Wednesday, August 24, 2011

new loves and old friends: 1960s housewife

i will preface this post by telling you that i did not actually wear this outfit today. who do you think i am, betty draper? no, i prefer to do my housewife-y chores in jeans and a tee, occasionally a cute, yet comfy, dress, sometimes leggings and a tunic, usually yoga pants. i'm not gonna lie. i am not often glammed up when jim gets home from work (unless i just finished photographing an outfit post). there is never a pot roast waiting in the oven (i mean, what would a family of vegetarians do with that?). i don't often (read: never) have a martini chilling in the freezer for him (although my mom still does this for my dad which i think is pretty darn sweet. i kind of wish jim would do it for me. although, jim knows better than to give me a martini every night). when he gets home he usually finds mimi and i crawling around the front yard looking for sticks, picking dandelions and drinking water from the hose (it's so good!). and i could barely bend over in this skirt, let alone crawl around the yard after my one year old. how did the women do it back then? i really love the idea of putting on an amazing outfit every day just to go about your regular, daily life. vacuuming my living room in a nice pencil skirt and sky high heels. running to the market in a beautiful shirtwaist dress, pillbox hat and white gloves. wearing lipstick and a sweet nightgown to bed. ha! but it is just not realistic for me. i mean, i don't even wear lipstick out of bed. but i was going through my closet searching for something cute to wear to our sale this weekend and i came across this vintage skirt that i had never worn. so, i thought i would play a little dress up. and it was fun. i felt a little like joan holloway. you know, without all the awesome curves and amazing red hair...

but then my daughter woke up from her nap and i woke up from my dreams of starring on "mad men" (as don draper's newest love interest, naturally) and back into my yoga pants i got!

old friends

skirt- vintage, thrifted
belt- vintage, hand-me-down from megan

new loves

shirt- H&M
shoes- F21, $9.88 store
bracelet- H&M

xoxo, nora bird


  1. Oh wow. I love love love this outfit and it looks fantastic on you! And what you said made me laugh... so true! Also, I'm a vegetarian too :)

  2. That skirt is just gorgeous on you. And I love it paired with that polka dot blouse.

    Aw, to be Betty. She's so pretty. Crazy, but pretty. I'd probably choose Joan though, horrible husband aside, Joan's pretty frickin' awesome.

  3. love the brightness of this skirt!

  4. That skirt is beautiful! Great color. And I love everything Betty and Joan wear.


  5. You look mad-men-divine! My mother advised me that in real life, 60's housewives didn't look much like Betty. There were a lot of housecoats and pedal-pushers : >

    Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  6. Well, I definitely wouldn't wear that just hanging out at home either, but I'm glad you decided to play dress-up because it's an amazing look! You do look like a modern version of Mad Men! I'm on the hunt for a vintage pencil skirt like that!

  7. I love your blog!
    And I adore that outfit. I'm a big fan of mixing old and new. Unfortunately here in Milan, old is hard to find though!
    Pencil skirts are great though!
    ( is my personal blog, where you previously left a comment!)

  8. hello forever 21 shoes! just bought some like that from steve madden here in australia... i got 2 pairs of sale shoes and 4 nail polishes for less than the price of one FULL priced pair, hooray

  9. Love this post!! You are killin' it! Those are def. not going to market shoes, but they are great.

  10. Totally fab - I LOVE the skirt.

    Sarah xxx

  11. Nora, you look like a movie star!!! How gorgeous! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo p.s. I don't always wear my outfits all day either but it is fun to dress and then wear it again later...have a great day Nora darling bird.

  12. *does the housework in heels* I admit it. No, I'm not joking. But I live by myself, and some of my heels don't get out much and... gosh darn it, sometimes it's fun to sweep and shimmy to some tunes while wearing sexy heels. Ahem.

    I really love this skirt, great bright colour, and a lovely cut. Sometimes it's nice to dress up for no other reason than to get dressed up.