Friday, September 2, 2011

frugal feathers: i'm not gonna be good

here's the problem with summer...the kids stay up a little later, take a little shorter of a nap, play hard and get crabby. eva was at grandma's today and i'm sure she had a wonderful time. but we got to deal with the wrath of her temper once she got home. chris told me that on the way home, he had to move his car seat as far up as it would go so she couldn't kick it anymore. and then when she did get home, it was tantrum central. i finally brought her upstairs, closed her door and walked away. then the russell crowe in her came out. i started to walk away. i heard slamming. on the door. loud slamming. it was her desk chair, being slammed against her door. so i took it away. then she drug her hamper over to the door to try to slam that against the door. then she threw pillows and stuffed animals...although these didn't have the effect she quite wanted. so instead she screamed. very.loudly. in fact, she is still screaming. her throat will hurt tomorrow. she just took about three minutes to scream "I'M NOT GONNA BE GOOD." and it sounded more like this.
so now i'm thinking about opening a bottle of wine, and having a good laugh at her stubborness. it's my payback, people. i deserve every scream. and when she has kids, i will laugh again.

jeans ~ see thru soul, thrifted $3.99
shoes ~ dolce vita, thrfited $4.99
shirt ~ express, thrifted $1.50
scarf ~ vintage, thrifted $.50
belt ~ thrifted $1.99

i went completely out of my comfort zone with this outfit. two things i normally don't wear are tights shirts and loose jeans. big hips and a belly after two kids don't make for friends of these items of clothing. but i tried them anyways because, well, my daughter had to get her stubbornness from someone.

happy friday, all!
megan bird


  1. This is so perfect and I LOVE that it's all thrifted! I know what you mean about a body conscious outfit...I get nervous about that too....but working on flaunting it not hiding it. You look FABULOUS! ~Serene

  2. Um, you have no belly? Shush! I really like this outfit, a fun 70's vibe to it, and that scarf in your hair is so pretty. I really need to figure out how to do that sort of thing... Those pants look great on you, too, for the record. Loving the shoes.

  3. Yep, I've had to endure those kinds of tantrums too, and the only relief is a bottle of wine!

  4. Okay, first off, you look fantastic! Not sure what belly or hips you are talking about.I love the look and it's fallish feel.

    Second, LOVE the Eva story! I thought my Ava was the only one who resorted to slamming things against the door or screaming at me that she won't be good! I actually have heard this a lot this summer! She actually currently has nothing in her room except a bed and dresser because of this:) Easier to clean for me= Bonus!

  5. I think that you are rocking that top, and green looks green on you.

  6. Yay, for trying new things, this is such a fun look and you pull it off beautifully. I'm so lusting after the perfect pair of wide leg jeans but have yet to find the right ones, love yours! Happy weekend hun. xo veronika

  7. You look fantastic and now I am even more terrified of kids. I was probably that bad too :P

  8. ok you are built and what belly? I remember when you posted about finding these jeans by See thru Soul...they are great looking jeans and I love that brand. I hope the kiddo is better now...that must be tough cause you love them so much. You look smokin...Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo