Friday, September 30, 2011

new loves and old friends: albert

does it make me a bad person that i wanted to steal something out of someone's cart when i was thrifting last night? i didn't, but i so wanted to. i was in the changing room, trying on a myriad of wonderful clothing (thrifting tip: go thrifting a lot right before halloween...most of the "costume" items are really beautiful vintage dresses), and as i left the room, i noticed a cart with this beautiful blue cardigan with (wait for it) elbow patches. now, i have been on the hunt for an old vintage sweater with elbow patches. and to find one that is a cardigan, and an old man vintage cardigan to boot, and the most perfect shade of blue (ok now i am just romanticizing)...i really, really wanted it. so i asked the changing room attendant if it belonged to someone, and lo and behold, it did. sad face. i then continued to follow the sweater's new owner around the store, hoping that she would decided against it and put it back. i even considered telling her that elbow patches make her look fat (ok, i would never say that)...but that's how much i wanted it.

in the end, i left the store having only spent $6. that was both a good and a bad thing. good because i got a new shirt, a new pair of sunglasses and a perfect miami vice polo shirt for chris (all for $6). bad because i didn't come home with albert, the vintage elbow patch sweater. yes, i named him...he should have been mine. alas, poor albert, I hardly knew ye.

i'm so cold without albert
new loves
shirt ~ hand-me-down from nora bird
sandals ~ Target
bangles/earrings ~ F21

old friends
skirt ~ vintage, thrifted
one bracelet ~ vintage, thrifted

have you ever missed out on a wonderful thrifting opportunity? feel free to lament in the comments!

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megan bird

Thursday, September 29, 2011

inspiration picture for october 3: the curious birds edition

look out! we are getting crazy (crazier?) over here at two birds! this week we are letting you choose your inspiration picture for monday. well, technically, we chose three and you can pick whichever one you are most inspired by! we will be so curious (see what i did there?) to see which one you choose! we made sure to pick three totally different looks. audrina's ensemble is super casual and laid back. ms. cat deeley's look (i had to google her. i had no idea.) is super chic and could work for so many different occasions. and lastly, the beautiful kirsten is fancy schmancy in a gorgeous, paisley frock. pick your favorite and be inspired!!!

we can hardly wait until monday to see all of the different looks!
for rules of the game, click here!

xoxo, two birds

style me: the big odd vest

for some reason, in my head, i am singing "the big odd vest just ain't what she used to be..." to the tune of "the old gray mare". weird? maybe. are you singing it now? possibly.

so i'm going to tell you a very embarrassing story. please don't judge. ok, you can cause it was really dumb. the other day, i went for a run in the morning. normally after a run, i take off my sweaty clothes and throw on an old flannel. just an old flannel (it's important to the story). and then i make coffee and have a few minutes to myself. by the time i get home from running, it's still dark and quiet, and the whole family is still sleeping, so i kind of enjoy these moments to myself. anyhow, i decided that i was going to take a few pictures of items i had thrifted while i had this quiet time. the stuff was still in the car, and i was so anxious to get it all done (i'm weird like that), that i decided it was ok to just walk out to the car in my flannel. just my flannel. after all, it was still dark outside and it was 5:45 am...everyone in the neighborhood was still asleep. so i run outside, open the trunk of the car and try to grab it all. it was too much, i couldn't get it all in my arms. so i wildly try to fit it all in my arms. i finally grab it all, and as i try to shut the trunk, three things happen. one: it starts to rain; two: i drop the pillowcases; and three: i hear voices of women taking their dog for a walk. i quickly bend over to try to grab the pillowcases before they get wet and dirty, forgetting completely that i am only wearing a flannel. the women are across the street, and there are no lights, so hopefully they didn't get a free show. i am still mortified, though, so i try to do this all as quickly as possible. i grab the pillowcases all willy nilly and hold them tightly to my chest and run like mad for the house. it wasn't until i got into the house that i realized that in the process of pulling the pillowcases up to my chest, i also pulled the flannel up. (only.a.flannel.)

nora bird and i realized we haven't done a style me post for a while. we love taking ugly items and trying to make them wearable. we believe in equal opportunity for all clothing. even a big odd vest. you can't tell from the pictures quite how ugly this vest is. it's too big for chris, and he's 6' and 180 pounds. however, it is handmade and has the most lovely lining in it, so i kind of have a love/hate relationship with it. you be the it possible to make it cute?
i tried it on abut 239 ways before i finally realized that what i loved most was the lining. and since it's handmade, no i turned it inside out and backwards and made it into a shirt. what do you think?

sorry, we were also experimenting with iso settings on the camera as we took these pictures at some are way better than others as far as quality. some day we will get it down!
vest ~ vintage, thrifted (and ugly)
pants ~ swapped, Target
belt ~ Salvaged Strawberry
shoes ~ Target
necklace ~ vinatge, thrifted
earrings ~ F21

have a great day, everyone!

