Wednesday, August 3, 2011

love*birds: 8.3.11

here are a few things i'm loving today:

♥ egg rolls for breakfast (i ate about five).
♥ when my daughter asked if she could use my lotion and i said, "no, it's just for people with wrinkles", she said, "but mama, you don't have wrinkles!"
♥ meeting a new neighbor at the block party last night and having her say, "i know those shoes...where's your tattoo?" and finding out that she reads our blog. (hi cheri!)
♥ finding a new menswear vendor for our sales. not only does he have impeccable taste, but he is also one of the nicest men you will every meet.
♥ learning how to make a heart symbol (alt 3 for anyone who is as computer (il)literate as i am).

a few other things on my must-have list...

megan bird's picks
jeffrey campbell fringe suede boot
i know i shouldn't be thinking fall already, but these are so cute, i couldn't help myself. granted, they'd be just as cute in the summer...

vintage ruffle mini dress
i sent this to nora yesterday as a possible dress for her to buy to wear to a wedding. i secretly just wanted her to buy it so i could borrow it.

coral feather earrings
if you're going to wear feather earrings, you might as well go all out! extra long, extra bright, extra cute. i want these ones right now!

vintage pantsuit i am a huge fan of pantsuits. add some lace and elastic leg bands? sold!

oversized vintage cardigan
again, too soon for fall. but how beautiful and comfy does this look? doesn't it make you want to lay on a hammock on a fall day, sipping tea and reading a book?

nora bird's picks

i love the black and tan weaving on these peep toes. it takes the classic black pump and makes it a bit more edgy and exotic!

i'm a sucker for all thinks polka dotted. and these shorts are just too sweet! i must say, they would look super fab with those woven pumps above, right?

the vintage shape and the tapestry like fabric of this handbag give it that granny-cool edge that i just love.

i am in the market for a new duvet and this one caught my eye right away. i love the vintage-y looking fabric. and it is reversible. bonus! the pillow shams would be a must, too, of course.

this vintage dress is sophisticated and cool all at once. it would be just perfect for that wedding i am attending!

have a fabulous wednesday!

xoxo, two birds


  1. Alt 3, huh? I've always wondered how to make those little hearts! Better late than never. Thanks dearie.

    Speaking of 'dearie' - "granny-cool edge" is my new favorite style description.

  2. Oh boy. I'm going to be an alt 3-ing maniac now. :) Yes to those fringe-y boots (even though I already have a pair), I want that sweater just to experience the fall/hammock/reading, and I alt 3 that 70s cocktail dress so hard.

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  3. Haha, how cool that you live near someone who already read your blog! Small world! I have a few pairs of feather earrings, but the darn things fly around my head with my crazy fast-walk speed and it doesn't go well XD Pantsuits are awesome too, but I think I'm too short and wide-hipped to get away with them.

  4. i ♥ everything about this post! my favorites:

    egg rolls|no wrinkles|pantsuit|woven heels|cocktail dress.


    awkwardly chic

  5. says 'shirt jacket' is "a shirtlike jacket" ... eh. guess it's a real term the way it is?

    i don't know how i missed this post, i love the gold top with the yellow dress! i don't wear yellow, because i'm half asain, and feel like my skin is yellow, but i'm getting really into glitter and gold lately

  6. Hah! Do you know the first thing I thought when reading your list: "How did she make those cute hearts in html?" Birds of a feather...xo