Friday, September 16, 2011

frugal feathers: the man blanket

there are pros and cons to your kids getting sick. i don't mean that, really. there are no real pros to a sick kid. but, given a slight fever, my kids will cuddle with me like you wouldn't believe. last night, i was a mess. an emotional wreck. and i don't know why. i watched the season finale of that show, the voice, that i had tivoed, and i was literally sobbing. seriously, who cries just because someone is doing an amazing duet with stevie nicks? that's a rhetorical question (it's me. and only me. no one else cries when people sing.) you get it, i was a wreck. so when i went upstairs to go to bed and i heard eva tossing and turning and moaning in her sleep, i had to go grab her and carry her into bed with me. after all, chris was out and there was half a bed just waiting for my daughter (and there's nothing better than a kid snuggle). so i carried her into bed with me and she laid on my chest the whole night. it was glorious. of course when chris did come home, threes company kicked in, and i woke up this morning to chris practically laying on top of the poor child. i whisper-yelled at him to get off of her and he actually said to me, "no, it's ok, we're doing this to keep each other warm." i'm sure eva woke up late in the night and hatched a plan to have her 180 pound papa roll over on her to keep her warm. cause you know, we're a blanket-free family.

i have worn this dress before...hiking, believe it or not. but i decided to dress it up a little for a birthday party i went to last weekend. hiking by day, clubbing by night (it's a new pilot i'm dreaming up).

dress ~ thrifted, $2.99
shoes ~ Charlotte Russe, thrifted, $7.99
belt ~ Salvaged Strawberry $6.00
bracelets ~ $F21 ~$3
earrings ~ F21 ~$3.00
clutch ~ Kohls ~$3.00
happy friday, all! stay warm. if you need help, chris is taking offers.
megan bird


  1. You have the most enviable legs EVER. Seriously.

  2. Your little gnome there, it makes my day :)

  3. Haha love this new pilot that you're dreaming up. And I'm so with Kimi's above comment, you do have the best legs ever!! Love this look and love that you wore a dress to go hiking -I do it all the time. ;-) xo veronika

  4. You look sexy and that dress looks beautiful on you. Great look Megan...!!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes ox

  5. Oooh, you are looking SWANKY today lady! I love that you wore that dress on a hike!

  6. aww, hope Eva is feeling better and you too! I'm sure the snuggling cheered you up!

    Love the dress...and the fact you wore it hiking. I'm glad I'm not the only one hiking in dresses!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  7. I LOVE the neckline of this dress. You look so great! Last night was great snuggling weather!

  8. Greg and I have the same issue when O and A come into bed with us;)That makes 4's a crowd.My little one's are sick right now to so here is to our kids feeling better soon. I guess that is what happens when they get released back into the school population. Love this dress and the bright belt adds the perfect pop.


  9. so jealous that you always find great things! i wish i had your talent for spotting treasures at a thrift shop!

  10. You are one chic hiker! Debbie

  11. Oooh, I really love the details on that dress! And pairing it with the aqua belt is so perfect :)