Thursday, August 11, 2011

new loves and old friends: psycho biker

warning, this post will allow you all to see the real me, and it's not always a pretty sight!

i am going to explain to you what a fairly typical bike ride to work is like for me. sounds pretty boring, right? on the outside it is. it's just me and my bike, riding down one main road for about 20 to 30 minutes. it's what goes on in my head that will show you all my true psychosis. and the sad part...for the two plus years that i have been biking to work, i have always wished that i had some sort of medium to write about the crazy thoughts that go through my head while i'm biking. so thanks, are my medium, i hope you enjoy!

today's ride started with me singing the theme song to "Little Bill" in my head. at least it was in my head, and not out loud, right? for those of you who don't know is the most annoying cartoon theme song in the world. it basically just repeats the words little bill over and over again. the reason it is constantly in my head is because it is the show that my daughter watches while she does her nebulizer every morning. damn asthma. ok, so that song was on replay, and i decided to try singing another one to get it out. again, in my head. so i started singing "The Story" by brandi carlile. great song, and it worked for a while, until i saw another biker. you see, i am kind of a daydreaming biker. i bike fairly lazily, looking at my surroundings, enjoying the breeze and the sights...until i see another biker in front of me. then my competitive side kicks in, and unbeknownst to this other biker, the race is on. he can be three blocks in front of me, but it doesn't matter...i am determined to pass him. so today, in my head, i said, "i'm gonna pass you. yeah you, you little f*@%er." another thing i don't normally do is swear. but apparently when i'm having a very serious pretend bike race, i get nasty. so eventually i passed this guy, cause that's how i roll. and i thought the psychosis was over...i began singing brandi carlile again, the last five minutes a blur in my head. and then i came to lake street, which is a busy street, and to me a sort of a landmark on my bike ride. i measure off distance by busy streets. so i passed lake street, and then for some odd reason (most likely because i'm crazy), in my best train conductor voice (again, in my head), i said, "next stop, franklin!" it was a very good conductor voice, too. (are you scared yet?) then it was smooth sailing the rest of the way, until i saw a shadow of another biker behind me. no way was he going to pass me. i pedaled harder, and so did he. i stood up a little to gain a little ground, and so did he. finally, i needed to switch lanes, so i looked to my right and there he was right next to me. he said good morning, and i could see it in his eyes for that brief moment...he was crazy, too.

new loves
tank ~ Target long & lean
gold bracelet/earrings ~ F21

old friends
shorts ~ vintage, thrifted
belt ~ vintage, thrifted
red/blue bracelets ~ vintage, thrifted
watch ~ vintage, thrifted
sandals ~ vintage, thrifted

next stop, giveaway!

crazy megan bird


  1. That's why you have those great legs. I might just consider cycling. Wait. No.
    I am so clutzy I would fall off.

  2. Not a great sight,you look gorgeous,think Im gonnna have to take up cycling too! :D
    Love those shorts,super cool pattern. <3

  3. I was meant to put,not a great sight?
    You look gorgeous!
    Hope I did'nt affend you :D typing too fast!

    Hope your having a lovely day x

  4. LMAO, that's hilarious!! Ah man, tried so hard not to LOL at work!

    Awesome outfit too!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  5. Wow, your morning bike ride is far more exciting than mine is. Maybe because mine is so short - perhaps I'll start going the long way to encourage the crazy to come out. ;-)

    Love this outfit - those shorts are just super.

  6. This story is amazing, I didn't realize what type of 'crazy' you were going to admit to being. But this is pretty epic.
    P.S. if you were biking in those shorts he probably wanted your phone number. ;)

  7. That is a funny story. I am such a lazy biker as well until someone is in front of me and then I become a crazy person and must pass them. Living in Europe tons of people bike everywhere but I throughly enjoy it.
    Cute floral shorts.

  8. I love love your shorts, very cute :)


  9. You crazy cyclists :p Nah, I'm pretty nutty like that, except I talk to my cat in funky voices. Woowoo, crazy train. 'Cause I'm too scared to cycle.

    I looove those shorts btw, they are fantastic and look great on you.

  10. I get that way when I jog. The people at Como Lake have no idea we are in a war, but we are...

  11. Your pretend bike race made me laugh! You look great in those shorts.

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  12. h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s!!! awesome story ... I was laughing out loud!! love those thrifted shorts and love the biking craziness!! keep it up!

  13. that story just made my day! everyone has a little crazy biker in them. i'm absolutely the same way. except for the 'little bill' part, but that's only because i've never seen that show.

    your shorts . . . love. lovelovelovelove.

    awkwardly chic

  14. I love those shorts! They remind me of Guatemalan textiles and all of the lovely clothes they make in Latin America. And I quite enjoyed reading the story about your pseudo competitive bike race :-)

  15. I don't bike to work but if I could, I would be hell on wheels. You wear crazy well and I thought I was crazy by competing with other drivers...oh the names I come up with for other drivers...shame on me. thank God they can't hear me. I get p r e t t y creative so much that I make myself bust out laughing. I was wondering why you have such gorg. legs and body!!! Way to go Megan!!1

  16. Those shorts are super cute. If I wrote down my thoughts that go through my head when I drive to work, they would sound pretty similar.

  17. You are truly nuts. Not the two birds but, two silly geese!
    I tend to sing the PeeWee Herman La, La, La connect the dots!

  18. hahaha, that is hilarious!!

    i love that print on those shorts!

    caroline - pictures & words

  19. which came first, the biking or the inner dialogue?

  20. That is hilarious. And, I want those shorts.