Monday, September 5, 2011

inspiration monday: bottom shopper

i have finally come to the realization that i have a lot of clothes. i always knew that, but it just hit me this week for some reason. it hit me hard enough that i actually haven't really shopped for about two weeks. ok, i bought a pair of shoes, a dress, a poncho and a t-shirt...but that's it. (i am reminded of the movie the jerk right now...just this ashtray... and this paddle game. - the ashtray and the paddle game and that's all i need... and this remote control. - the ashtray, the paddle game, and the remote control, and that's all i need.) anyways, i digress. what made me finally realize that i have a ton of clothes is that while i was attempting to clean out my closet, i found a few things that had fallen off hangers and ended up underneath the box of scarves in my closet. the skirt i am wearing in today's post is one of the items. just as i was thinking about how i had nothing similar to this week's inspiration picture, i bottom shopped my closet and found this skirt. and a shirt, and a dress. (all i found was this skirt....and this shirt. that's all i found. and this dress. this skirt, this shirt and this dress. that's all i found.) there's nothing like shopping (and coming up surprised) in your very own closet. does anyone else have this "problem"?

today's inspiration
kiera knightley
and because nora bird was out of town this weekend, you're stuck with just me (and maybe a mini guest blogger).

who's so pale her shirt blends in with her skin???

skirt ~ express, thrifted
shoes ~ marshalls
tank ~ stolen from my baby sister's suitcase (thanks, krist)
belt ~ thrifted at our sale, salvaged strawberry
earrings ~ F21
bracelets ~ dots
watch ~ gift from baby sister (thanks, krist)

and my mini-me just got new bangs and wanted to show off her new shoes (borrowed from auntie krist)

happy monday!!
megan bird


  1. I think we're all a bit guilty of the same problem! Love your glittery skirt, and mini-me's shoes ;)

  2. Megan you look beautiful and pale is healthy. Mini you is sweet and beautiful with her blonde hair and bangs and your shoes...Love this post. Sorry I can't join to work. Have a great holiday darling. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  3. Ha! I love the Jerk---and I think that scene will run through my mind whenever I'm out shopping now.
    I was cleaning out my closet last night, trying to put away most of the summer clothes and transition into fall. I found way too many things that I hung up at the beginning of the summer telling myself that I would definitely wear it this year. Didn't happen. When I look at my closet I know I can't possibly wear all of these clothes and need to tame the shopping habit. Serenity now!

  4. your skirt is so pretty, I love it! I managed to cobble together an outfit this week, just!

  5. LOL What a cute post!! I, too, have shopped my closet and been sooooo surprised...pleasantly so but also with a little shame that I have so much that something could get that lost. LOVE this look and that skirt is such a prize! ~Serene

  6. Mini-me has got it going on...I see a future personal style blogger in the making! This was a funny, well-written post and your skirt definitely belongs on a hanger; I love it! I keep adding to my closet at the same time I'm saying I need to cut back! Debbie

  7. I just love your skirt, so pretty!!


  8. aww, your little mini-me, oh my goodness what a cute pie! AND your outfit is fab, reminds me a little bit of something Carrie Bradshaw would wear in sex & the city, absolutely love it. I'm crushing hard on that skirt and those shoes. Happy Monday. xo veronika

  9. Your little guest blogger just made my morning. She's a doll! And already has a great taste in shoes. Also loving the outfit you put together for this Inspiration Monday! That skirt is so fun and full. Plus, I love the touch of color you added with the belt. Adorable! I will definitely have to jump in on the next Monday - such a fun idea!

    --Callie @

  10. You look elegant, always! I loved the skirt!
    I'm back to Inspiration Monday, I'm so glad! But I made a mistake, first time it happened, don't know why... I posted number "6"'s URL in a wrong way... could you please remove it and keep number "7"? That is the right one!
    Thanks and sorry at the same time!


  11. I haven't even gotten dressed yet today. I love the skirt with the shoes! You've inspired me to scour the bottom of my closet, though I suspect I'll only find dirty socks and crumpled workout tanks.

  12. I love your outfit option a lot better, and adore your girl with the big shoes, soooooo cute!!!
    You have a lovely blog.

  13. i don't own any skirts, i really need to get on that... this outfit rocks, very chic with the small belt.. and no, your cami doesn't blend in with your skin!

  14. Aw so cute! And I mean the both of you! Lovely challenge thanks for hosting this and I really like your sparkly skirt. Wish I could find something like that! Love the sparkles!

    My first time doing the challenge after following you girls for a while. I decided to try it out finally lol.

  15. I love this skirt- it's such a versatile piece and can take you throughout the seasons! I am also a clothes hoarders of types and often stumble upon forgotten items (it's like Christmas!) Your little girl is adorable in her pjs and fashionista shoes!

  16. So glad you picked this picture -- I've been oogling it for months and I just love it. It was really fun to recreate and I love how different all the versions were!

  17. super cute outfit - glad you re-found that awesome skirt! also, really love the floral shoes and that pop of turquoise in the skinny remind me of all the things I need in my wardrobe, haha!
    I linked the outfit I posted last week, I hope that is ok because it works perfectly! Let me know if not though...

  18. This is fun. I finally got to do one of your style challenges. They've been too casual for me to wear to work but this one was great(even though I had to wait until Tuesday because of Labor Day) I really like your version. That skirt is great.

  19. I'm a little late in the game this week, but I did want to do this one--I loved this picture! And I love that pleated skirt you have--it's so much fun!

  20. Ah, she looks like me when I was young! The same thing happens in my closet too. That, or because I have fewer hangers than clothing, I often double and tripple hang things, and lose them behind/inside each other for a while. I really love those heels, and the sparkliness of the skirt.