Wednesday, August 10, 2011

love*birds 8.10.11

oh, golly. i hate to be one of those people that talks about weather, but i sure am loving this weather we are having lately. 70s, sunny, perfect. it's a bit cooler so it gives you that first hint of fall weather but it is still summery and nice enough for sandals and summer clothes. i opened all the windows in my house yesterday. finally! no more a.c. (at least for now). and mimi and i played outside for the better part of yesterday afternoon. it was a great day. today, i think we'll skip the gym and go for a nice long run instead. perfection. love it. is there anywhere in the world that has weather like this all the time? because if so, sign me up. but my whole entire family has to come with. megan, you in?

another thing we love here at two birds is LuLu's. we always include at least one or two items from their lovely site in our love*birds posts, so we thought we would dedicate today's entire post to our favorite LuLu's items. it was hard to narrow down! they have some seriously adorable stuff! but we tried. so here goes...

nora bird's picks

i am still looking for that perfect pair of "nude" heels. i love that these look classic and practical in front but have that cool black cut out in the back. it gives them an edgy feel, but i feel that they could easily transition from day to night. these just might be the ones.

this dress is so cool. i love that you can't really tell what the pattern is on the dress and that it looks almost 3-D. and throw on a pretty cardigan, some cranberry colored tights and cute black booties...perfect transition into fall! (sorry. i have fall on the brain).

i am crazy for blazers. love them. this one is no exception. asymmetrical lapels and shoulder pads? bonus!

this tank top is so flowy and romantic! perfect for a summer date night. and how cute would it be under that olive blazer up there??? can we say transition piece? (sorry sorry sorry. it's still summer. i know....)

imagine this with some cute high-waisted jeans and platform sandals. fabulous! i'll take it.

megan bird's picks
i just have to say i made up a new word for nora...she's crazy for blazers, so let's call her crazers! i know, dumb...but still, let's try to get it started. i'll add it to wikipedia, and you all start talking about how you're crazers. we'll see if it spreads...

jeffrey campbell blue velvet glitter platforms
yes you read that right...velvet glitter. did you even know there was such a thing? i didn't...but now that i do, i want these. i am thinking dorothy in reverse...a little red apron dress and these blue shoes. what color would the brick road be?

the gold shoulder blue dress
i must be in a blue mood today. i am loving this dress. i don't know if i could get away with wearing it...or if i should wear it, but that doesn't stop me from loving it!

coral high-waisted shorts
i am in love with these shorts. not only is the color perfect, but the cut would be flattering on anyone! plus, wouldn't they be cute in any season? that's always a bonus when buying clothes!

kiki flare jeans
i always am on the lookout for the perfect pair of jeans. these might be it. flare, high waist, cute. can't go wrong!

shield armor necklace
i am a little bit in love with this necklace. ok, a lot. let's just say i'm crazers for it (i know it doesn't work in this scenario, but it sounds better than crecklaces)!

happy hump day, all!
two birds


  1. I absolutely love their website and their merchandise... but it costs $22 to ship anything from them to Canada, and that's way more than I am comfortable paying :( So lame.

  2. such great items, I'm loving the high waisted shorts, the fern print dress and olive blazer! x

  3. i'm loving the fern dress and the coral shorts! both super cute

  4. Today is another ridiculously perfect day- I love it! I also love that blue dress, the color is awesome!

  5. that necklace is beautiful!

  6. Yay, for perfect weather days! I'm especially LOVING that red late top, swoon!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  7. I was so thrilled to get to open the windows yesterday after weeks of the drone of the A/C. So in love with this weather.