Thursday, September 15, 2011

frugal feathers: petsu

my kids bring home a ton of paperwork. they draw pictures, fill out worksheets and homework. they make paper airplanes and puppets and things with macaroni and beans glued to them. there is a lot of paperwork floating around our house. my problem is that i want to keep it all. but i know i can't. so every night when my kids get home, i carefully go through all of their papers and edit what i really think they will enjoy when they grow up. they each have their own plastic bin and they are already pretty full. and eva is only in preschool. there are however, some items that go into my bin. the bin that when i am old – and my kids have since moved out, married, and had kids of their own – i will open it up and remember all the wonderful things my kids did and said as they were growing up. henry came home with one such paper the other night. it is the piece of homework that i will grab from my bin when he's 17 and tells me he hates me. the piece of paper that i will show him when he's mad that i grounded him, or didn't let him use the car. it's my leverage to show him that at one point, he really admired me. and it brought tears to my eyes when i saw it.

i will also remind him that at one point, he loved to dans, eat petsu and that his magic wish was to be irnman. of course, candy is spelled correctly!

dress ~ two birds, $2.00
shoes ~ Bamboo, Dots, $19.99
belt ~ thrifted, $1.50
bracelets ~ kohls clearance, ~$2.00
watch ~ vintage, thrifted, ~$1.00
earrings ~ F21, ~$3

hopefully eva will bring a similar worksheet home one day. because i can see her teenage years already...and i will need all the help i can get!

i hope your day is filled with dansing, petsu and candy!
megan bird


  1. Awww, that's so cute! Hey, you never know, maybe they're teenage years won't be too bad!

    The cutout on that dress is perfect!! And I love Eva's cute little outfit too, she's adorable!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  2. I love that dress, so pretty and the kids school work is adorable.

  3. That melts my child-averse heart! What is that faint noise I'm hearing? Could it be the sound of my biological ticking??

    Too effin' cute.

  4. Clock! Biological clock! What is wrong with me today?

    (that is a rhetorical question)

  5. That is absolutely adorable, and that floral dress looks awesome on you.

  6. The dress is so cool - I love the back! I get drawings and notes all the time from kids at school and I want to keep them forever and they aren't even my kids! They're just so funny sometimes!

  7. so sweet... my mom saved all that kind of stuff for my brother and i and it has been so much fun to look through. i feel like i am going to be a borderline hoarder of our little girl's stuff- artwork, writing, schoolwork, etc.

  8. Megan I love the vibe of this outfit with the Scamp behind you. What you look fit and fabulous in this dress. Great post about your son. Funny!! Enjoyed the read. Your daughter already has THE infamous legs that you and your sister own. Lucky. Dawn suitcase Vignettes xo ps. your face is so lit up in the photo with your kiddo.

  9. I dont know why I put what in there...

  10. I love the paper:) Your dress is beautiful and your daughter is gorgeous!