Wednesday, August 17, 2011

love*birds: 8.17.11

here's just a small list of things i am loving this week:
* our baby sister is in town. we got to spend last night with the whole family.
* i am taking tomorrow off to spend even more time with the whole family.
* the weather. it's a perfect mix of fall-like mornings and summer days. followed by cool rains while we're sleeping. perfection.
* my running partner has a head lamp. as it slowly gets darker, there is no way i would run at 5am by myself. but, throw in a great partner, and a head lamp...and the runs get much easier!
* we just bought a new daybed for our sunroom. i am imagining long winter days spent lying in bed, reading good books. maybe there will be wine.
* did i mention my fabulous family? love them.

here's a few other things that we're loving:

megan bird's picks
crochet bikini
does anyone know crochet? cause i want this bikini! it's like jammies, but a bikini!

vintage palazzo zebra jumpsuit
are you kidding me with this fabulous jumpsuit. if you want to make a statement, this is the piece to make it. i don't know where i'd wear it, but i want it.

vintage fringe leopard mini dress
i guess i'm all about making a statement today. this would be cute for a saturday night out with black booties, or a little more laid back with leggings. want. now.

jeffrey campbell striped-strap platform heels
summer's not over yet, people. and these sandals are calling my name!

chenille quilt
how perfect would this be on my new daybed? the colors, the textures, the everything. i want it now!

nora bird's picks

these shoes are so cool. something between a wedge and a bootie, my two favorite shoes styles. and the leopard print? bonus!

i want these adorable prints for mimi's room! i love them and she would, too!

i am pretty much completely gaga over this dress. and it's on sale. alas, they are sold out of my size. bummer! i could weep.

i am loving these ladylike bangles. they are so cute and would add a little fun to any outfit!

i love that the chanel-esque shape of this jacket is toughened up a bit by the red plaid. i am pretty sure i need this for fall!

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xoxo, two birds


  1. I'd wear that jumpsuit to work. 'Cause I am awesome like that. That thing is totally awesome though, if I had the money to spare... There must be half a dozen pairs of Jeffrey Campbell sandals I would kill for, le sigh.

  2. I died and went to heaven with those jeffrey Campbell shoes and crocheted bikini Megan, and Nora anything Chanel-like is a favorite of mine...fab. picks lovely bird sisters. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  3. Love that crochet bathing suit! I actually have a black crochet bathing suit from Old Navy that I've had for a few years and I still love it!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair