Wednesday, September 14, 2011

inspiration picture for september 19: maggie gyllenhaal

we pretty much love everything about this woman. from her acting skills (hello crazy heart), to her laid back attitude, to her impeccable style. this outfit epitomizes her chic, yet pret-a-porter sort of look. and for those of you in a different hemisphere...just take the jacket off and you've got a perfect summer outfit!
maggie gyllenhaal

we hope you are inspired enough to join us on monday! for rules of the game, click here.
two birds


  1. Oh, I love her. My favorite was her very minor but very funny role in Away We Go. She's so fabulous. And I love her style too. Great inspiration picture.

  2. Maggie Gyllenhaal is awesome! I loved her in Stranger than Fiction!

  3. Some of us didn't just buy 10 maxi dresses from the thrift store (ahem Megan). I will try to remember. Maybe you should text me on Sundays so I quit forgetting.

  4. that dress is absolutely lovely! i wish i could find a black floral maxi like that.

    awkwardly chic

  5. ooohhh, gonna whip out the new maxi dress! this will be fun. Maggie is so talented and has great style!

  6. Fabulous inspiration choice! I loooove her dress - wow! And the black + chocolate combo is so yummy! Can't wait to figure out what might work in my closet...