Thursday, September 22, 2011

curious birds: fashion persona

i posted a quiz on our facebook page a few days ago asking, "what's your fashion persona?" i always thought that i liked the 50s style the most. i really love full-skirted dresses that twirl, and if i could pull off a pillbox hat, i just might wear one. but as i took the quiz, i realized that while i do love the 50s, what i'm really drawn to is the 70s (and sure enough, i scored the "free spirit like ali macgraw"). i love the high-waisted jeans, pantsuits, and long flowy maxi dresses. i love tunics, feathers, wooden platform heels and long straight hair parted in the middle. i just never thought i could pull any of that off.

but, i was invited to a disco-themed party last weekend, so i decided to give it a shot. i went thrifting, and lo and behold, an old disco diva must have just donated all of her clothes to the particular store i went to. i ended up finding a few dresses for myself and a few for the shop. i couldn't wait to test it out. and sure enough, i loved it. i also wanted to buy every single outfit that the women at the party were wearing. from now on, i will be on the lookout for 70s vintage, cause apparently, that's what i love the most. of course, i will never shy away from a full-skirted dress!

ok, i probably won't wear my makeup like this every day, but it sure was fun to play around!
and of course, it's no longer summer (ok, it is officially, but it's still cool), so i had to wear my fave coat!
dress ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ thrifted
earrings & headband ~ Claire's
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
ring ~ H&M
coat ~ Target, thrifted

my curious birds question for today is this: what's your retro fashion persona? what era of fashion do you like wearing the most? and does that era most describe your personality? which leads me to...does your taste in clothing always reflect your personality, or do you dress for other reasons?

answer away! and have a fabulous day!!
megan bird


  1. How do I say this??? You are freakin gorgeous and yes you are a 70's hot ass babe. I love this look on you as you nailed it. Megan I am a 70's gal as well. I wore all of my mom's things in the 70's and it stuck. Thank you for the inspiration...this is why I follow your blog. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  2. I've always been smitten with looks from the 40's/50's but lately I've been buying a lot of 60's/70's pieces....I guess I'm an equal opportunity vintager? I've found that I just buy what I like, I don't have a singular style which in the blogging world might be considered a downfall but at the same time I really like experimenting-so maybe that's my style-experimental?! Who knows?! In any case, you look fantastic, I freaking love those shoes!

  3. you look stunning! Love the whole outfit, definitely rocking 70's. I love 70's too! The songs, fashion vibe and all.


  4. I LOVE it! It looks great on you! I never saw you come out of the dressing room in this. Thank goodness that disco dive was the same size as you :)

  5. Lookin' good! I love the combination of the headband and earrings (Claire's? Really?!), and a good, basic maxi dress is one of my essentials.

    I don't know which era I most like to dress up in. I know I don't like the 50s. I'll go with the 90s! I love me a little grunge and denim.

  6. My favourite eras are the 60's and the 70's. Both very different, and yet sharing a lot of the same aspects too (psychedelic patterns, anyone?). It certainly shows off some of my personality, since I totally dig a LOT of 60's and 70's hippiesque music, and am a hippie at heart.

    Some parts of my personality are a littler harder to communicate via clothing, but I still manage. Spider broaches for my love of spiders, for example.

    This look is awesome on you, and I love your makeup. You look so pretty!

  7. I'm a total late 60's/early 70's girl. My father in law always jokes and tells me I was born in the wrong decade. When I turned 30 I had a 70's themed party and loved every minute of it. Seriously considering doing it again for 35.
    And YOU look fabulous! Those shoes are rockin. Love it!

  8. I love the straight pencil skirts of the early sixties....the very tailored look. And I love the elegance of the 70s. Look at any episode of Wonder Woman and Linda Carter is in something FABULOUS! A slinky decade to be sure! LOVE your dress and how you wear it! ~Serene

  9. I love how you really played up the disco aspect of the dress, but you could totally wear it a million ways! Score! Love the fun accessories and make-up too! I want to go to a dress-up party now!

  10. I love the look of 50s fashion, but my heart will always belong to jeans and sweaters like I wore in the 90s.

  11. You look amazing, M! Holla! I hope you had a fun time t your party! :) Can't wait to see you this weekend!!

  12. That dress is awesome! And I love the headband too!

  13. You look freakin' gorgeous! I am so obsessed with those darling shoes of yours! Who knew a Mary Jane could look so much fun? And your necklace is stunning. I am extremely jealous of your coat too! I need to go to your thrift store. Apparently it's amazing. And my favorite fashion era is the 1920s; classy, youthful, and totally different from what was done before that time. I just wrote a research paper on 1920s fashion for my English class. But I love the wildness of the 80s too! And lately I have been liking 60s fashion. I just bought some gogo boots for my school's homecoming dance!


  14. Even though you're dressed up for a theme party you look so stylish! 70s is definitely my fashion persona too :)