Monday, September 12, 2011

inspiration monday: camping in style

since we got our scamp, we really thought we were camping in style. easy pack up, easy break down...everything we need is in the scamp already. sure it's small, but it fits our whole family and we never thought twice about it...until this weekend. chris' cousins invited us to meet them up to camp this weekend. we got off to a late start, so we didn't get there until about 8 on friday night. we pulled into the campgrounds and immediately noticed the royal grounds that we were about to embark on. i'm not even kidding, they all had huge campers with multiple rooms, showers, tvs and ovens. our little stove top and portable potty had nothing on these guys. so we set up camp, and they proceeded to turn on the 37" flatscreen outside, cook two turkeys, when all the while, the kids watched a movie in their air conditioned campers. it was better than the holiday inn, suckas!

today's inspiration comes to us via one of nora's love*birds picks from last week. again, i know we have used rachel bilson as a muse before, but come on...with someone as beautiful and stylish as her, why wouldn't we use her as much as possible?
megan bird

blouse ~ two birds
shorts ~ two birds
shoes ~ qupid, heartbreaker
earrings ~ craft show in lake city

nora bird

blouse- F21
jeans- Charlotte Russe, thrifted
belt- thrifted
shoes- Bamboo, Dots

happy monday!
two birds


  1. love both your tops. I have to look out for a tie front top like these, so pretty. What a lovely outfit for a camping trip, megan. Very vintage chic! Nora's printed top is beautiful, I love it.


  2. i agree with mongs, both tops are beautiful, i'm drawn more the second outfit because of the warmer tones of the second top. a tie front top like that is definitely on my shopping list. i do have a lot of things on that list!... hrm

  3. Oh Megan, I love that you wear heels while camping.

    Nora, I must have your shoes.

    I've always liked tie-front tops, but whenever I've tried them the tie lays awkwardly. Hmm. What am I doing wrong?

  4. lovely girls! defiantly in style! i love both of the blouses! x

  5. Rachel bilson has such great style, great choice. I love the chic little blouses you guys chose, both are pretty. Also thank you for your lovely comments, they are always so nice to get! And I will check out h&m/f21 for faux leAther shorts.

  6. I need to find a tie neck shirt still. Love both of your looks. The printed top is so very pretty. I am keeping an eye out for one just like it:)


  7. great job, ladies. Megan, I love the shorts and the addition of that aqua belt (and the fact that you're camping!!!) and Nora, that top is gorgeous!

  8. See, I don't even call it camping if you get to use anything that requires being plugged in. TV, showers?! Psh... fire and sticks yo! Heh. Glad you enjoyed yourself, and I love both your outfits!

  9. You guys sound like the real campers! I love these looks. Casual AND chic! Debbie

  10. I love Megan's green belt and Nora's pretty top. I like how you pulled certain things from the inspiration photo but still let your personal style show through.

    I'm too scared to go camping--the bears will eat me! :(

  11. You both always look awesome! I love your top Nora :)


  12. I like tie front tops. I should get out one of mine and wear it soon, now that it is cooler.

  13. Hold onto these memories. We were always big campers. I'm talking in a little tent with a 18 month old and a 2 month old...........what the hell were we thinking. We moved up to a travel trailer and had a blast. The kids don't really care what we do now and actually that's ok with us. So we bought a tiny little log cabin by a sweet little lake.
    Megan, I bet you had those campers talking that day......What a pair of shoes for camping. Hope you weren't in charge of fire wood round up.
    Megan, I love your blouse. And I am still really liking your hair.
    The good times will keep on rolling.
    Both of you look cute as always.

  14. Girls after my own hearts, heels and flowy blouses while exploring nature=check! I'm not a camper so I'm proud of you both for roughing it!

  15. Oh I am so glad that you guys did this! I totally dressed up camping, in our little tent :) I love both looks, awesome blouse & Love those shorts!

  16. You can use Rachel Bilson all you want--I love her! Both of those looks are fantastic! I love those heels with the shorts Megan, and the pattern of that shirt is fantastic Nora!

  17. ladies, i had to come back and say that this is one of my favorite Inspiration Mondays yet! i love how chic and feminine everyone looks in their simple detailed tops!!! everyone hit the nail on the head and is 100% chic. great choice of outfit!

  18. That's camping in style for sure! I'd love to see pics of your scamp!