Wednesday, August 24, 2011

love*birds 8.24.11

i decided a few nights ago to get my kids out of bed for a little snug. i know, i probably should have let them sleep, but i wanted a snuggle, and they weren't asleep yet, so i grabbed them and brought them downstairs with me. they will do whatever i ask them if i let them stay up late, so they both easily rested their little heads in my arms and we watched old episodes of the voice together. i am a huge fan of singing shows. there is something about listening to a really good singer. i don't care for the  beginning shows of american idol, where it's all the truly bad people trying out. i skip those ones and go straight for the good ones. this is why i like the voice, because they are all pretty good right from the beginning. anyways, i digress. i was lazily snuggling with the kiddos, when henry turns to me and says, "mama, sometimes it's ok to lie to someone as long as you are making them feel better." i have no idea where he picked this up from because i have never condoned lies...even white lies. i am a huge fan of honesty and i told henry so much. i asked him to give me an example of when it would be ok to lie. and here's what he said..."ok, mama. let's pretend that you were someone else. or, you can just be you. and pretend that you were singing and you sounded really bad. i would still tell you that you are good because i wouldn't want to hurt your feelings." it sounds sweet, but what is he trying to tell me? years of singing in the shower haven't paid off, i guess...i still suck. so i told him that the only time he can ever lie is when he's married and his wife asks him if she looks fat. i hope he learned that lesson. i don't like white lies, but here's a list of things that nora and i love this week.

megan bird's picks
amethyst/crystal quartz clarity bracelet
amethyst is my birthstone, and i have been looking for a piece of amethyst jewelery for quite a while. i think i finally found a piece that i love!
golden state dress
i see this dress with some thick cable knit tights and some...oh i don't know, jeffrey campbells. it would transition beautifully from summer to winter.
jeffrey campbell flora foxys
...specifically, some cable knit tights and these shoes. darling!

sleeveless heart cut out dress
three things i am a sucker for. 1. turquoise 2. sundresses 3. heart cut outs...seriously, this dress is amazing. 

stella mccartney sailboat dress
talent runs in this family. i don't know if she can sing, but she can design a fabulous dress! i am on love with this whimsical, colorful dress.

nora bird's picks

this is exactly how i want to dress for fall. simple 70s chic. sigh. if only i were this cool.

it's almost boots weather again! these are rugged and cool and i can see them paired with so many things!

i am totally crushing on the boho 70s style as of late. and i have a huge crush on this poncho. i think i'm blushing...

i am pretty sure mimi needs this. gotta show your minnesota pride early on, right? adorable.

the shape is classic, but the print and neckline on this dress make you want to stop and stare. i love this.

p.s. megan is being totally modest about her singing skills. she absolutely rocks it at karaoke. this one time, we sang the dolly parton/kenny rogers hit duet, "islands in the stream" and we had people up on their bar stools, straining to see who was singing. i am pretty sure it was because we sounded amazing! i mean, it had to be, right? right?

we hope your having an amazing day!

xoxo, two birds


  1. Yay, for kiddo cuddles, what could be better! I spent Sunday snuggling with my girlfriends new baby. Sigh. And these picks are SO awesome, yes to the dress with a pair of cable knit tights & Jeffrey's!! And I'm SO swooning for the whole heart cut out dress trend, it's adorable. xo veronika

  2. Your picks make me get excited for fall - but summer FINALLY just started here - I'm so torn! I love the Stella Mccartney dress and the riding boots. Yes, please.

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  3. Those fall like outfits are making me want fall to come NOW!
    And Megan, amythest is my birthstone too and I love that wrist jewelery you picked. So pretty.

  4. I'd be all over that sailboat dress if it weren't almost $600. Sigh...

  5. I love the cuddle story Megan and Nora I too think that Megan can sing. Don't be modest now know you can hold a note. Anyway, when I visit you (yes when), I hope you are planning a karaoke night and an all day thrift excursion the same day. The JC shoes do not come in my size but they are fab. along with the bracelet.... and I just bought a cape in a rust hue for 3 bucks at the church thrift Nora...don't hate me, you can borrow it. It has fringe and wooden buttons with arm holes. Love this post...inspired. Dawn xo

  6. Awww are you guys from Minnesota?! We are too! Only I live in Nashville now. I so miss it. I love your blog!


  7. Here's a white lie I can support - present from loving relative/friend that misses the mark. "Thanks, I love it."