Thursday, September 1, 2011

curious birds: sexify it

we have a little ongoing joke at each of our sales. people will often come in to try on clothing and find that it just needs a little something. maybe it's a 60s house dress or mu mu that they love the print, but not the shape. or a pencil skirt that is just a teeny bit big in the waist. so we always joke, "put a belt on it!" i say we joke, but for the most case, this is true. a belt can really make a looser dress or an oddly fitting skirt work when you never thought it would. i mentioned in my last curious birds that i love shapeless dresses. i know, however, that they don't really work on me with my curves. so what do i do? put a belt on it! (could this be another two birds sketch comedy idea?)

we also tell people to "sexify" it...which basically means put a belt on it. we just like to make up words, really. but sexifying it can mean a lot of i want to know what you do to add a little umph to your outfits. what is your go-to trick or tip to make something workable? is anyone else hearing tim gunn in their heads right now? make it work, people!

so what do you do? add a necklace? add a belt? higher heels? i could use some sexifying please, send 'em our way!

and speaking of me and shapeless dresses, i told you last time that i bought a very shapeless dress from asos. i got it and guess what...i put a belt on it (and i love it)!

dress ~ asos
belt ~ Salvaged Strawberry (from our last sale)
shoes ~ Target ($6.98!)
earrings ~ F21

and i will ask one more curious birds question here...can anyone teach me how to use a camera? mine is set for sunny days and clearly i don't know how (or am too lazy) to take pictures after dusk! sorry for the poor quality!

but really, i want to know your styling secrets, so ready, set, spill!

megan bird


  1. I definitely utilize belts to help add shape to clothes. I have a relatively small waist in comparison to my hips and if I'm not careful, that added with my rather obvious bosom tends to have me looking like I'm wearing a sack... And so a belt rescues my shape and lets people know I have a nice figure and am not actually a shapeless dress-blob. And it might be super simple, but I find putting on a sparkly/glossy something something on my lips always helps to kick an outfit up a notch.

  2. I am struggling with my camera as well. I have a DSLR but I take most of my outfit photos with my point and shoot, which no matter what setting I use, seems to hate me. I need a tripod for my DSLR, it's probably the solution to my problem-that or I need a photographer-daily-probably not likely. I have however found that taking the point and shoot off auto and onto portrait seems to help quite a bit.

  3. To sexify, I definitely go for the belt or higher heel. Other options are adding "sexy tights/stockings" you know, black and patterned. Or adding a little more eye makeup (specially eyeliner) or a sexy lip color. Or I try to go for Bardot hair...though I'm not very good at making my hair more voluminous, I definitely try!

    Love the asos dress! I've never bought anything from asos but I see it everywhere, might have to check it out.

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  4. I dress for comfort and around my boobs so I can't even help you here. I am just a mess when it comes to figuring out what makes my top and hips look smaller. I think you have it figured out Megan. You look beautiful in everything you put on in my opinion. My camera issue is pointing to, GET A NEW ONE! I look at the quality of other peoples photos and I wonder how they are so clear. sigh! have a great day! dawnxo

  5. Yes, a belt is my universal go-to item for any frumpy/shapeless/blah ensemble. But from here on out, whenever I reach for one I will picture tiny versions of you and Nora on my shoulders, encouraging me to "Sexify it!!".

    I'll let you borrow my vintage-trashy tee sometime, and maybe you can lend me a cute dress for an upcoming wedding? Hmm?

  6. That dress is so cute on you! And the belt does add a lot.

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  7. Love that Asos dress and one way I dress up an outfit is usually higher heels. Sexy shoes goes a long way even if you have a blazer on. I also agree on the belt, it just gives you that slim effect.

    I have the same issue, being a working woman I hardly find time to take pictures when its sunny out. I need to read a tutorial or something and will definitely get back to you.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  8. I usually put a belt on things.

    As for my camera, I purchased the For Dummies book for my camera. It's a lot easier to use than the instruction manual.

  9. I love that dress! It looks great on you!
    My way of sexifying is to add heels. But you have already mastered the sexy high heels and I'm afraid if you went any higher with your heels you might tip over ;)
    As for cameras, I'm no help. I put my trusty Canon on auto and cross my fingers.

  10. one tip is to edit photos later... i always adjust lighting things in iphoto. i know there are some other good editing programs out there too- picasa, picnik...

  11. Hi,Megan!
    Love the belted floral and yep, a belt or a bunch of long necklaces w/o belt seems to girlie up my outfits, plus actually takking time(which i hate) to put on eyeliner, makes a big difference in how i think i look ;)

    I love to talk camera!!!!
    It really depends on the type of cammy you have.
    I have a canon dslr rebel, but still have lighting issues which is always my problem, even with a good cammy. The best photos are well-lit. U-tube has tons of info on how to take better photos (be sure to put in your type of camera in the search and tons of stuff will come up)and Kasmira of WhatIWore2Day.blogspot has a great tutorial (her images are great!)

    The best light is outdoors, but i too am more of a night person, so i have to usually turn on every light i can find, and even add extra lights (such as lamps, direct bulbs,etc)
    Then to compensate for the 'yellow' look u get from indoor shots, there is usually a switch somewhere on your cammy that says 'tungsten light" which that removes most of the yellow.
    Also, for more light, there is usually a button with a plus or minus symbol. Push it up to let more light in.
    Most on-board flashes are way too bright and wash out images, so can you direct it upwards?

    I edit also and there are lots of free editing out there. If u want to e-mail me (i'm no expert, just stuff i've learned in the past couple years that helps ) e-mail me.
    I still am hardly ever satisfied with my images!
    But, a DSLR is so worth it!!!!!!!

  12. I love your floral dress, and the belt is perfect for it! I'm also a big fan of "shapeless" dresses, and mostly use heels for "sexifying" but sometimes also a belt. When they end above the knee, I think they make the legs look super slim &long in combination with heels :) Camera I have no idea, I'm actually wondering the same thing! Also, I would like to give you the One Lovely Blog Award, because I love your blog, it offers lot's of different topics and of course the Inspiration Monday! (->

  13. Belt it, scarf it, or vest it..........Layers help take away the volume of material. What you do with your legs is your business:)Just my humble old lady opinion.

  14. Hey birds! I think my favorite thing right now is toughening up my outfits with a leather, chain and studs bracelet or my weird knife earrings or black boots. And of course, I also "put a belt on it!" Debbie

  15. The floral dress looks like it is supposed to be belted:)

    I am a go to with belts. I used to never wear belts and now I find myself belting everything. I have hardly any kind of a waist so a belt helps me to not look like a block;)