Tuesday, August 2, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

you know what is fun? getting a much needed and awesome new couch. you know what is not fun or easy? trying to move said couch into the house (and the old one out) with a fifteen month old running around and blocking your way at every turn. that happened last night. but the couch is now all moved in and ready for chillin'! it's a good thing, too. i needed something to sit on while i watched the finale of "the bachelorette". anyone else? thoughts? i might just be over that show...

okay. that is my story for the day. boring, i know. but i am tired from moving a couch. so let's talk about clothes. for today's remix, i chose a vintage skirt that i bought ages ago and have never worn. when i bought it i was really attracted to the fun floral pattern. and the fact that it is black and white, i figured i could pair it with a whole slew of things. alas, i have not. so i thought i would throw it in the remix ring and see if we could get a knockout outfit out of it...otherwise, into the donate pile she goes. let us know what you think!

outfit one: black and blue

(someone is sneaking up on me back there!!!)

shirt- junk food, Marshalls
shoes- Bamboo, gift from my mom
belt- vintage, thrifted
earrings- ??? (i think they were once megan's)

outfit two: black and white and red all over

shoes- Target, thrifted
belt- thrifted
earrings/necklace- F21

have a happy tuesday!

xoxo, two birds 


  1. Gorgeous post,especially love the fab maxi skirt,there so comfy and stylish at the same time x
    Hope your having a lovely day <3

  2. Mimi's not camera shy! I love that lil nugget of cuteness! Mwaa! Give her a kiss from me! OK, M, you've inspired me to try wearing one of my very long vintage skirts with an elastic top as a dress. I will try it. I will belt it. I will let you know how it goes! :)

  3. I recently tried to wear a long skirt as a dress, with far less fabulous results. I'm not ready to give up yet, though, thanks for the dose of inspiration.

    Of course I LOVE that tee shirt, Nora.

  4. I'm not so sure about the high waisted look at the top, but I really LOVE the skirt as a dress look! The red belt really sets it off!

  5. I like that t-shirt Nora, and Megan the skirt looks fantastic as a dress.

  6. those blue shoes sure caught my eye! they are lovely! i like the skirt a lot and think it was styled really well both ways! i say keep, at least until the floral/midi skirt trend is gone. then you can re-assess :)

    awkwardly chic

  7. I love both outfits! I think I love the fist one a little more though, cute skirts and tees are a perfect pairing :)


  8. I'm in love with those blue shoes, and that coral/orange/reddish belt!

  9. I love the way you two did this. It's a shirt, it's a dress, it's a plane!
    I like it as a skirt best.

  10. Both looks are fab, and I vote for #1 as my favorite. I love a graphic tee with a long skirt, and the belt is a perfect touch.

  11. Love your junk food tee outfit!! You look so pretty and love how you matched with long skirt.. So fresh!

  12. It's a fabulous skirt, loving it worn both ways and I'm definitley a fan of the versatility factor, along with the pretty pattern. And yay, how fab that you got a new couch. Enjoy, minus the heavy lifting! ;-) xx veronika

  13. Honestly, this is wonderful! There is nothing better than finding such a versatile piece. A skirt, to a dress, and back again. And I agree, that black and white floral print is far too adorable. I love seeing how the two of you were able to incorporate it into your own style - lovely!


  14. Its a pretty versatile skirt, I love that! (I get bored with clothes easily unless I wear them in different ways). I especially like look #1!

  15. Megan, you have such great skinny arms and they look fabulous in that strapless dress!

    Nora, I love that you paired it with a tee! Y'all both look fantastic!

  16. I am a fan of both looks! I love the floral print mixed with the graphic tee, and I also love that skirt remixed as a dress! Next time I buy a longer skirt I might try that!

  17. I love both looks! The second one makes me want to find a longer skirt, wear it as a dress while I'm pregnant and then sew it into a romper for spring after the baby. CUTE!

  18. Both looks are super great. That is getting some use out of that skirt! I never would have thought of wearing it as a mini dress! Awesome!!

  19. Those Bamboo shoes are fun! Cute :)

  20. a skirt as a minidress... i love it!

  21. I prefer the skirt as a dress especially with the red belt for a touch of color.