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megan bird

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

frugal feathers: swap

the lovely erin, of Babes in Thrifland, hosted a super fun clothing swap this past weekend. i scored a ton of new-to-me duds and, at the same time, got rid of a ton of my own clothes and made room for my new finds! i also got to hang out with a bunch of super fun ladies. i love seeing my much loved clothes go to good homes. and it has been fun seeing some of my items pop up on the other gal's blogs! clothing swaps are seriously the best, and erin's didn't disappoint. she even made us each a goody bag with candy (i got almond joys! my favorite!) and a sweet accessory. i walked away with a necklace made by erin herself! love it! i incorporated not one, but two of my awesome swap finds into today's outfit. we are having some amazing, summer-like weather today, and this sheer, flowy top was calling my name.

please don't be offended. that is my ring finger! just trying to show off my cute ring. feel free to be offended by my horribly chipped nail polish, though.

shirt- Lots of Love by Speechless, free at swap
jeans- bullhead, free at swap
shoes- Merona, thrifted (Savers), $2.99
necklaces- garage sales, $0.25 each
ring- For Love 21, gift from mom

that's right. this outfit cost me $3.50.

please check out our earlier post from today. we are hosting a fun giveaway!!!

xoxo, nora bird

love*birds 9.28.11: our blog turns one! plus a giveaway!!!

well, it's our one year "blogoversary"! in some ways it feels longer (in a good way), and some ways, shorter. we have made some amazing friends through this blog...some in real life and some via comments, emails and post readings. but real life or not, you are all so amazing. we love reading your comments and reading your blogs. sometimes, on a bad day, all it takes is a sweet comment or a funny post from one of you to make things all better. so, thanks for sticking with us for this past year...and hopefully you'll stick around for many more to come!

instead of posting a traditional love*birds, today we decided to pick some of our favorite posts from the past year. we hope you enjoy!

i love the stories that vintage clothing tells, and i wish i could tell a story about every piece that i wear.

i used to worry about what other people would think about me because of the way i dress. now, not so much. i have come into my own style, largely in part, due to this blog. i will have you know that i still wear those pink tights, along with green ones, blue ones, polka dots and stripes.

this was one of my first outfit posts that wasn't a tuesday remix. i used to be terrified to post outfit photos. this is the moment i decided not to worry so much and just make it fun.

we had just gotten our new camera and jim snapped some photos of me and my girl. she is so teeny here! love.

this was my first "style me" post, and it is still my favorite. i need to do more of these posts. they are just so fun.

two birds remix part one and part two
this is a two part-er. it was so fun remixing the two birds' collection and seeing the different outfits we each styled. this is one of our favorite things to do.

i love getting advice from our blog friends. i know that i can throw questions out there and you all will be open and honest with me! i also love that i can rant a little bit. i will try not to do it every day, but a little blog therapy is always nice. and ps, i kept the shirt!

this was a hard one for me to write. i needed to say what i wanted to say without sounding like a stuck-up bizzo. confidence and high self esteem are such huge issues for me – i try every day to make my kids happy with who they are. and i like to think that i do my best with other people in my life, too. who doesn't want to be told that they are smart and nice and pretty? right?

i like this post because when i wrote it, i realized i was comfortable enough with you all to show y'all a little bit of my crazy. and you not only accepted the crazy, but you showed me a little bit of your own, too!

wow, i noticed while going through the blog that i have had a lot of hairstyles in the past year. but this one was the scariest! oh, the amazing comments you gave me when i posted this! you are all so nice and thoughtful and supportive and fabulous. i seriously consider all of you my friends. thank you! (recognize the shirt from above???)

and now, because you all are the best blog friends around, we wanted to offer a two birds' giveaway. these are a few of the smaller items from our shop. 
a sweet little vintage necklace
 a fancy schmancy vintage purse
 and a retro crocheted shawl

again, sorry, but it is for US residents only. (really sorry! we just can't afford the outrageous shipping prices, but it doesn't mean we love you all any less!) all you have to do is:
1. follow our blog
2. tell us what your favorite post or your favorite type of post is (or)
3. tell us anything else you might like us to post about (comment in this post, please)
3. leave your email address
we will announce the winner next wednesday!

thank you all so much!

