Wednesday, September 28, 2011

frugal feathers: swap

the lovely erin, of Babes in Thrifland, hosted a super fun clothing swap this past weekend. i scored a ton of new-to-me duds and, at the same time, got rid of a ton of my own clothes and made room for my new finds! i also got to hang out with a bunch of super fun ladies. i love seeing my much loved clothes go to good homes. and it has been fun seeing some of my items pop up on the other gal's blogs! clothing swaps are seriously the best, and erin's didn't disappoint. she even made us each a goody bag with candy (i got almond joys! my favorite!) and a sweet accessory. i walked away with a necklace made by erin herself! love it! i incorporated not one, but two of my awesome swap finds into today's outfit. we are having some amazing, summer-like weather today, and this sheer, flowy top was calling my name.

please don't be offended. that is my ring finger! just trying to show off my cute ring. feel free to be offended by my horribly chipped nail polish, though.

shirt- Lots of Love by Speechless, free at swap
jeans- bullhead, free at swap
shoes- Merona, thrifted (Savers), $2.99
necklaces- garage sales, $0.25 each
ring- For Love 21, gift from mom

that's right. this outfit cost me $3.50.

please check out our earlier post from today. we are hosting a fun giveaway!!!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. nice outfit i like ur hairstyle!

  2. ha ha ha -- loved this last photo! Great sense of humor!

  3. I love that last one :P What a sweet top! I love swaps! I went to one this past weekend too, good times :)

  4. Ok, I thought it was your middle finger at first glance. I love this feminine flowy, ruffled top mixed with the two different bead lovely on you Nora. I wanna go to a swap...waah! I'll swap you something for the doll even though I love her and she was a gift from my thrift store friend who works there and loves me very much and has hair down to his waist...let me know. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  5. thank you for the comment! lovely blog :) following!

    Gina Marie Vintage

  6. Love your top and necklaces! So pretty -akiko

  7. awww lovely outfit! You look fab!
    (and I am horrified at that chiped polish lol ;)

  8. Bargain outfit. Super cute top too.

    X x

  9. haha..the finger kinda shock me for a while then on second look, ha..Cute outfit! The colors are so candy-licious! I like the necklaces. Happy blog anniversary by the way!


  10. Thanks for your comment! Lovely necklaces and that ring, hahaha! :) You have a cute blog!

  11. Cute top! Love the little floral pattern.

  12. Oh my gosh! I totally have those same shoes from Target and I KID YOU NOT, also thrifted them from Savers! For a second there, I almost thought that I accidentally brought them to the swap! Haha. Ill have to dig those out and start wearing them again. They look great on you.