Saturday, August 13, 2011

red bird red bird what do you see?

i see people looking at me! (those of you with kids will now have brown bear brown bear stuck in your head all day long!)

chris bought a new "kiddie pool" for the kids the other day, so we filled it up (that took many hours) and we sat outside last night with my mother-in-law, drinking a few beers and watching the kids play.

and all of a sudden, we hear a cardinal, and she comes flying right at us...not afraid of anything. cardinals never get close to us. but she does. and then we realize why. her nest is right above my head in the lilac bush. literally two feet above me. and there are eggs in it. and she flies over me like the mama bird that she is, and scoots her boot right on the nest. and that is where she has been all night. through the torrential rainfalls and the scary thunderstorms of last night...she sat there all night protecting her precious bundles.

and it made me think of how lucky i am to have my very own.

we call this the "kiss burrito/sandwich"

happy saturday!

megan (mama) bird


  1. that photo of you and the children is lovely. it just screams out 'we are a family full of love'.

  2. love seeing your life as a mama! So beautiful!

  3. oh Megan I love birds...she is so pretty. Love the burrito kiss...adorable. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  4. Oh, my. Hope you are not dive bombed by the devoted bird before the babies are born.

  5. I love those books (also polar bear, polar bear). Kids are precious -- enjoy this age.