Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

this week's remix was a hard one for me, and i'll tell you why. megan picked the item this week. it is a cute white tunic-y type top that she bought on a whim at the salvation army for $3. she says she bought it because it was cheap and she was in a "shopping mood". her words. and that made me laugh, because i have honestly never known megan to not be in a shopping mood. anyway, when she tried it on, once she got home, she wasn't head over heels for the top. so, she did what we do. she threw it into the remix to see what we could come up with. now, i think the shirt is pretty cute, but the reason this challenge was so hard for me was because once i saw the shirt i had an amazing idea for an outfit. alas, megan had taken her photos first and when i checked our flickr account to see what she had come up with (i wasn't cheating. i just had an inkling...) i saw my outfit staring back at me! honestly! okay, okay. i suppose it was megan's outfit staring back, but it was very similar to the idea that i had for the shirt. great minds, right? and you know when you have a vision of a brilliant outfit in your head and you can't seem to break away from that idea and nothing else seems like it is ever going to work? no? just me? well, that is how i felt. so now i was left scrambling through my closet, hoping for some styling miracle to take place. well, i can assure you that no miracles took place in my closet, styling or otherwise, but i did manage to come up with something. lucky for my husband who was waiting for me, forever, to take my photos! sorry, jim! sorry for making you wait, too. at long last, here's the remix...

outfit one: when in doubt, pile on the accessories

jeans- Ultra Love, thrifted
shoes- Mossimo, Target
earring- H&M
necklaces- thrifted, H&M, Express
belt- thrifted
bracelets- thrifted, H&M
ring- H&M

outfit two: the outfit

love it! and she looks way cuter than i would have, anyway.

vintage slip- thrifted
shoes- vintage, thrifted
bracelets/earrings- F21
necklace- vintage, thrifted

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happy tuesday!

xoxo, two birds


  1. You *both* look adorable. I love white-on-white/ivory outfits. And you really can't have too many accessories : >

  2. I love them! That little dress w/ the slip peeking out is precious. And I just love all of the chunky accessories together!

  3. Great minds think alike, right? You both look smashing, as usual. Love love love Megan's shoes, and I'm still all about your haircut.

  4. I love all of the accessories in outfit one and the simple little pop of color with the shoes in outfit two. Nice job ladies :)

  5. Yes, I actually DO know what you mean! When an item just screams to be one THAT way, and no other way. I really like it with the belt and pants though, it just feels pretty short otherwise hah.

  6. I know exactly what you mean!! It's just like the outfit in EMBEDDED in your brain! Good thing is your outfit turned out great too! Love them both! What a great and diverse piece for $3!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  7. I must be honest, I like the pant combo more. I like the dress remix, it just doesn't speak to me as much.
    Nice reworking, I wouldn't have even thought it was the same shirt.

  8. Love the idea of a slip under a tunic to turn it into an appropriate length dress!

  9. Those are both adorable looks! love the vintage slip combo!

  10. oh how i love that top, and will gladly take it off your hands if it ends up back in the re-mix pile :) could you both be any cuter?

  11. The fact that you both had the same idea for the outfit initially means you both have good taste!

  12. i love coming here on tuesdays! i love how you both went in completely opposite directions on the dress, and you both look amazing! love the necklaces!

    awkwardly chic

  13. I agree! Great minds think alike - and sometimes that just happens! I love both outfits! :o)

    xo, sam

  14. Oh, jeez do I love outfit 2 (I love outfit 1, too!). I've never thought of throwing a slip under a tunic before (I've done it under dresses, but never tops). Guess who's going to go try on every tunic she has?

  15. love both outfits but this time the flared pants with the belted top are my favorites.


  16. love this! what a smart idea to pair a slip under the tunic to make it into a dress. and i'm loving all the accessories in the first pic. those jeans are fantastic. i love light colored jeans!!!


  17. Both of these looks are adorable but I have to say that second look is so creative!

  18. loving both looks! great piece to remix different ways!

  19. Hi lovely birds, I absolutely love how both of you rocked this shirt. I had to look 3 times at both of you to see if you had the same shirt on. Now that is some good remixin!!! I am now convinced that the 2 of you can wear anything and look great in it...seriously. Megan the subtlty of the vintage slip peaking out is gorgeous and Nora those jeans are perfect on you and a great thrift find. Dawn xoxo

  20. ok I spelled subtle wrong and it is subtleness. sorry! had to look that one up! perfection sucks. dawn

  21. I love these posts! Both of you made this tunic look fantastic! I think this might be my favorite series (other than Inspiration Monday!) because you both come up with such different but awesome takes on the same piece!

  22. How cute are you guys!

    I love the look with the layered necklaces :)