xoxo, two birds

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

my husband and i do not have cable tv, nor do we have tivo or a dvr. we really do enjoy most of the same tv shows, so normally this is not a problem. but last night we had a battle of the remote. he wanted to watch the series premier of Terra Nova and i wanted to watch the premier of the second season of The Sing Off. don't judge me. i flippin' love singing competition shows! plus, i watched it last season and it was good! even host, nick lachey, comes off as sort of charming and endearing. okay, you can judge me for that. it's okay. anyway, jim won, of course. he always wins. i think it is his cute poppy dog eyes. i can't resist them. i didn't pay much attention to Terra Nova, but jim said it was pretty good. we tried to watch The Sing Off during the commercials, but the breaks were always at the same time. they must do that on purpose. and it's just so mean. did anyone anyone get a chance to watch it? was it any good? i think i will have to download it and watch it sometime when jim isn't home!

okay, on to the remix. this week's item is an old H&M dress that i bought when i was pregnant with mimi. i figured the shape would allow me to wear it throughout the whole pregnancy, which i did. the only problem was that it just kept getting shorter and shorter as my belly got bigger and bigger. soon, the dress became a shirt! but now it fits me as a dress once again. yay! anyway, i thought it would be a fun one to remix, and i hope you think so, too!

outfit one: turquoise

outfit two: hot pink

we hope you are having an awesome tuesday!!!

xoxo, two birds

Monday, September 26, 2011

inspiration monday: i'm not looking at you

i went to yet another church festival this weekend. chris took the kids on saturday while nora and i worked on some two birds stuff. they had a blast...eva even won $25 at bingo! i guess she screamed "bingo!" as loudly as she could, she was so excited. saturday night, a friend of ours came over and she, chris and i went back to the festival as an old band that we used to listen to back in college was performing. we had a ton of fun, lots of beers and acted like we were in college again.

while we were at the concert, there was a man who kept looking at us. he was with a woman, and we were all guessing whether they were on a first date or married. theresa thought he looked familiar, and we all thought it was odd that he kept looking at us. we finally deduced that he was interested in theresa ~ forget the woman he was with. the band took a break and the man came over to talk to us. he and theresa both said they each looked familiar, and we continued assuming he was interested in her. well, as the conversation ensued, he began more and more to talk to chris. we all talked for about 10 minutes, and by about minute seven, i realized that it wasn't theresa he was interested in, it was chris. as we all continued to talk, it came up in conversation that chris and i were together. the man immediately looked at me and said, "he's your boyfriend?" yes. "wait, your boyfriend?" yes. "oh. huh. oh. well, i'm going to go get another beer, i'll be right back." he never came back.

today's inspiration is the beautiful ali larter. she workin' the 70s vibe with her cute jeans and sequined top.

and here are our takes.

megan bird

sweater ~ Target thrifted
jeans ~ vintage calvin klein, thrifted
tank & earrings ~ F21
shoes ~ Marshalls
necklace ~ thrifted

nora bird

shall/cardigan thingy ~ Shiba, thrifted
shirt ~ Old Navy
jeans ~ William Rast, thrifted
shoes ~ Target
ring ~ gift from jim

happy monday! did anyone hit on your husband this weekend?
megan bird

Friday, September 23, 2011

new loves and old friends: go-to outfit

since i chopped off all of my hair i have found myself dressing a bit more girly, adding just a touch more mascara and just generally trying to avoid looking at all boyish. not that boys are all bad. they are cute and all. i just prefer to not be mistaken for one. it has been a bit more difficult for me in the chillier weather because i tend toward a more "masculine" look for the fall. my go-to outfit is jeans, a feminine top (not very masculine, i suppose), a structured blazer and boots. if you were to run into me on the street on any given day this fall, nine out of ten times i would be wearing some version of this outfit. in the last week i have shied away from my closet full of blazers in fear that i wouldn''t be able to pull off the look with the new do. but yesterday i was looking through said closet and came across my favorite vintage blazer and i knew i wanted to wear it. so i did. and i think it went alright. as far as i know, no one thought i was a boy. phew!

old friends
blazer- vintage, Everyday People
necklace (barely shown, i know)- vintage, gift

new loves
shirt- Lux, UO
jeans- F21
boots- Justified, gift

happy friday, everyone! i am so so so excited it is the weekend! we have a ton going on! drinks at megan bird's tonight, a photo shoot, a wedding, possibly a concert (fingers crossed!), a clothes swap, and hopefully a bit of relaxing with jim and about a fun filled weekend! how about you? any fun plans???

xoxo, nora bird