Monday, September 19, 2011

inspiration monday: two birds production

our old grade school had a festival this weekend. it's called septemberfest and we go every year. the kids all run around and play carnival games and the adults sit at the stage area, watching the bands play while drinking overpriced beers. it's a fun time all around. and you know, every once in a while it's fun to get a bit day drunk. this year, there were the cutest bands. the first one was a group of four kids, probably about 12 years old. they sang about fours songs, including i'll melt with you by modern english. they took some liberties with the words, because it's quite inappropriate for a 12-year old kid to sing, "making love to you was never second best".

the second band consisted of two boys, probably about 14 years old. they were amazing. i was so impressed. they both had amazing voices, played multiple instruments, and played great music like bon iver. nora and i joked that we wanted to record them, throw it up on youtube and somehow contact ellen degeneres so she could assist in making them the next big thing. we considered ~ if just for that afternoon ~ starting a spin off of our shop. two birds productions. what do you think? would you listen to the artists that we signed??? and then, of course, we would just snowball from there. two birds idol; grammy award winning artists, two birds; mctwo birds franchises (the golden wings); oscar winners, two birds; two birds, commanders-in-chief. yep, the first ever female team presidents. birds can dream, right?

this week's inspiration (other than the two superstar singers) is maggie gyllenhaal. her easy style is fantastic, and who doesn't love a maxi dress?

academy award winning megan bird

dress ~ Target, thrifted
boots ~ thrifted
sweater ~ Target
belt ~ vintage, Rewind
earrings ~ Claire's
bracelet ~ vintage, garage sale

madame president nora bird

dress ~ Victoria's Secret
jacket ~ Levi's, thrifted
shoes ~ Madden Girl, Ross (Las Vegas)
ring ~ F21 or Heartbreaker???

happy monday, all! remember to write us in when it comes time to vote! if we become presidents, free mcbird burgers for everyone!!


two birds


  1. I love school carnivals; they're so much fun. You jest, but seriously, I bet you could do some of those random things! Love the outfits as usual. My blogging break didn't last long...I missed my blog and everyone too much. It's a crazy world with so many things going on, but my blog will just have to be a part of it! Debbie

  2. My two lovely birds, gosh I wish I lived near you. Your weekends sound so fun!!! Anyway, I had a really hard time with this one because I have already worn my 3 maxi dresses recently on this blog. You know how we don't like to repeat clothing without enough time in between for people to forget about your outfit? I don't think that I have ever seen the 2 of you in a repeated item. Megan, I love the black blazer over your adorable dress. I know how comfy your outfit is. Thanks for the inspiration, now I need a black blazer. Nora, that Victoria dress is so so pretty on you. What a great color!! Thanks for hosting and who wanted the bisque doll? dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  3. Wow, I'm really spacey today. I put my name again instead of my blog name. Oh well, still counts.

  4. Day drunk is a favorite of mine as well;) I wish I lived near you and we could all hang out. You both have such fun weekends. I would totally vote for you both;)

    Love both of these looks. I don't know why I think I have to take the inspiration pictures so literally each week. I am pulling out my maxi dress and jacket for tomorrow and linking up.

    Nora: I am so LOVING your hair!


  5. haha..two birds production sounds great. I like your celebrity styles too, your maxi dresses are gorgeous. Looks like I'm the only bozo wearing a maxi without a coat, ha..our weather is summer all year round.


  6. Nora, I am loving the haircut. Megan, I like that print, and I think you did a good job of styling a summer dress for fall.

  7. Megan, the color of your dress is so pretty. i like how you made a summer dress look great for the fall! Nora, i love your haircut and your neutral palette is great, loving it with the denim jacket!

  8. Love the new "do" Nora, but not as much as fall carnivals!!!


  9. You both look beautiful, as usual. 1) M, love that dress. Lilies? My favorite! Must borrow. 2) N, you looks so cute. I have been on the hunt for a jean jacket and my long arms are making it super difficult. SO cute on you! 3) Love this post, but it should have been called: Maxi Gyllenhaal, get it? Maxi? Yep. It's time for me to go home and enjoy the sunshine. I'm delirious. xo

  10. that's such a cute idea, this inspiration thingy. You both look adorable :)

  11. That Septemberfest sounds like a fun idea, and those bands sound adorable! I loved this inspiration look, and I think you both did gorgeous takes on it! I love that pink belt Megan, and Nora, those shoes are killer!

  12. You all look so great, as always! and Nora, you look too cute with short hair!

  13. Where are you from again? My co-worker was talking about something that sounds remarkably similar to this that he attended over the weekend. Something about a really awesome 13 year old piano player.

    Both you guys look great. And I'd die for Miss Nora Bird's jacket!

  14. Awesome dresses! I definitely need to get a maxi on sale or find one at the thrift store. Check out what I did since I didn't have a maxi dress lol.. and two birds productions sounds great!

  15. Birds certainly can dream and hey look at Justin Bieber- he started off at school talent shows so you could probably find the next JB! :) I love both your outfits- you both look incredible in maxi dresses and Nora I am stil loving your hair!

  16. love maxi dresses with jackets! fall must haves!!!