but can someone buy this for me anyways? people buy presents for each other on the autumnal equinox, right? right chris??

sheer maxi dress
a long-sleeved, red maxi dress. and it's sheer. this dress can do no wrong!

vintage black and cream tapestry bag
oh my gosh. this bag is amazing. the color, the texture, the print. it's a go-to winter bag!!! loves!

nora bird's picks

i don't know when or where i would ever wear these, but i do know that i want them. i want them so much. and my birthday is coming up!

i saw this mask featured on etsy's facebook page yesterday and i immediately clicked the link. it is just so cool! the entire thing is hand carved/made, including the whiskers. incredible.

i am in love with the mod shape of this dress. and the cool mustard color is perfect for fall. but i especially love the pleated sleeves. pleated sleeves, people!

these colorful mugs, with hand-painted mustaches, of course, are so cute! now i just need an espresso maker and six friends! who's in?

polka dots, a peter pan collar and knife pleats! and it's sheer! what more does a gal need from a shirt? i say, not much.

we hope you all have a lovely day!

xoxo, two birds


  1. That last top makes my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That first dress is not only something I want to wear, but I think it's something that little ballet dancers should get to dance in. Great picks!

  3. Those cups are just awesome!!! Can you count me in those six friends? You don't even need to serve espresso, I'd happily drink water from them just to use them!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  4. that first dress literally made me gasp! it is so perfect - the cut, the colors, the poofy skirt. i think you NEED it.

  5. Wow to all of the above. You can rock those mustache mugs right now, who needs an espresso machine to enjoy them??

  6. These are great items! In love with the polka top blouse ♥

  7. You two always choose cute shoes, and I think mustard is a good color for fall.

  8. That black and white bag is pretty major. Love it!