Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

hello, everyone! i almost forgot it was tuesday! we have been visiting jim's parents and whenever we are here we all feel very relaxed. their home has a very calming effect on us. i think it is partly being away from the responsibilities of home, but there is something else, too. i am not sure what it is. there has been more than one occasion when i have laid down in the middle of their living room, while everyone was sitting around and visiting, and fallen fast asleep. weird, i know. needless to say, i forgot what day it was. luckily i remembered so i could bring you the remix! it is a fun one today! i almost forgot i had this dress. megan and i were out thrifting together one day when she came across this cute little number, originally from topshop. we both tried it on and i ended up being the lucky winner that got to take it home. this was at the beginning of the summer and i have yet to wear the dress. like i said, it is super cute, but i wasn't quite sure how or where i would wear it. so, i threw it into the remix to get some inspiration. megan and i came up with two very different outfits for two very different occasions. this is why i love the remix! i get so many great styling ideas and i find things in my closet that i forgot were there. okay, maybe that also means it is time to clean out my closet. i have to make room for some new fall pieces anyway, right? right? but enough talk. let's take a look at the outfits. let us know what you think!

outfit one: buttoned up

shirt- Banana Republic, thrifted
booties- F21
necklace- vintage, thrifted
ring- gift from mom

outfit two: knee high

shoes- Dots
socks- Target
bracelets- F21
earrings- Heartbreaker
belt- Dots

p.s. our little sister is in town for the week and i am so excited to see her!!! i am sure we will have lots of fun stories and photos to share from her visit this week! yay!!!

also, just a few more days left on our giveaway!!!

xoxo, two birds


  1. This dress looks great on you both. I love it with the pearls, but it looks great with the belt too!

  2. Love the look with the knee high socks. And I really need to try knotting my button-down shirts and seeing if I can't make 'em more awesome like you can...

  3. How freakin cute on both of you. What a find!! Love the socks and heels with this Megan and Nora I love how you embellished with all of the jewelry...awesome look lovely birds. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  4. This dress is so cute! Both looks are so great :)


  5. Great find! You both look like your legs are miles long! I can't tell if it's the dress, the shoes or that your legs really are miles long?! I think I need to clean my closet/tub too, it's getting pretty tight in there. Next year I want to tag along on your trip...I could use a nap!

  6. if you EVER feel the need to part with this dress, PLEASE send it to me. i love it so much! and your remixes are great! each one is so unique.

    awkwardly chic

  7. so cool to put two very different spins on one gorgeous dress! the colors, puffy skirt... it's so pretty!! <3shelby


  8. Fabulous dress!!! I love the first outfit! Very sweet:)


  9. That is an adorable dress. I like it with the knee socks and with the button up.

  10. You are both so adorable in this dress - legs a mile long! That's a super-cute dress.

  11. That's such a cute dress! Why don't I ever find anything Topshop while thrifting??

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  12. Maybe I'm a bit crazy but I totally love this with the knee highs - it's just so fun!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  13. I have a bit of a shirt-knotting obsession, so I love the button-up layered over the dress and tied! But those socks add so much fun to the dress too!

  14. Luv the remix-- I agree the looks are both fun!! I think I have those socks!