Friday, August 5, 2011

new loves and old friends: moms who text

i know, i'm a mom. and i text. but for purposes of this blog post, i am talking about our moms. i'm not going to say old moms, cause chances are my mom is reading this. mom, if you're reading this, you're not old. read my post from the other are a young soul. and you happen to look young, too. i mean, nora and i had to get our smokin' hot looks from someone, right? (and we all know it wasn't dad.) dad, if you're reading this, i'm kidding. nora and i are like your younger, girlier twins. ok, maybe not girlier. again, kidding. why are you so sensitive, dad?

anyways, back to texting. chris and i went to dinner last night at a neighborhood restaurant that nora and another sister (what up carrie?) happen to work at. during the course of our evening, my mom texted me. She was trying to tell me her plans for the weekend. what she was trying to say is that she is going to see my uncle greg and aunt dorothy this weekend. now, for some odd reason, we call dorothy "dot". she doesn't know this. dorothy, if you're reading this, pet names are a sign of love. i digress...and now i've rambled so much that the end of this story will no longer be funny. long story long, here is the series of texts i got from my mom.

"we're staying in town this weekend – going to see greg and dits tomorrow!"
30 seconds pass and...
"iran dots"
30 more seconds pass and...
"i mean dots"
she finally gave up and went back to her wine. love you, mom!

it's still funny to me, but that's because she's my mom. and also because when she says she only had one glass of wine, we all know that this is the glass she's drinking from.

again, sorry mom...but you know you want that glass now, right?

on to the outfit i wore to dinner. my favorite granny sweater. in fact, chris told me that his grandma used to own one just like it. that made me love it even more.

new loves
shoes ~ marshalls
pants ~ F21
earrings ~ F21

old friends
sweater ~ vintage, thrifted
bracelets ~ vintage, thrifted
watch ~ vintage, thrifted

happy weekend, all!
megan bird


  1. ! Those shoes are amazing! I really love floral heels but I'm always worried I'll never manage to style them with anything in my wardrobe.

  2. That sweater is awesome, it looks great with your shoes!
    I don't think it's the age person who is texting you, it's the relationship. Any mother who texts her children is going to have to face the humiliation of those children writing about it on the internet.
    Which is why when I become a mother I am going to ignore my children... That's good parenting right?

  3. i am always getting hilarious texts like that from my mom too. sometimes they are only partial texts. but i give her an A for effort.
    ps. Those shoes are smokin hot!!

  4. Hah! You are cracking me up! My mom hasn't started texting (to me) yet, but I can imagine that it would be much the same (I love you, Mom)!

  5. What a pretty shoes! Love your total outfit too :) Have a great weekend!!

  6. Pretty shoes. My mum rarely texts, she just about knows how to make a call. x hivenn

  7. cute shoes and looooove the wine glass..adorable!!

  8. lovely outfit.
    i love the end of the post the two categories "new loves" and "old friends" so so brill!

  9. Sweet post! I love funny text mix ups. Also, I just adore those shoes you are wearing! Cute!

  10. Great post Megan, funny and adorable. You look awesome with your hair up and I love your mix of new and old, you got it just right with the sweater which looks great on you too. Love the shoes as well. Glad to be back darling...missed my lovely birds. Dawn xoxo

  11. I can't get enough of you hoes, so cute!!!

  12. gotta love a good granny sweater! Texts from parents are really funny, mine are no exception. lol.

  13. Gasp* Love those shoes!! LOL, I call it "Mom Text Syndrome" mom's text always require some sort of deciphering!!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  14. wooow! what a shoes! love them ^^ x

  15. Haha my parent's texts are always so adorable- my father has reading glasses, & since he can't be bothered to put them on when texting, it all just ends up as a jumbled mess of letters & numbers (& yes, even punctuation between letters lol!)

    When he does have them on however, it takes him 10 minutes to write a greeting, because he writes it with a capital letter & a full stop at the end (which requires trawling through symbols to find, in the first place!)

    Gotta love Parental Texts! xD