Tuesday, August 23, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

i made a huge mistake yesterday. it is one that i make often, and that is every time i get a new haircut, approximately one month after the initial cut, i decide i want straight hair. you know, just to see...you'd think after almost 32 years of life with this mop i would have accepted my hair for what it is. but no, i always just want to see what it will look like. now, my haircuts are never meant to be straight. my stylist cuts my hair curly and styles it curly (or wavy, or whatever the heck my hair is). so, when i decide to straighten it, the results are often disastrous. okay, perhaps that is a bit dramatic. let's just say, it ain't cute. not. at. all. but i do it every time. then i fall to my knees, shake my fists at the sky and scream, why, nora!!!? why!!!? (no, i don't). i do seem to have selective amnesia. i just lose the memory of every time i have tried to straighten my hair in the past and forget how horrible it looks. that is, until i do it again, look in the mirror and all the bad hair memories come flooding back. it's traumatizing! okay, perhaps (okay, for sure) i'm being a bit dramatic again. it's not that bad. it's just hair. but i am happy there is no photographic evidence of this horrible decision i keep making...and you should be, too!

alright. enough about my hair. let's talk remix. megan picked our item this week, and i think i may try and steal it (shhh. she never has to know).. it is a super adorable, red vintage top that she bought at a rummage sale we attended together last month (dang it! why didn't i see it first?!). it has the sweetest detail at the neckline and it buttons up the back. i love it and it was super fun to style. i thought of many a way i could wear this top! it will be mine. oh, yes. it will be mine. okay. probably not. but i will be borrowing it! okay, megan? okay. check out our outfits and let us know what you think!

outfit one: forever in black jeans

jeans- 15 dollar store
shoes- Anne Michelle (i don't remember where from...)
belt- vintage, flea market
earrings- F21
ring- just discovered in a bag of junk in one of my closets! score!

outfit two: red red wine

skirt- vintage, thrifted
belt- Target, thrifted
shoes- Dots
scarf- vintage, thrifted
bracelets- Dots and thrifted
earrings- swap, Amanda
ring- Heartbreaker "sister ring" (whenever we go to Heartbreaker with my little sis, she always buys us all the same ring, hence the clever name).

have a happy tuesday, all!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. Nora! Way to squeeze in the Wayne's World reference! My morning is complete.

    I love this top, and both outfits are great. Extra points to Megan for pairing red with hot pink. As Tyra would say, "Fierce!"

    (omg, I can't believe I just quoted Tyra)

  2. I love both outfits, of course! You both chose killer shoes too.

    Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  3. Both of you are smokin' hot! I absolutely love them both!!

  4. Both of these outfits are pretty awesome. Love the shoes in both pics. Every week when you to the 'remix sister style' I expect you all to go full 'sibling rivalry' and make us vote on who did it better ;)

  5. Blast you Kimi, I was going to point out the Wayne's world reference. Love this top! I think that I like it with the dark jeans better just because I would never be able to look as smokin as Megan in all red. With my red hair, I think it would clash...

  6. You both look so great! You two always compliment each other so well:)


  7. You both look great! I was pretty happy about the Wayne's World reference, too. :)

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  8. i totally feel ya on the hair bit except i have the opposite problem! the grass is always greener on the other side, right? cause i would totally trade hair with you! it's so bouncy and fun!

    and that top - great find! definitely worth stealing :) you two look so cute; sister remix day is always my favorite!

    awkwardly chic

  9. I love that top, and you both styled it so well. Love the pants & belt, though. I would rock that look in a heartbeat :)

  10. I like the all-red outfit, it looks like it could be a dress!

  11. That all read is so bold and daring. I love it.

    Liv @ bklynlifestyle.blogspot.com

  12. I love how you both wore that top! I can't even decide which I like better :)

  13. You too are the cutest little mess. I could almost feel sorry for the husbands!
    Another great remix!

  14. That top is the perfect top! I love the neckline and the sleeves and the slightly flowy fit. Looks great on you both!

  15. You both have nice hair. I am jealous of ladies with natural waves!

  16. You both look hot as hell! You both totally know how to dress to accentuate your already great figures. Love this remix. The top is a great color and one of my most favorite styles. Lovely mix sexy birds! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  17. love the red top and how you two remixed it. So feminine, girly and chic. Have to try Megan's all red color scheme, it's traffic stopper cool!


  18. i'm dying for a top like this one, they're big at zara but there's no way i'm paying crazy australia prices for those things... going thrifting TOMORROW